How to Embed Facebook Post on Blogger Blog Easily

If you are wondering how to embed Facebook Post on your blogger posts, then I am telling you now that your problem has been solved on my today’s blog post.

Embed Facebook Post

On the WordPress platform, implementing codes is much easier due to the numerous plugins it has. Yes, plugin allows our workflow to be easily executable.

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Aside that, WordPress automatically embed any link you posted directly to its editor.

But on the Blogger platform, implementing codes can be a bit difficult, why? Every code or enhancement you want on your blog should be done manually by tampering with your blog’s HTML code.

For people like us, it always feels good playing with codes, doesn’t it? 🙂

But hey, do not be alarm because you do not need coding skill to embed Facebook post on blogger for it is a simple process.

How to Easily Embed Facebook Post for Blogger Blog Users

Why would you want to embed Facebook post on your blog? Well, we all have our reasons and one of the reasons a blogger would want to embed Facebook post is “reference making”.

What’s your reason of embedding Facebook post on your blog post? Do let us know using the comment box below.

Steps on How to Embed Facebook Post on your blogger blog Post

To embed Facebook post on your blog post, first go to your Facebook Account and locate the post you’d like to embed.

Note: You can embed any post on Facebook regardless of who posted it.

Have you seen the Facebook post you’d like to embed? If yes, click on the icon that looks like “v” at the top right corner of the post and click “Embed Post” (see screenshot below)

embed facebook post

Have you clicked the embed post? If yes, you will see a pop-up like the screenshot below

embed facebook post on blogger

Now copy the embedded code given to you…

Now go to your Blogger dashboard >>> go to your “Posts” and click on the particular post you want to embed the Facebook post on.

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On the post editor, click “HTML” and scroll over to where you want to place the embedded Facebook post on and paste it there.

how to embed facebook to blogger blog

Have you done that? If yes, click “Compose” and the embedded post will appear on your blog post.

As you can see, you do not need any extra coding skill to pull this one off.

Now you can easily embed Facebook post without stress or doing some extra work.

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  1. Hi Babanature,

    Yet another informative post 🙂

    Yes, had I been on the blogger platform still, I’d have bookmarked your blog and kept visiting it each time for all the nuggets you share with us. Even now, I send so many blogger related queries to your blog and another friend I know!

    Never tried embedding posts as such, from any social media sites, but I think one needs to try it out. I guess it would but of course be different for WP users.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hello Harleena,

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment, I truly do appreciate.

      Yes, the process is similar to WordPress except you do not need to enter the editor directly.

      Thanks for the comment and do ahave a wonderful week ahead

  2. Great piece,embedding posts helps alot in pointing out specific things,that would always help readers.Guess you should prepare a twitter version of it.

  3. Hello Babanature!
    Glad to meet you here.. 🙂

    You have shared one of the best and important thing yet…I got so happy to see this article, you know. Step by step deep description are really more helpful. Also, screen shots are more beneficial more me so that I can understood easily. You are brilliant bro…

    Thanks a lot for sharing such a great informative idea… 🙂

    Have a nice weekend..


  4. Oh thanks Babanature,
    Really you are a real hero bro, I have seen many bloggers imbedded Facebook on their blog. But never got help like you clearly explained. You have nice collection of best of best tips and tutorials. Hats off for this one, thanks again for making my day.


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