13 thoughts on “How To Change WordPress Admin Username”

  1. Hello Baba,

    This is indeed one interesting post for all bloggers who haven’t secured their WordPress account… Our username is so important that not using a difficult one might get your blog hacked.

    Thanks for showing us a way of changing our blog’s admin username.
    Have a good week ahead….

    • Thanks Blessing,

      You have said well, and protecting our blogs from getting hacked, we must take care of our blog’s username and admin name as well.

      Thanks once again… do have a beautiful week ahead.

  2. Hello, Baba!

    Thank you for sharing the easy-to-take tips to change the default admin account!

    I know that’s one of the core items in securing the blog but it is often the forgotten thing that most bloggers don’t even think how vulnerable it could be by not changing the default account.

    That’s worth sharing the article to spark the memory of the fellow bloggers!


    ~ Adeel

    • Hello Adeel,

      You are definitely right about that. Bloggers usually over look this and at the end, they get hacked easily…

      Thanks for dropping your professional thought on this, do have a blessed week start.

  3. Hello Baba,

    Great post 🙂

    Never had thought that the admin name could be changed as, WordPress restricts it from doing.
    Seriously the fear is always striking our mind, what if someone hack down our blogpost our misuse our
    sites. Now that could be handled easily. Currently I ‘m good with the ongoing user name but in future if I
    ought to change it down, it would be only possible by you.
    Thank you 🙂

    • Hello Shantanu,

      Our admin username is important. It helps us secure our blog from hackers.

      It’s good to know that your admin username is secured.

      Thanks for the thoughts… have a good weekend

  4. Hello
    Glad to read your post. I agree with you that many wordpress users wants to change their admin username because they are unsatisfied with his/her original name or many of them are bored with its surname or they would like to change it for better security. After reading this whole article I have changed my name in wordpress admin. In this post you explained very nicely how to change wordpress admin user name and it is easy to understand.

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Praveen verma

  5. I am not tech savy. My User name is misspelled. It is my true last name. I don’t know how the error occurred, probably my fault. Anyhow, I need to add one letter to make the spelling correct. Is there a simple way I can do this?


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