How to Activate the Share This Page Feature on Firefox

Social share button is one of the most recommended plugin any pro blogger will advice a new blogger or a blogger looking for more exposure to install when installing plugins or mods.

Share This Page Feature on Firefox

Social share button is a must have, because it helps our blog posts get through to a wider audience by allowing our blog readers to share our contents to their networks. Social share button helps to bring in more traffic with little effort.

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But how can you urge your blog readers to share your article after reading? Simply by installing a social share plugin/mod will do the trick.

Here is the deal – If I come to your site and I find your article interesting enough, I will leave a comment and make sure I share the post to my social networks using the social button found on your blog. But what if you don’t have a social share button plugin on your blog? Then I guess you won’t get that much share that you had hoped for, right?

Okay, here is the truth – I have been to so many blogs that doesn’t have the “Social Share” button. Reason? Best known to them 🙂 but the truth is, if a visitor comes to your blog through search engine or other means and finds your post interesting enough, he is likely going to drop a comment and probably share the post with his or her friends. But if you don’t have a share button, that visitor might not share that interesting article of yours… you just lost one source of referral traffic 🙂

How to Activate the Share This Page Feature on Firefox

I love sharing other bloggers blog post to my social networks after reading their informative posts because I know that some of my networks might need a post like that. But after reading your post and I discover that you don’t have a share button on your blog, I will indeed feel discouraged to share.

Thank God, Firefox have come up with an easier way to share an article or a blog post on your tab without stress.

Hey, there is no need to download or install any extension… Just follow the steps below if you’d like to make your sharing of articles to your social media easy and more efficient.


First, click on the Firefox menu bar at the upper right hand of the browser >>> after that, click the “customize” button. See image below…

Share This Page Feature

Clicking the customize button, will take you to a new tab where you can customize the tab and tool bar just the way you want.

share this page for firefox

In the new tab, you will see different icons like the image above… now click and drag the “share this page” icon to your menu bar.

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Have you done that? If yes, it will look like the below image…

share this page for firefox

Now click the share this page icon >>> click the + sign button to add your preferred social networks.

share this page mozilla firefox

Now you can easily share your contents or other bloggers contents without much stress or finding where the bloggers are hiding their share buttons.

Feels simple right? 🙂

Over to you:

Looks like I have said so much about so much on how to easily share contents with the share this page tool, now let me pass the keyboard to you guys.

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14 thoughts on “How to Activate the Share This Page Feature on Firefox”

  1. Hi Babanature,

    You are absolutely right 🙂

    It is frustrating when you read and like a post, comment on it, and wish to share it but find no social share button! I visit a lot of blogs who face this problem and usually I message and tell them to add the share buttons.

    But I like this option, though it would only work on FireFox, which I don’t use all that much. Wonder if they have a similar setting for Chrome too?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hello Harleena,

      You got that right, some bloggers just don’t care if their blog is being shared or not. and to me, that’s bad.

      I am in love with firefox because it has all what i need especially for bloggers who do codding from time to time 🙂

      Indeed, i will make a research and see if chrome has same feature 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Have a blessed week ahead

  2. Hello Babanature,

    This is indeed a nice and lovely post every blogger using the Firefox browser should know.

    I have never used this feature because i never knew Firefox would create something as awesome as the share this page.

    I do share other bloggers site and this post just made everything a lot easier.

    Thanks for the post bro…

    • Hello Christy,

      AH… Good to know that you’re also a lover of Firefox. I guess we’re in the same boat 🙂

      Thank for the comment and for finding the post useful… I really do appreciate.

      Do have a wonderful week ahead…

  3. The Share this Page button was already on the toolbar, but shaded out. I tried removing and re-adding, but still remains shaded out and does nothing when I try to click on it. That PLUS sign does not appear beneath it.


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