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WordPress Plugins I Just Can’t Do Without

You know, there are some WordPress plugins you just can’t do without as a blogger or are there not? 😉

wordpress plugins

There are some WordPress plugins you’ll always want to install any time you create a new blog for yourself or your client. If that plugin is not in the list of installed plugins, that blog won’t feel complete.

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Yes, I do have my list of WordPress plugins I Often use anytime I create a blog, and yes, you’re going to find these WordPress plugins I’m about to mention interesting and useful as well.

Top WordPress Plugins I Just Can’t Do Without

Last year, I posted my top WordPress plugins I just can’t do without, but some of the plugins I mentioned then have been retired. But I have also discovered some new plugins that I’ve included in my A list of WordPress plugins. Would you like to know what these WordPress plugins are?

Without wasting much of our time, let’s just go straight to the top ten WordPress Plugins I can’t do without, shall we!

10 WordPress Plugins I Just Can’t Do Without

Limit Login Attempts:

I love being safe, so I try my possible best to stay safe by taking some drastic security measures on my WordPress blogs.

After manually adding codes that will help secure my blog, I’ll install the Limit Login Attempts to help me keep those hackers who’ve successfully beaten my first defense away 😉

Limit Login Attempts helps you limit the number of login attempts possible both through normal login as well as using auth cookies.

Though, the plugin hasn’t been updated for a while but it still works like charm

Contact Form 7

This is the second plugin I always install on a newly installed WordPress blog after securing the safety of the blog, why? Contact form is essential to any blog and should be considered as one of the most essential WordPress Plugins out there.

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Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup.

WordPress SEO

I started this blog with All-in-One-SEO Pack, but letter migrated to WordPress SEO, why? Because WordPress SEO has more settings and features.

WordPress SEO makes you write better content and helps increase your WordPress SEO (both on social network and Search engines).

Revive Old Post

I love this plugin, why? It helps increases blog traffic by automatically posting your old blog contents to your twitter feed.

The Revive Old Post plugin helps you to keep your old posts alive by sharing them and driving more traffic to them from social networks.

WP Smush

Don’t underestimate the images you use on your blog posts, because they can slow down your blog without you noticing.

Yes, image is necessary because it helps our readers better understand our posts. And as much as images are important, it’s also one of the things that kills the speed of our blogs if not optimize properly.

What the WP Smush plugin does is, it strips hidden, bulky information from your images, reducing the file size without losing quality.


As I said; speed is everything… search engines love and encourage fast blogs and sites.

One of the things that also affect the speed and space of our blog is the lack of cleaning up our database. Our database stores information some are useful while some are only there to slow down and take much of our site resource, so not optimizing our blog database can cause our site to be slow.

You can optimize your database manually if you are tech-inclined, but if you don’t know your way around your database, using the WP-Optimize is just the right choice for you.

Wp-Optimize is a simple but effective plugin that allows you to extensively clean up your WordPress database and optimize it without doing manual queries.


This is one share plugin every blogger using loves. ShareThis Plugin has a version for blogger platform and for WordPress platform.

The ShareThis plugin is not just for sharing alone, it also help protect your blog from those “copy and paste” bloggers by adding a link to the original source to the copied content.

The ShareThis plugin has more than 200 social networks to pick from… and they don’t take up your resource.


I started my blogging career with Akismet and I am still using it up till this day. I love Akismet because it swiftly fights spam comments and keep my comment section as neat as possible.

What the Akismet plugin does is, it checks your comments against the Akismet Web service to see if they look like spam or not and lets you review the spam it catches under your blog’s “Comments” admin screen.


It is good to reward your commentators because they are what make your blog lively and attractive. So what better way to reward your commentators than giving them link love.

The Commentluv plugin helps you reward your readers by automatically placing a link to their last blog post at the end of their comment.

UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore

Security is the first thing any blogger or website owner should think about. And backing up our blog should also come as a security measure, why? Our files are more important to us. You can lose your host but not your blog.

The UpdraftPlus Plugin allows you to easily backup and or restore your blog without stress. It also give you access to Backup into the cloud (Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, email and other clouds) and restore with a single click.


All the above mentioned WordPress plugins are 100% safe, free and recommended. They can make your blogging journey a lot easier if you decide to use them.

Back to you

Which of the mentioned WordPress plugins are you using? And which awesome WordPress plugins are you using to simplify your blogging life that wasn’t mentioned here? Do share your comment with us using the comment box below.

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Remember that your comments, questions, and thoughts are highly welcomed and much appreciated.

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12 thoughts on “WordPress Plugins I Just Can’t Do Without”

  1. Hi Babanature,

    Good to be back, and over at your blog after my long break 🙂

    Yes indeed, most of these plugins are used by many bloggers, including me, though not all.

    I did try Revive Old Post plugin for a few days but the posts are shared very randomly and not as per schedule, and often within a gap of a few seconds, so I removed it.

    Nice list indeed, and thanks for sharing it with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,

      Good to see you back after the long break from blogging…

      They have added post interval schedule on the new update of the Tweet old post… So it is running smooth now, you should try the new improve updated version 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment.
      Do have a wonderful week ahead…

  2. Hi Babanature,

    Thanks for sharing excellent list of WordPress plugins. Indeed these are some important plugins which every blogger must use for the better growth of ther blog.

    Thanks for nice sharing, Keep writing great content.


  3. Hello Babanature,

    I am using almost all of these plugins, but found a new one from your post. I wasn’t aware of WP Optimize. I installed it now after reading about it here.
    You have got a very nice list here, all of these plugins are essential for any blog.

  4. I started blogging in 2012 with commentluv Premium and it’s still hanging there right this moment and I don’t still have plans to take it down.

    Others you have mentioned on the list are quite important but I think I have some alternatives.

    any alternative to CommentLuv?

  5. Nice article you’ve written, really helpful! “ShareThis” has a really simple usability, that`s right! It’s a nice function that it puts a link in the text when somebody copy it. Maybe you are also interested in a time saving tool to share your own articles to social media. Have you ever heard of Blog2Social? It’s an easy tool to schedule and post automatically to the various social media, while at the same time it allows you to customize your postings for each network’s requirement. Also you can select the image you like to go with your post.

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