How to Watch your Favorite DSTV Stations on Your Android Phone

Do you know that streaming videos with phones started way before the Android phone was in business? As far as I can tell, mobile streaming started with the reign of java phones (The s40 phone) and since then, huge improvement is being made and awesome apps are being born 🙂

dstv stations

If you’ve been wondering – “is it possible to watch my favorite DSTV station on my android phone?” your answer to that question is “Yes”.

You can watch your favorite cable stations on your mobile phone either by using “drifta” or using a “streaming app”.

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Some few weeks ago, a good friend of mine introduced me to an app that allows you stream your favorite cable stations. And to tell you guys the truth, I find the app awesome 😉

How to Watch your Favorite DSTV Stations on Your Android Phone

Now it is possible to stream your favorite stations like Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, Sony Max, TNT, Investigation Discovery, Animal Planet, Sky Movie, Sky News, Aljazeera, CNN, BBC, Super Sport, MTV and 300+ stations with the Mobdro app.

Yes, the Mobdro allows you to watch all that and the app also allows you to share what you are watching, download any show that you find interesting and want to watch offline.

You can download the MOBDRO app here

NOTE: The best way you can enjoy the Mobdro app is if you have unlimited data or a low-cost data. 🙂 .

If you are in Nigeria and want to watch your favorite DSTV stations using the Mobdro app, I’ll suggest you use the MTN + Simple Server trick. Why? Because the Data is unlimited and you don’t need money before you can stream or download.

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If you are in Nigeria and don’t know how to configure the MTN + Simple Server, Do let me know using the comment box below and I will put you through or make a post about it at the forum.

Over to you:

Mobdro is one excellent app that I’d recommend to anybody trying to watch/stream videos online without those annoying ads…

Do you have other streaming apps that are mind-blowing aside the one mentioned here? Do let us know using the comment box below…

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  1. plss i’d like to know about the simple server trick u talking about .. but for now hope i can use my glo 3gb data to stream ?

    tanks for the post

  2. Awesome post, Well I’m from India and I really love CN (cartoon network) and I must say you have shared a great post here. Will surely check this out.



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