Fixing The “Call For Service H4-00” On Sharp Or Any Digital photocopier

About two years ago, I expanded my business both online and offline. To become a venture, I registered my company’s name, rented an office space, employed some good hands, and bought some office equipment.

photocopy machine

After a year plus, my copier started developing some minor problems. I guess when a machine starts developing problems that mean it’s time to service it, right?

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There was no Sharp shop in this part of the country, so I had to find an alternate solution. Funny enough, the local technician I gave the copier to service, couldn’t pinpoint the real problem. I did love the photocopy machine because of its quality in printing, so I wanted it to work as it was.

I called another local technician, and he finally fixed the machine back to the way it was :).

After six months eight days of using it, I encountered a simple but funny problem. One of my employees was printing out some documents, and after the last printout, it showed “call for service H4-00” I thought the copier had broken, but I browse the problem and learned that it is natural to meet such problems.

How I Fix the “Call for Service H4-00” On My Sharp Copier

If you have a digital scanner like the Sharp AR-M207 you will know that someday, you might have little issues like the “call for service H4-00 or L4-11”. Calling a technician might be unnecessary or kind of expensive, so doing it yourself might be the right choice.

If you are photocopying a document or scanning a document and the “Call For Service H4-00” error occurs, rebooting your machine is the only option to do. And below is how you reboot your copier.


We’ll need to enter the simulation mode by pressing the # * C * 14 (HARSH – STAR – C – STAR – 14) and then hit the copy button twice. The machine will restart and the error code will stop showing.

You have successfully rebooted your Machine…

Note: You will need to have a fast finger for it to enter the simulation mode.

How I Fix the “Call for Service L4-11” On My Sharp Copier

Also, note that when you get this other error “call for service L4-11” the problem is either: Shifter motor trouble or main motor lock detection.

It is best to call a technician but if you do not have the money to call a technician, try blowing the dust out and it will start working 🙂

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The step is simple, right? I know, many technicians will charge a huge amount of money just by implementing that code to your machine their selves.

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  2. what of my photocopy machine the star * button is not working what will i do again to restart it or reboot it

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  4. Wow, thank you so much. had the issue and it has being resolved. Thank you very much, more blessings to you and yours

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