How To Add Google Adsense Matched Content To Your Blog

Has Google AdSense enabled your site for Matched Content? If yes, you might want to know how you can easily add the Google AdSense Matched Content to your blog.

Google Adsense Matched Content

Here is a detailed blog post on how you can easily add Google AdSense Matched Content to your blog…

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Before we go further, I’d like to show you what Google AdSense Matched Content is and how it can help your blog grow and at the same time, earn you more money.

Adding Google Adsense Matched Content To Your Blog For More Money

Google AdSense Matched Content allows you to show related blog post to readers, so they can spend more time on your site.

  1. Matched Content shows related post to your readers
  2. It helps reduces your blog bounce rate
  3. It helps keep your readers on your site
  4. It increases your Google AdSense earnings by showing your audience embedded ads

You can follow the below tip to add the Google AdSense Matched Content to your blog…

How To Add Matched Content To Your Blog

Sign in to your AdSense account >>> in the left navigation panel, click “My ads” >>> Click “+New ad unit” >>> and Select “Matched Content”. (See screenshot)

Google Adsense Matched Content Google Adsense Matched Content

Have you done that? If yes, use the drop-down menu to set how you want your Matched Content to look like.

After tweaking and customizing your Matched Content, click the “Save and get code” button.

You will see your code pop-up… copy the code and go to your WordPress blog.

To insert it to your WordPress Blog, simply download and install any one of these Google AdSense plugins for WordPress.

In this post, we’ll be using the post layout plugin to insert the AdSense Matched Content to our blog.

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Go to your WordPress dashboard >>> click “Settings” >>> click “Post Layout” to take you to your post layout plugin area.

In your post layout section, click “single post” >>> and scroll to “Code to add after the post” and paste the Matched Content code to the box you’re seeing.

After doing that, click the “Save” button >>> go to your blog and refresh and you will see the AdSense Matched Content showing.

It looks beautiful, right? Yeah I know, that’s what I thought when I started using it 😉

Go insert it on your blog and I assure you that you would like how responsive and rewarding it is.

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  1. Hello Baba,

    After reading your post, i went over to my dashboard and couldn’t find anything. Perhaps, i haven’t been chosen to show the Matched Content for now.

    I have bookmarked this post so i can follow instruction once I get approved.

    Thanks for the detailed post.

    Latifat }

  2. Brilliant post Babanature… Though i haven’t been approved to show the matched content ad on my blog, but your post still give me the hope to still keep moving on.

    Google is trying to help its publishers earn more by providing them with tools and new innovations to help them succeed.

    Thanks Baba and have a good day sir


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