Increase Google Adsense Earning Using this Simple Trick

Have you been trying out ways on how to increase Google AdSense earning but always seems fruitless? I know you must have tried hard to get your Google Adsense earning above your 0.01 threshold… if your answer is yes, then read along…

Increase Google Adsense Earning

As a new blogger, it is advisable to start monetizing your blog using Google Adsense, Why? It is easy to setup, they pay on time but as long as you meet the 100$ threshold requirement.

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I know some bloggers who are trying to increase their Google Adsense earnings but got ban in the process simply because their method is against the Google Adsense rules.

But what if I tell you that there is a simple way of achieving good result with little effort from your part? And what if I tell you that this method I am about to show you doesn’t go against the Google Adsense T.O.S, would you like?

Then let me show you how you can do this too

How to Increase Google Adsense Earning

One of the easiest and most reliable ways to make money online as a blogger is through Google Adsense. No wonder new blogs are being surfaced daily to get a cut from the cake 😉

Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! This method I am about to show you is not new, but bloggers neglect the method and search for something different. But if you’re using this method, plus other strategies, I am sure your earnings will increase with the right amount of traffic.

A Little explanation before we Show you how to increase Google Adsense Earning.

People comes to your blog because you have something interesting to share… these readers will also want to check your other blog posts because they just can’t get enough.

Now if you could insert your Adsense code next to your related post or immediately after your blog post, you will get an increase in your Adsense earnings.

Google Adsense serve you ads base on your keywords and base on the visitor’s search history, if you could use it to your advantage, you will start making money as long as you have the right amount of visitors.

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This is what Nwosu Mavtrevor has to say about the method;

When you place a 200×90 ad units immediately after ya content, it oftentimes show ads related to the keywords it could pick from the content and people will always assume its related post

Increase Google Adsense Earning

Increase Google Adsense Earning Using this Simple Trick

Before proceeding, the below screenshot is exactly what we want to achieve in other to increase our Adsense earnings.

Increase Google Adsense Earning

Tools you’ll need

  • A two column table code
  • Your 200×90 Google Adsense text ad code
  • A plugin to help you inject the Adsense code to your blog (Plugin like Easy Adsense would do)


Create a Two column table using either Microsoft Word or Dreamweaver. When creating the table, make sure the border, cell spacing and cell padding are placed on 0 value.

If you can’t create a functioning table, simply copy the below table …

<table width="661" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">

Have you copied the above code? Now, simply replace the “GOOGLE ADSENSE TEXT LINK CODE HERE” found inside the above table code with your 200×90 Google Adsense Text code.

Have you done that? If your answer is yes, copy the whole code and move over to your WordPress Dashboard and click on “EasyAdSense” found under “Settings“.

Paste the code inside the “Post Lead-out AdSense Text (Appears near the end of the post)” box of EasyAdSense >>> click the save button and refresh your blog’s URL and you’ll see a work well done.

Below this blog post is a perfect example of how your work-well-done will look like.

It has been working for me since I started blogging. You too should try it out and see how it goes for you.

Back to You

Do you still have questions, comments, and thoughts you’d love to share with us? Please, do use the comments box below to drop your question and I will reply to them ASAP.

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Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcomed and most appreciated.

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  1. I have not really relied on adsense but I’m going to implement this 😉

    One question: Does the adsense plugin have any effect on load speed? Did you check out how many seconds it adds up?

    1. Hello Enstine,

      The Adsense plugin is a light weight plugin.
      I recommended the plugin for bloggers who don’t know how to directly implement codes, but you on the other hand, na chairman na… lol 😉

  2. Hi,

    Are you able to point to any stats on what the “average” earnings with AdSense might be per thousand views or similar?

    I am starting a disability news service and wondering about the potential earnings.


  3. Hi Babanature,

    I’ve been recently experimenting with adsense on my blog. I changed ads and their positions to see what works best. Three Adsense ad positions work best – the header, bottom of the post, and the top of the sidebar. You can also insert an ad unit within the upper part of the content.As per the Adsense rules, you can also use up to three link ads along with the display ads. Someday, I might even try your trick so thanks for sharing it.

    Enjoy your weekend 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,

      Adsense is all about experimenting. If one style doesn’t convert well, you change the position till you get a best solution.

      Thanks for the contribution and do have a great week

  4. Wow such a nice ideas boss, i truly agree with you, i have been using it for some times now and its been working pretty fine.

  5. Nice post bro. Here you only explain how to implement this trick on WordPress platform, how about people like us that use blogger platform. Thanks

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