My top 5 Plus 3 Antivirus Every Blogger Should Use

Every blogger are searching for those tools that will enhance their blogging lifestyle. And believe YOU ME, having a fast and reliable system is one good way to make your blogging lifestyle easier… and most of all, get faster results.

Antivirus every blogger should Use

Are you a blogger and works with a slow system? Then, I am afraid to tell you that you’re stressing your blogging effort. Stand up, take action now and learn how to speed up that slow pc of yours.

My top 5 antivirus every blogger should use

There are many reasons behind the slowness of your pc and the antivirus you’re using plays a huge roll in your pc performance. So today, we shall be discussing the top 5 antivirus you should use for a better pc performance.

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But first, let’s discuss – Why we need a light weight and reliable antivirus…

  • It helps make our system faster and give us a better browsing experience…
  • It helps fight viruses, hack attempts and malware.
  • You can add your reason here 🙂

Now, without wasting any of our time, let’s jump in on the top 5 Antivirus you’re going to love…


Are you wondering why I chose AVG as my first choice? Well – sincerely, I feel like they are one of the best antivirus around. But hey! That’s just my opinion right?

But really, let’s see some of the features that make them awesome 🙂

  • It detects and stops viruses, malware and threats
  • It helps stops unsecure links and files
  • It helps prevents spying and data theft
  • It leaves no trace of your deleted files (if you want)
  • Helps keep your private files safe
  • Helps ensure a fast running PC

Now tell me, who wouldn’t love an antivirus that has such great features?

One lovely thing about the antivirus, it has the free version and the paid version. So you can try the free version that has limited features and if you like it, you can upgrade to a paid one. And guess what, the paid version is not expensive 🙂

You can download the AVG antivirus Here


Sometime back, my brother bought the Kaspersky antivirus because of the online business he was in to. After installing it, I discovered that you can use it with other Antivirus without the Kaspersky weighing your pc down or clashing with the other antivirus. Wow, that was awesome…

What are some the features that make Kaspersky awesome?

  • Like the previous antivirus, the Kaspersky also helps you fight against the latest malware attacks
  • You don’t need to worry about criminals trying to spy on you via your webcam
  • Prevent theft of your money & financial information (If you are doing money transfer, then you do need this)
  • It has parental control that ensure your kids enjoy the Internet… in safety
  • It works behind the scene making your system work faster

Like the previous antivirus, it also comes with a free version and a premium version as well. You can download the free version and when you like it, you can migrate to the premium version. Remember that the free version comes with limited features.

You can download the Kaspersky antivirus Here


After so many years, the Norton antivirus are still adding more and more features to their security base making them one of the best antivirus around. Hmmm… still I wonder.

Some of its features that make this antivirus awesome are as follows;

  • It actively protects you from viruses, identity theft and social media dangers
  • The Norton antivirus automatic, silent updates keep you one step ahead of new threats and those not yet invented
  • Deep-cleansing tools scour and disinfect even the nastiest infections that lesser products miss

If you are that kind that spends your time on the internet, Norton is the right choice for you because they are all about the net 🙂

One good thing about the antivirus, it has the free version and the paid version as well. So if you are having a doubtful mind, you can tryout the free version and when you are satisfy, you can go for the premium package. But remember that the free version has limited features. And guess what, the premium version is not expensive 🙂

You can download the Norton antivirus Here


Mcafee is also one awesome antivirus that has helped countless of internet surfers play safe…

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You just got to love the Mcafee antivirus, why? Because it’s easy to control 🙂

Still wondering why Mcafee still look awesome? Well, here are some of its awesome features;

  • It helps fight against threats that target Microsoft applications
  • It helps stops malware in real-time
  • It helps safeguard your email programs
  • It enhance your PC’s performance by deleting unnecessary files

Hey with this antivirus, you do not have to worry about your firewalls because it has already been taken care of 🙂

The antivirus comes with a free version and as well as a premium version. You can tryout the free version and if you find it awesome, you can migrate to the premium version.

But remember that the free version comes with limited features

You can download the Mcafee antivirus Here


Avira is also one awesome antivirus that protects you against any internet danger. And what make it even more awesome, it does not affect your pc performance or your browsing experience.

