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  1. Thanks dear but really am not going to delete my self but if found anyone who want to do i will recommend that, please share some tips on create influence for beginners like me thanks 🙂

      1. Hey babanature,
        Thanks for your precious advise I will read your other post sooner, did you have any tip to stop alexa ranking?

  2. Hey Babanature,

    Many people on this planet get overwhelmed when it comes to Internet. Sometimes, due to many specific factor people needs to delete their social media account – Deseat me will very helpful for those person in order to delete their social accounts. It is really sounds full featured for fixing this issue. Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy thought with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  3. I think about this from time to time. I’ve worked so hard to build myself up, though, so I doubt I will do this.
    But I shared this on Facebook in case anyone else wants to erase themselves from the internet.

    I’m not ready to do this just yet! 😉
    I have too much to still share!!!

    1. Hello Lorraine,

      Good to see you here sharing your thoughts with us 😉

      There are some people out there who’d want to go out from the internet lifestyle, but don’t want to go without deleting their social media account. That’s where this tool come it…

      It’s not for bloggers or people who still enjoy using the internet 🙂

  4. The highest I’ve done was to deactivate my facebook for nearly two years. This is a good read. Hope it will come handy when I need it.

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