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OMG! The Best 10 Romantic French Movies Ever!

France has always been linked to Romance. It is what made Paris a great tourist destination. The romance is also portrayed in the movies.

Best Romantic Movies Ever

What’s great about french movies is the variety. They have been making movies from crime thrillers to Romantic comedies. But the kind of French movies that everyone craves for are the romantic types.

Best 10 Romantic French Movies Ever

Here are top 10 romantic French movies that will blow your boring day:

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  1. 2 Days in Paris (2007)

Director: Julie Delpy

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

This is a great romantic comedy movie for those couples who feel their romantic life needs re-ignition.

Marion and Jack are couple and their relationship is not working out. They try to re-ignite the passion by taking a vacation to Venice. But the trip does not work out.

To pick up Marion’s cat from her parents, they go to Paris and stay there for two days. Now the story begins.

Marion’s parents don’t speak English, she meets with her numerous ex-boyfriends. This all makes Jack uncomfortable.

Jack’s love of photography also restores and he decides to photograph every famous tombstone of Paris.

But, what about their romance? Will it ever get re-ignited? Will they make love again?

  1. The Girl on the Bridge (1999)

Director: Patrice Leconte

French: La fillesur le pont

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

A girl named Adèle just wants to end her life. She is on the Paris Bridge and ready to jump.

Gabor takes interest in her. He needs a knife thrower who needs a human target for his show.

She agrees and together they earn fortunes. As long as they both work with each other their luck favors them.

Then, they both gets separated and live their life. But now they are luckless. At the end, she saves him from the suicide. The started on a bridge and ends up on a bridge.

  1. Romantics Anonymous (2010)

Director: Jean-Pierre Améris

French: Les émotifsanonymes

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Angelique is a girl who is suffering from social anxiety. She goes to a support group to overcome it. Mr. Mercier is a fellow from the same group and has his shop.

She always wanted to make chocolates, but could not because of her anxiety. Now, Mr. Mercier hires her for making chocolates.

Mr. Mercier tells his customers that the chocolates are made by a hermit living in mountains. Chocolates sells well.

When this gentleman dies, she applies for jobs and gets accepted at Jean-Rene’s Chocolate Mill. Jean also has anxiety problems.

This factory is making old chocolates that are not selling well. She helps the factory makes new lines of chocolates claiming she has a way to communicate with the hermit.

Angelique and Jean fall in love. But they both have anxieties so how do they communicate it? Will the secret hermit ever be exposed?

  1. A Very Long Engagement (2004)

Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

French: Un long dimanche de fiançailles

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance

This is a movie for those that refuses to let go their loved ones and search them until they are found.

Five French soldiers are dead in “No Man’s Land”. There are two scenarios of their death:

Either they shot themselves so that no more duty.

Or they were killed by someone or in battle.

Mathilde, fiancée of one of the soldier’s Manech, refuses to believe his death, hires a private detective and begins to discover what actually happened.


She finds out that French government sends soldiers to “No Man’s Land” to punish them. Eventually, she finds Manech, but he does not recognize her. What does she do now?

  1. Love me if you Dare (2003)

Director: YannSamuell

French: Jeuxd’enfants

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

If you have ever watched the movie Fight Club and loved it, then you are going to love this one too.

It is a story of a guy Julien and a girl Sophie. They play a daring game competition in day-to-day life. They have a box that changes its owner after each one completes a bigger dare.

They do daring tasks and in the process sometimes they get hurt and sometimes another person gets hurt. But they keep it up.

With all these dares they start to secretly love each other. But they get married by different people. After 10 years Sophie messages him indicating that the game is still on.

Will they ever get together? What about their spouses?

  1. Priceless (2006)

Director: Pierre Salvadori

French: Hors de prix

Genre: Comedy, Romance

This is a great romantic comedy movie. It will leave you laughing.

The male lead is Jean. He is a waiter and bartender at a luxury French hotel. The female lead is Irene. She is a beautiful woman who seduces rich and lonely men and makes them pay for her expenses.

