InnJoo Fire Review and Specifications: Hands on

Okay! I have finally gotten a hands-on review of the Innjoo Fire smart phone. I was hoping to get it on Wednesday last week so it could be exclusive, but the plan did not work out as we had hoped to, but hey! Right now is also the best time, right?

InnJoo Fire Review and Specifications

In case you’d like to know – they are (InnJoo) one of the fastest growing Mobile phones here in Africa with products that will literally make you go wow!

InnJoo Fire Review and Specifications: Hands on

Recently, the Innjoo phone makers added a new slick mobile phone to their list of phones called the “Innjoo Fire”.

The launching date of the Fire was on the 21st of May, 2015 but officially started sales (online) on the 1st of June, 2015 at the Jumia Mobile Megathon week.

InnJoo Fire Review

The fire phone have made a lot of buzz that’s why I am making a post about it. believe it or not, I did have my hands on a review copy of the InnJoo Fire and below are my honest reviews.

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The Fire is a budget-friendly smart phone with a “5 inch IPS display” that comes with 2 GB ram and a 16 GB ROM (expandable to 32 GB) to make your experience exciting… with such space, you can install as many apps as you want without affecting the speed of your phone. 🙂

Oh! Less I forget, the phone comes with different variants of color – Classic Black, Elegant White, Luxury Gold and Natural Bamboo Yellow

Battery Life

The phone comes with a 2500mAh battery, so you’ll know playing with the phone for a longer period is a possibility 😉

I did personally test the battery of the phone for two days, in two different observations to see if it has the power to serve my purpose as a heavy phone user and here is my observation:

Day 1

With my WiFi on and constant browsing and research, played games while I was listening to music and received calls, the phone lasted for 7 hours. Most android phones I have used don’t last that long.

Day 2

Okay, the day 2 was the light day testing 🙂 . I only received calls, taking pictures and Whatsapp-ing, and it lasted for the day with just a few bar removed.

On the battery level, the mobile phone company really did make it a OK one…


If you love taking selfies, then you’ll love this because the phone comes with a 5MP mega pixel back/front Camera that you will sure like.

I did take some selfies with the phone, and from the look of things, the images looks okay. would you like to see the selfies? Then do let me know by commenting below. 🙂


you can get the phone for about $88.93 (N17,700) at online stores. Cheap right?

enough with the talking, let’s move to the specification now, shall we?

The full specification

Below are the full specifications of the phone.

[table id=1 /]

Back to you

Isn’t the InnJoo Fire a beauty? What do you think? Did I miss anything out? Please do drop your comments by using the comment box below.

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16 thoughts on “InnJoo Fire Review and Specifications: Hands on”

  1. Hi Babanature,

    Never heard of Innjoo before, and it does sound interesting 🙂

    I guess it works well for people your end, and I think for the price the given features are wonderful. Hope you enjoy using it too (if you got it!)

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hello Harleena,

      Yeah, the phone is a new one in town and they’ve already breaking ground right here, where I am from because of their unbelievable features and affordable price… I know that soon, you will start hearing the name in your area as well 🙂

      Thanks for the comment dear friend, I really appreciate. Have a blessed weekend start

  2. Hi Babanature !

    This is something new ! The best part i like is selfies . Yeah , 5 mega pixels is great enough to take an amazing selfie .

    I am gonna try this !

    Thanks for writing this review !

    Happy Blogging !

  3. especially the display and camera quality is just awesome. Overall great post i would say thanks for sharing

  4. Hello Babanature, After reading your blog post found in a group on Facebook, I did purchased the innjoo fire product and i am enjoying it for now.

    Thanks for dropping a detailed review on the phone… xo

  5. Hello Baba,

    A friend of mine bought the phone and the design looks slick. I did like the phone 🙂 Tested the camera but not as the other once before this but for a budgeted phone, it is okay.

    Please Baba, if I want to draw a table on my blogger blog for a post, just as you did yours here, how it I go about it?

    Thanks. Keep up the good work

    • Hello Bello,

      Seriously, the amount of the phone is worth it, even if it does not have the 8MP or so… but at least it has a whooping 2 Gigabyte RAM 🙂

      Hope your friend is enjoying his?
      Have a blessed week ahead….

  6. Hi Babanature !

    Thanks for Sharing Great Articles ! The best part i like is selfies . Yeah , 5 mega pixels is great enough to take an amazing selfie .

  7. Really amazing features in the phone like 2 gb Ram & 16 gb Rom as well as great display & camera quality.

    Now I have planned to change my phone & purchase that.

    Thanks for sharing that info.

  8. Hi my phone Innjoo Fire is locked, am trying to swap but nothing just say to unlock 360 security but when l type the 360 and enter not opening what should l do.


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