Free Traffic Sources To Your Blog: Best Places To Get Them

Getting quality traffic to your blog is one daunting task for bloggers and website owners especially for beginners in the blogosphere. Web traffic is really important as it is the soul of every online business and another cool thing is you can also make money from your traffic. Without enough traffic, your website or blog may not carry out its purpose for existence. Though there are many paid options to generate traffic and there are equal numbers of free traffic sources.

free traffic sources

After my research, I prepared a list of some free traffic sources which I will discuss with you below, though some of these free traffic sources may seem obvious while others may not.

Best Free traffic sources to your blog/website

Let’s take a look at the list I made below, Ride along….

Yahoo Answer:

Yahoo Answer is the biggest question and answer site on the net today, and so many people visit Yahoo Answer daily with questions hoping to get answers, which makes it a very powerful tool anyone can get traffic from.

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All you need do is register a free account if you don’t have one already, Use yahoo answer’s custom search to find questions related to your niche and then offer helpful answers. Then you can post a link to your site in the resource box. Do not include links in the body of your answer to avoid your reply looking spammy.

Then Repeat the same process Over and Over again, you can also try different related niches.


We all know eBay is a sales platform and it’s pretty easy to use. This technique works best for people who market products on their blogs, all you need do is post a product (at a cheap rate), then post your blog URL in the description as a source for more info on the product. Considering the traffic on eBay, you will get a lot of new prospects / Visitors on your blog.

You could also consider other sales platforms like Amazon or Craiglist.


Reddit is one of the largest sites on the internet today, and it’s more like a forum and a social network, Reddit focus on links and information on those links.

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Though Reddit has some strict rules so you have to be careful not to approach the audience like a marketer else, you might be restricted from certain features of the website.

Social Media:

You should know Social media would appear on my list since it’s one of the best free traffic sources.

The likes of Facebook, with over a billion users, get you connected to a lot of people around the world. The same thing applies to Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest e.t.c.


This is the biggest and the most powerful free traffic source on the internet, though it requires some extra SEO efforts, it’s worth the effort because Google sends millions of traffic to the different website daily.

To Get your own little part of the free traffic, All you need do is to rank better on Google Search Result by improving your SEO skills and watch visitors trooping into your site from Google every day.

Blog Commenting:

There Are some High Profile blogs within your niche no matter the industry your niche falls under, such blogs have high domain authority, You can also take advantage of such high-profile blogs and get traffic from them by linking in their comment section.

When you leave a valuable comment, people take notice including influencers in your industry and possibly the owner of the site, then you could link to your site, even though the links are no-follow, it’s still a link for people to click and you also build a reputation for yourself in the industry. I recommend linking to a post on your site that relates to the topic you are commenting on.

Guest Blogging:

This is also a popular free traffic source, But how does it help? First of all, post a nice piece that can add real value to the site or blog you are trying to give to. Then make sure you have a well written Bio as this will motivate users to click-through to your site.

Forum Posting:

This Works more like Guest posting, most forums allow registered users to create new threads/posts, you can also use this to your advantage but first, you have to give relevant and informative content to the forum for the moderators to approve, then you could link to your site from the bio section.

You could also link through a comment on forums too just like I said earlier under option 6.

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The Above listed options are the top 8 on my list for today though there are other free traffic sources, the above-listed options have worked for me for as long as I can remember. However, paid traffic is also a good source of organic traffic too.

Over to you

If you know some other traffic sources, let us know using the comment section below, I would also love to learn from you as well.

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Thank you.

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14 thoughts on “Free Traffic Sources To Your Blog: Best Places To Get Them”

  1. Hello Chuks,

    You just mentioned my all time best way to drive traffic any blog or website.

    I am a QA fan and I love going to yahoo answers to give people relevant answers, in return, I give them a link to visit 😉

    aside QA you can still find quite a good amount of topic if you’re out of one.

    Thanks for the post.


  2. Hi,

    I think Yahoo answer is falling apart graduallt and other source mentioned are taing position. More so, I am getting to know of eBay for the first time and would try to check it out.
    Thanks for this update

  3. Hello
    Glad to read your informative post. Really getting traffic to blog is one of the daunting task for bloggers especially for newbie. I have read different types of post for blog traffic but this is different from that and it is also simple. Happy to know about forum posting point.

    Best Wishes,
    Praveen verma

    • Forum posting one of the easiest way to get traffic to your blog and its also very effective as it also gives backlinks.

  4. Hello Chucks,

    Great tips over here 🙂

    These are the evergreen tactics to drive more and more traffic to our blogs.

    Sometimes getting traffic to our blogs could be one of the most horrified things one can think off, mainly for the newbies.

    The steps you mentioned above are easy to catch up up with.
    I love blog commenting. If we drop a valuable comment on some top notch bloggers post and they too interact with us,
    it leaves a impression behind for others.

    Thanks for the share.


  5. This is a very informative and helpful post, very honest and practical advise. Thank you so much for a detailed post. It’s very helpful for all .Specially this complete information will be helping to all.

  6. Hello,
    Day by day, getting traffic from search engine is little difficult therefore most of bloggers are searching new traffic sources. From my little experience getting traffic from social media (like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) is easy. For getting a traffic from social media you must add catchy Title and informative content.
    Thank you for introducing all free traffic sources.. 🙂


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