On her birthday, Irene’s date had promised to take her out. But, he drank too much, so she went to a hotel alone.

There she met Jean. She thought him as another wealthy man and chatted. He also did not reveal his identity.

A year later they meet again in the same hotel accidently, have drinks and end up in bed. In the morning she finds out Jean is not a wealthy person. She leaves frustrated.

Jean in the process of gaining her, pays for everything she wants. He goes bankrupt and starts doing what Irene is doing.

He gives an old and wealthy woman his company and attention and in return she buys him expensive gifts.

When Irene finds this out she gives him tips and tricks. How will they end up being in love?

  1. Populaire (2012)

Director: RégisRoinsard

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Sport

It is a story of a girl who does not want to live an ordinary life. Rose lives with her father who owns a village store.

He wants her to marry to the son of a local mechanic. But, she does not want to end up being a shy housewife.

Louis Echard runs an advertisement for a secretary. She travels to a city for the interview. The interview turns into a disaster but she manages to impress Louis by typing at very high speed.

He trains her in typing and she becomes the fastest typist in France. Now, she has a competition for the world title in the USA.

Louis loves her but is not enough to train her for the competition. How will she win the competition?

  1. Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013)

Director: AbdellatifKechiche

French: La vie d’Adèle – Chapitres 1 et 2

Genre: Drama, Romance

It is a movie about a girl who is confused about her sexuality. She is faking to be a normal girl but has the quest for girls.

Adele is a 16 years old introverted high school girl. She dates a boy Thomas, but it does not satisfy her. She finds herself forced to fake everything.

Only her gay friend Valentin seems to understand her. He takes her to a gay bar, but after some time she goes to a lesbian bar.

She finds the girl she saw on the road (some time ago). They both talk and decides to meet up. Her name is Emma.

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Adele’s friends did not want her to talk to Emma, but she goes anyways. They both make love and she finds out that she is satisfied with Emma.

Together they explore their own sexuality and emotional satisfaction. How long will they be with each other?

  1. The Artist (2011)

Director: Michel Hazanavicius

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

This movie is a great example of fate reversal. The rise of a new actor and also filled with talented actors.

George Valentin is a successful actor of silent movies. His latest movie “The Russian Affair” has become a success at the box-office.

He has a lot of die-hard fans. Outside a movie premiere Peppy Miller, one of his fans & young actress, bumps into him.

She kisses him on the cheek. This makes her headline of the newspapers and marks her start off acting career.

She is selected in a dancing audition to be an extra in a film. Slowly, she climbs the ladder of the industry.

2 years later, Kinograph studio announces to stop producing silent films. Valentin parts from the studio & produce and direct his own silent film.

Unfortunately, it becomes a box office failure. He goes bankrupt and his wife kicks him out of the house.

Peppy helps him overcome his difficulties and asks the studio to make a musical with her and valentine. It marks a comeback of Valentin.

  1. Amélie (2001)

Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

French: Le fabuleuxdestind’AméliePoulain

Genre: Romance, Comedy

It is a story of a girl who goes from shyness to finding her own love. Amelie is a waitress and lives in Paris. She is looking for romance and her purpose in life.

Her father was a cold hearted man and her mother was a stressed lady. She dies in an accident and Amelie is alone facing the world.

She finds a child treasure in her apartment. It belongs to a former occupant of the apartment. She anonymously returns it to him. He was so happy to find it back.

After seeing this, she decides to help everyone around her. Her father, neighbor – and many others.

While helping other people she finds an album of photos. The album belonged to a collector who collects rejected photos.

She finds him out and falls in love with him. She, while helping others, helped herself in the process.

Here is what to do next…

While Hollywood movies are versatile, French movies still hold their Romantic stamp.

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    Where I’m from, I am not too familiar with French Movies. But I have watched Amelia and the movie was awesome.

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  3. Hello,

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    My all time French movie that wasn’t mentioned above is the 1995 “French kiss” staring Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline.

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