Resuming Expired Download Link on UC Browser for Android Phone Users

Some few years back, I wrote a post on how to resume download link using UCWEB for s60 phones, well the post did trend and many people who had (and still having) downloads problems find the post valuable and very helpful. Now the era of Android phone is here and technologies have changed its course 🙂


If you are using the Android Phone, the previous trick might not work properly for you because the trick was meant for the s60 phones as at then

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But I am sure this post will help you solve any problem you’re having with either error while downloading or can’t resume downloads after phone shutdown.

How to Resuming Expired Download Link on UC Browser for Android Phone Users.

If you can’t refresh your UC download link or continue download after download fail, follow the simple steps below.

First of all >>> Exit your UC browser.

Now, go to UC browser download folder.

Note: the download folder is named “UCDownloads”

In the download folder, there are two files: the main downloading file and a temporary download file with the extension .dltemp

Now, copy both files to a different location

Have you done that? If yes, open you UCBrowser and restart the download.

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Pause the download and minimize your UC browser >>> open UCdownloads folder and delete the two new files downloaded.

Now, simply move the files you copied to another location back to the UCDownloads folder.

Maximize the UC browser and un-pause the download, you will see that it will start from where it stopped, in other words, it will resume the previous download without stress.

Back to you

Hope this helped? If not, do drop your comments below and we’ll get back to you with an answer ASAP.

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33 thoughts on “Resuming Expired Download Link on UC Browser for Android Phone Users”

  1. Brother I have a problem. when I exit uc browser and open Uc downloads folder.I can/’t see the /”two files/” , instead there is only one file there which I/’m a downloading. please help brother…… HOW CAN I FINS AND SEE THE OTHER FILE???

  2. Its working 100%
    When the downloadinh file in file browser -ucdownloads change name of existing file to the newly downloaded file â˜ș

  3. Thanks man, you wan it saved my day. I was downloading a file of over 10GB and it stopped halfway. Thanks to you I’ve continued it.

  4. Hi I have tried all the things which you have told to do to resume the expired download link but its not resuming please if you can help me with this I would be really thankful to you.

  5. I’m in the same same folder but there’s only one file which I’m downloading. . . I tried lot to find the second but there I find nothing bro. I’m using 5.1 lollipop android. . . . contused

  6. Hi
    I cannot restart the download because the link has expired is there any way to download it
    I even tried to download it from the file url in its details but it doesn’t work due to expired link
    can you help me

    • The simple reason you didn’t see the .dltemp is because you’re using UC Mini instead. Try downloading the main UC Browser and you will have all the features UC Mini doesn’t have.

  7. Hi Iam having problems with resuming downloads. My UC mini doesnot store two files like one main file and one .part file. It only stores main file and 5 video files are stuck at half. My data is gone n mypatience too. pls suggest any idea. Thanks

  8. I like your blog a lot. Its awsome. I need to know many more about android softwate update without the actual publishing of the phone’s company

  9. I’m grateful… It was so totally helpful. I was on a download of GTA Vice city worth 996.29 MB obb Zipped file when it stopped at 800+ and showed me retrying up to like 6times After following the guidelines it resumed again. Thanks a lot


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