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Advanced Google Adsense Tips to Increase Earnings with Low Traffic

Hello bloggers, today, haven gotten the opportunity to share my experience on one of my favourite blogs. I’m going to share my knowledge of proper ads placement for AdSense, why? So you can increase your earnings without increasing your traffic.


This is one of my many Blogging tips for Nigerian Webmasters which I have educated people on for the past few weeks. Thanks to BabaNature for giving me an opportunity to do same here.

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Sounds like a trick but it’s not. Actually, it involves a little tweaking. But nothing illegal because we are still well on the shores of Adsense rules and policies. I have earlier written a part of this post which shows how you can get Adsense account and now we will take a step further.

Actually, AdSense has been overhyped in Nigeria because other bloggers will tell you about how much they make daily with ads but they won’t tell you how exactly they do it, but that’s what am here to do. I was a victim of such false message. I thought AdSense would automatically adjust itself to make the most money for me no matter how I place my ads, but that’s only half through.

Adsense will work to adjust itself but there is a limit to this. For example, you cannot specify a text advert and expect AdSense to automatically adjust the ads to a longer banner to optimize earnings.

You have to give it the opportunity to do so, and that will form the bulk of this post.

I will go straight to the point to show you how exactly you can do this in some ways.

Note: this post won’t magically transform your earnings in a day. It may take time, but eventually, my tips will help you fire things up on your blog like it did on mine!

How To Increase Earnings From AdSense Without Increasing Your Blog Traffic

Be Flexible, Use Responsive adverts

Times without number, responsive ads have proven to be one of the very best options for webmasters when it comes to optimizing your site’s earnings. I have tried nearly all the ad types and sizes on Adsense, but there is always something about responsive ads that makes it stand out above all other ads most of the times. Here are some things you need to know about responsive ads.

Responsive ads give you access to all ads sizes on Adsense. Yes! with responsive ads, you get the potential of different ad sizes showing up on your blog instead of just one and this really helps because what looks great on smart phones can be out of points or even worse, hidden on PC view. So, responsive ads will help you adjust your ads automatically when people visit with different screen sizes.

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It doesn’t end there… Responsive ad sizes will give you access to different bids made by advertisers on AdSense. Some advertisers may choose just one type of ad and most times, such selections attracts higher costs and in this case, if you choose an ad size that’s different from the one such an advertiser has chosen, you have automatically missed out of all the potential earnings that may have come with such ads.

There are so many other reasons why responsive ads beat them all, but the above reasons are the main ones.

 Ads In Posts

Link ads in posts are another sense tactics that actually works. You will find most bloggers doing this and I just want to confirm that it really works. When you place ads in your posts, you are sure that the reader will see it and possibly click it.

They will surely see it, but seeing is one thing while clicking is yet another.

  • The reader can click the ad and leave your site.
  • The reader can skip it then come back later to read

Hardly is the first one the case and rarely is the second the case. What happens depends on how important the post is to the user. But the most important thing is that the ad has good visibility and has high conversion rates.

So, always insert ads in your posts. There are several topics written about this and you can always read up and learn more.


So, my fellow bloggers, those are my tips to increase your blogs earnings with Google AdSense. Try them and give your blog sometime then you should be able to have better earnings without actually recording any increase in traffic!

I will be writing more about AdSense as I learn more on this blog and my site so watch out for more on AdSense tips from me!

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Your Turn

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16 thoughts on “Advanced Google Adsense Tips to Increase Earnings with Low Traffic”

  1. In addition to these, Google has also added some new algorithms lately which rely ultimately on User experience and Active Views.

    Blogs should be designed in a way that puts Viewers in mind, that is provides easy access to content without frustrating them with your adverts.

    Regarding the Active Views viewable, the Google adverts should be placed where it would be easily seen when visitors arrive at your landing page.

    All of these also go a long way in increasing earnings on Google Adsense.

    All the same, this is a great write up. Kudos

    1. google has always been very cautious about users. all the way from there search engine results to google adwords, then to google adsense, am not surprised about this.

      There is also another disclosure that says google will increase your cpc “if a user purchases an item/completes a survey after clicking an ad on your site”. The only reason i didn’t include it is because am yet to confirm it.

      meanwhile, thanks for your addition

  2. Very effective tips to increase Adsense Earning.

    It is very helpful for newbies.

    Thanks for sharing these tips. Bookmarked it.


  3. Hello Precious and welcome to Oga Babanature’s blog…

    AdSense is one tricky mission every blogger needs to strategies before heading for the war.

    I realized that always changing your ad space, size, and position also help in increasing our AdSense.

    Thanks for dropping something with us today and hope to see you hear more often.

    1. Hello, Thanks for commenting bro. You said something about “always changing your ad spaces” but is there any format/sequence for this changes.

      I think you should check properly to discover it like from Big ads to small or vice versa.

      Understanding the sequence better can help you increase your earnings quite fast and that will sure serve as the 3rd tip here.

      Meanwhile, am glad you enjoyed my post and I look forward to educating everyone here whenever I get the opportunity to do so!

  4. i am using ads inside the posts but still i am earning low as the cpc was too low and its really worrying to see low earning despite some reasonable traffic.

  5. Hi Precious,
    Catchy headline!
    All the bloggers know the fact that if they have to increase their earning then definitely they have to increase traffic on their website.
    Almost all the blogs related to Blogging tips say about increasing traffic and thus increasing earning.
    Your post has something new. It tells about earning more money through limited traffic. Increasing traffic is very difficult task and it requires lot of effort and time.
    Your tips regarding goggle Ad sense is amazing and profitable to follow.
    Thanks for sharing.
    With regards,

    1. it’s indeed a two way thing. Increase Traffic or Tweak your ads.
      either way, you can earn more but the if you do both effectively, you will blow your earnings sky-high!

  6. Hello Precious,

    What a great way to optimize Adsense?
    I am in my 4th year as an AdSense publisher and to be honest the responsive ad units has been a God sent.

    I’ve not been active on my blog for the past few months so my AdSense earning are super-low for now, I will make sure to use these tips once I am back Fully.

    Thank You Precy! 😀

  7. Hi precious,
    Thanks for this great tips.
    I would love to add few more points. i.e,
    Adverts color.
    Sometime eye caching adverts color increase CTR.
    and the 2nd one is google adsense new releases page level ad for mobile.
    This two things might increase blog revenue more without increasing blog traffic.
    BTW Thanks for sharing.

    1. i agree with both points that you made here @ HAMIM especially the second.

      babanature have already talked about it in another post but thanks for the reminder

  8. Nice Post!! Thanks for sharing these Google Adsense Tips to Increase Earnings with Low Traffic. This post is very useful for us.
    For learning IT Certification Online Visit Sipexe

  9. thank you for giving the information about google ads. you have cleared my thoughts bout ads. I understand very well about google ads through your blog.
    thank you for sharing.

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