Let’s see why the Avira antivirus is as awesome as they say they are;

  • They have the “Browser Tracking Blocker” that stops companies from recording your web activities
  • The advanced Web Protection that intercepts malicious websites before they load
  • Advanced Real-Time Protection
  • Enhanced Network Drive Protection that helps in Malware scanning for shared folders
  • And also, there is the “AntiAd/Spyware”

As others, the antivirus comes with a free package as well. But the free version comes with limited features. So you might want to use the premium version if you find the free version awesome.

You can simply download the Avira Antivirus Here

My Plus 3 Antivirus every blogger should Use…

Below is some more awesome antivirus that you should also check out.


Eset is also one good antivirus to watch out for. It has been around for some years now and they are making millions feel safe while surfing the net.

Below are some of its features to watch out for;

  • It ensures that all files stored on DVDs, CDs, USB thumb and external drives don’t pose a threat, especially those launched automatically.
  • It scans faster than others and a small system footprint to preserve your computer’s performance
  • And not to forget that it also helps secure your pc from malware and other related attacks 🙂

You can download the Eset Antivirus Here…


Bitdefender is one antivirus that has lots and lots of features and they keep adding more features to make their antivirus software more awesome.

Here are some of its features;

  • It helps protect Malware and other internet threats.
  • It filters social-networking specific e-threats by scanning links you receive from friends, monitors your privacy settings, and much more!
  • It tells you if a link is safe even before you click it in Google and Bing search results
  • It automatically speeds up your system and frees up disk space by running every known optimization
  • With its two-way firewall, you are sure to surf safe and sound without the fear of unauthorized access

You can download the Bitdefender Antivirus Here…


I find the Panda antivirus cool enough that’s why I added it to the list. It have great features as well that you should check out…

Below are some of its features;

  • It protects you against online fraud, identity theft, phishing attacks and other criminal activities.
  • It helps protect your wireless networks against hackers and intruders
  • Real time protection against all types of known and unknown threats. Like the Malware and more…

Now tell me, who wouldn’t love an antivirus that has those 🙂

You can download the Panda Antivirus Here…

Your pick

It looks like I did not mention the antivirus you use. The antivirus you use, does it help in optimizing one pc and at the same time, protect your pc from threats? Then, do use the comment box below to mention the antivirus. I am sure that people out there are eager to hear you out :).

Over to you

The entire antivirus mentioned above helps optimize your pc for a faster experience at the same time, keeping your pc safe from harm’s way. Feels awesome, right?

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Do you have comments, questions and or thoughts you’d love to share with us? Please do, by using the comment box below.

Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcomed and much appreciated.

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22 thoughts on “My top 5 Plus 3 Antivirus Every Blogger Should Use”

  1. Slow PC, then kick Windows away and install Linux. Practically you even don’t need antivirus installed on Linux machine. Though all premium anti-virus applications are available for free. I can’t really say what’s the best package, but have good recent experience with Avira and BitDefender.

    • Hello Kaloyan,
      Ah… not everybody use or prefer Linux. Most of the bloggers i have come across do use windows 🙂

      Indeed Bitdefender is one cool anti virus as well as Avira.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment… Do have a lovely week ahead..

  2. Hi Babanature,

    Thanks for sharing this post. I have experienced with two antivirus so far. Kaspersky and McAfee. I just want to share that we should not forget to remove one antivirus first before we install the new one. I’ve forgotten once and my PC speed was awful.

    Thanks once again, wish you enjoy the week

    • Hello Okto,
      Ahah… yeah, that’s a good advice as well my friend 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and letting us know the side effect of using two antivirus at a time.

      Do have yourself a faithful weekend start 😀

  3. I am not a big fan of AntiViruses. They annoy me a lot with their constant update prompts. So instead, I just keep my OS updated and avoid installing unauthorized programs.

    I prefer Registry Cleaners over Anti Viruses.

    Never keep more than one Anti Viruses on the same time. They will mess with each other and also with your computer too.

    It is better to be paranoid about your security instead of fully relying on Anti Viruses. They can’t assure 100% security.

