Tecno Mobile Phone! Do People Still Buy The Mobile Device?

When the African mobile world was so expensive, and the average citizens couldn’t afford an Android phone, Tecno mobile came to the rescue.


Tecno mobile took advantage of the mobile situation and storms the African mobile market with their cheap and affordable Android devices.

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Tecno made their mobile products so cheap, that the poor and average class people had the opportunity to buy and use an Android phone.

With this advancement, other mobile producers like Nokia that were making wave couldn’t compete with the poor market anymore, so they had to draw back from the market.

Tecno mobile was the talk of the town. Believe it or not, Tecno Phone was my first Android phone. 😉

The Fading of Tecno mobile?

As they say, every good thing must always have a bitter side.

Due to the large orders the mobile giant were getting, they started creating substandard phones.

With the problems and bugs tecno mobile devices was having, people started searching for an alternative to a cheaper Android phone that is reliable and bugs free…

Mobile companies like Infinix, Injoo, itel, etc… Took advantage of that loophole, and came out with what the masses would accept and find interesting.

With what Tecno mobile couldn’t offer to give its users (like; longer battery life, a good processor, multi-tasking, bug free, slick design), those new mobile companies started delivering them.

This new innovation from other mobile companies started shifting mobile users away from Tecno mobile products.

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Now it’s about survival of the fittest among the mobile manufacturers in Africa. Tecno couldn’t hold the mobile market any longer, so they decided to go in the shadows like others before them.

The New Tecno Mobile?

They went back to their drawing board after a while, and then they release some new products to the market. But now, they are not focusing on the poor and average citizen any longer. Their target now, is the rich. Is that a smart move? I ask myself…

With that, tecno was no longer the talk in town… and the new strategy they planted wasn’t working so well for them, or is it?

The truth is; I can’t take my one hundred thousand naira (100,000.00) to buy a phone that is not up-there. Why? I can use that same money to buy a Samsung mart phone or other high graded phones that I know won’t give me problems.


Tecno mobile was an awesome phone that won the African market heart. Allowed the poor to finally use and owned a smart phone. What happened to them at the long run?

Back to you?

Have you ever used a Tecno phone before? What was your experience like? Do you still use their smart phone? What model of Tecno are you currently using and how is it serving you?

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Please, do drop your comments using the comment box below and let’s make this place lively.

Remember that your comments, questions, and thoughts are highly welcome and most appreciated.

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6 thoughts on “Tecno Mobile Phone! Do People Still Buy The Mobile Device?”

  1. Hello Baba,

    Indeed, Tecno phones was every where, it will be hard to see who didn’t used the mobile phone.

    when i was using tecno, my installed apps always get corrupted for no reason. so i stop using the product…

    But recently their product has some tempting feature, but i am still afraid to buy because of my encounter with their product last time.

    Hope you are having a good day. happy new month, sir.

    • Hello Razak,

      Yeah, they do have some good features now, but i don’t think they still hold the market as they do back then.

      I am doing good bro…

      Thanks for the comment and do have a good weekend

  2. I stopped using China Android phones and started using a normal phone since normal phone don’t have problem like the china androids do. For now, I am using A Nokia phone and a Tecno touch light phone that uses four sim cards.
    I will use these phones till i have the money to buy a good android phone like Samsung or HTC.
    We need more of this post from you, so we Africans can have some good discussion about some of this giants drying our pockets.


  3. Mehn Tecno phone was my first android phone. I have used 4 different Tecno android since 2011 till date. I so much love tecno product and am still hustling to buy Tecno C9 though am having issues with the C9 price (very expensive).

  4. I personally never use Tecno brand cell phones but now I think it would be a good decision to make a purchase of Tecno brand.


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