Fix on Comment Form Not Showing On Blogger Mobile View

Are you having the issue of comment form not showing on your blogger mobile view? don’t worry that’s how it is when you install a new custom template on your blog.

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Here is the truth, the default blogger theme sucks except you know how to play with codes and can customize.

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Bloggers who use the blogger platform go out to look for a custom template to use… and sometimes, these templates we install might interfere with some of the blogger features; like your comment form will not show when viewing your blog on mobile.

How to Fix “Comment Form Not Showing” On Blogger Mobile View

If you are not seeing the comment field when viewing your blog on your mobile device, simply follow the tip I am about to show you.

Firstly, go to your blogger blog dashboard >>> click “Theme” >>> click “Edit HTML” to take you to your HTML editor area.

Are you there now? If yes, we are going to search for a code.

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Remember: to make a search easy, simultaneously press the ctrl + f key. Doing so will bring out a search box.

Now search for the below code using the search box…


Have you seen the above code? If yes, simply paste the below code right above the code.

[code] .mobile .blogger-iframe-colorize {

display: block !important;


.blogger-iframe-colorize {

display: block !important;

} [/code]

If you’ve done that, easily click the “Save theme” button and you have successfully made your comment system visible on all mobile device.

You won’t be having problems of visitors not be able to comment on your blog post using their mobile device.


This always happens to bloggers who’s using a customize theme… but with this process I just showed you, you can easily enable your comment form on mobile devices so your visitors can leave you a comment using their devices 😉

Let’s Talk:

Looks like I have said so much about so much on how we can easily enable our comment form on our blogger platform, now it’s time to pass the keyboard to you guys.

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12 thoughts on “Fix on Comment Form Not Showing On Blogger Mobile View”

  1. Hi Babanature,

    Informative indeed 🙂

    Honestly speaking, I never used a mobile till a few years back when I was on the blogger platform – not for my online work at all, so would never have an idea of how to do anything related to it!! Glad you shared this post that would help so many bloggers out there.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hello Harleena,

      Getting things done on the blogger platform is a bit difficult if you do not know your way around the blogger BlogSpot. Then, there weren’t much developers, focusing on the platform… but now, millions of bloggers are finding ways to improve the platform 😉

      Thanks for the comment dear friend… and do have a beautiful weekend

  2. Hello Babanature,

    Believe me when I say “I dey feel your passion”. This has been so many newbie problem when installing customized theme on blogger blog. especially when the theme is responsive…

    Thanks for showing us a simple fix on this issue.

  3. Hello,

    What a nice post you shared with us, I was surprise when i couldn’t see my comment on mobile after changing my theme. I searched online and saw your tip.

    My question now; how do i make some of my side widget visible on blogger mobile view? Thanks for your help, awesome onenaija

  4. Hey ONENAIJABLOG i have a problem , my blog sometimes not showing the facebook comment frame, like something is conflicting with the theme, this only occure when post have facebook comment in it, the facebook comment frame sometimes disapper on mobile view or ?m=1 link.. can you tell me how to fix it.. my blog suarasosmed[dot]com , when opened with smartphone the problem begin to show, facebook comment frame not showing, so user cannot posting their comment

  5. Hey Babanature ,

    Great post with effective tips to sort-out the issue of comment form not showing on blogger mobile view.

    I really gain helpful ideas, knowledge through your blog post and your blogs are really a great helping hand for several readers.

    Following your suggested tips will be helpful and allows several user to sort out the issue.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.


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