    • Hello,
      Ah… that means, you really do know how to fight viruses and malware without the use of antivirus, that’s good to hear 🙂

      That’s a good advice man…
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your view, do have a wonderful weekend ahead…

  4. Hi Babanature,

    That was sure a wonderful list of antivirus, especially recommended for bloggers 🙂

    Yes, I’ve used all the ones you mentioned above, except for Avira, and currently am trying out Quick Heal and have a good combination of Akismet and Wordfence for the blog. Moreover, with the removal of Commentluv, the link part, the broken links and spam has reduced to nearly zero, so that helps.

    I guess we all need to take care of our PCs, Laptops, and blogs by keeping them safe, and you gave us good ways to do that. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hello Harleena,
      Yeah, it’s awesome to take care of our blog and pc’s so we won’t land into trouble 🙂

      Ah… i haven’t used quick Heal… Thanks for drawing my attention to that.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a faithful weekend dear friend…

  5. Hi Baba,
    In free version, AVG Antivirus is very heavy. I used it. It best for Virus. but the main problem is, this Antivirus is very loaded. Actually I am using PC. I think it best for Laptop, Heavy computer like core i3, core i5, core i7 etc.
    Now I am using 360 security Antivirus and this is best for my PC. What you say about it.

    • Hello Areesha,
      I’ve been using AVG Business edition for God knows when, and it s running smooth. But on the other hand, you’re right because most of my friends do complain about the load the free version of AVG puts on their pc.

      Using AVG Premium is a good choice and it does worth it. 🙂

      Ah… 360 Security? i have been hearing good new about them as well.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your wonderful comment. Do have a wonderful weekend…

  6. Hi Babnature,

    While surfing the internet the chances of getting viruses in our pc is more.
    Many people face problems due to some viruses. They need to install one of these anti-viruses.

    I have used Avira. It’s light to use and doesn’t put any load on the pc while Bitdefenfer is heavy and computer with small processor may get difficulty.

    Great list.;)

    Rock this weekend.:)


    • Hello Ravi,
      Indeed, the internet is filled with threat and not protecting yourself while surfing, can harm your pc and other private infos.

      Thanks for your input on this dear friend. Do have yourself a best weekend

  7. Hi am trying again to leave a comment. this was an excellent post about why we need anti spam software on our computers and how it effects our blogs. after all if they can get into our computer they will have access to our blogs. hoping you have a similar post for apple users soon. thanks, max

    • Hello Max,
      I don’t think Apple computer really needs an Antivirus. Because to me, i feel that hackers focus more on windows… 😉

      But i am sure i will drop something on Apple pc soon. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a wonderful weekend.

  8. i love to use avg.because it’s give me great protection from all things.thanks for sharing this nice list.i recomind to all blogger avg.because it’s best.

  9. Hi Babanature,

    I’m bit surprised you didn’t mention avast! in this list, that’s an excellent antivirus which I’ve been using for more than 3 years. I haven’t noticed any problem or glitch so far and its light on system.

    If I have chose any antivirus in the given list, then I’ll with Kaspersky or Norton antivirus as I have tested both of them and both are good antivirus.

    • Hello Pankaj,
      I didn’t mention avast? shoot, it must either skipped my mind or just couldn’t be in my list . but with ever which, it is good you draw my attention to it. Thanks…

      Kaspersky and Norton are good antivirus and easy on a pc as well.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your thought. Do have a wonderful weekend..

  10. Hi Babanature,
    I have experienced with two Antivirus,
    Avg free version and Avira.
    in free version, I think Antivirus is itself virus.
    If you talking about premium version then those will be good for good PC performance.
    I am not using any Antivirus this time.
    Any way I honored your work hard.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Areesha Noor!

  11. Great guide! There’s a lot more options for antivirus software than many know, with each program catering to a variety of different internet browsing habits. I’ve had good experiences with AVG and also Avast, they’ve protected my devices from all sorts of threats. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Great post, I’ve got to say I’ve given my younger cousins my phone and tablet to play on and never thought about parental controls, thanks for making me think next time


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