How To Add “Read More” To Blogger Blog

Blogging is sweet, do you know that? Giving your readers an excerpt to your blog post will increase your reader’s curiosity. In return, they will want to read the full article.

Add Read More Blogger Blog

Adding a post excerpt is hard to execute on the blogger platform, except you use coding to make your blog front page excerpt.


Now, if you are not tech inclined there is still a way you can create post excerpt without editing your HTML and adding codes everywhere.

How To Add “Read More” To Your Blogger Blog

Excerpt is very important – it can increase your page views and increase traffic to your blog post. So tell me, why haven’t you started using post excerpt on your BlogSpot?

To easily add post excerpt/summary to your blog post with read more link, simply follow this step below…

Adding read more link to your blogger blog with this tip…

Sign in to your Blogger account >>> click the blog you want to add summary >>> click the post you want to use.

In the composer box, place your cursor where you want to put the “Read More” link >>> click the Insert jump break (see screenshot below)

Insert jump break

Click the “Publish” or “save” button and you have successfully added blog summary to that post without any stress.

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