Beautify Your Pictures With These 5 Apps For Selfie

I love taking pictures, especially when I go out or having quality time with family. The simple reason I love taking selfies is, it refreshes the memory and brings fun time back…

selfie appsTaking selfie is awesome. Yes, it is! But when sharing it with the world, it is a good idea to retouch it by adding some filters to the pictures so it’ll look more presentable and even more beautiful for people to see 😉

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There are a lot of free apps for selfie in Playstore and some of these apps are good and some are not so good. So today, we will be discussing 5 of my favorite apps for selfie you’ll definitely going to find interesting.

The reason the below apps made the list, is simply because they have unique features many filter apps don’t. And most of all, they got some key features you’ll find in Photoshop. Like the curve etc.

Without wasting much of our time, let’s move on to the countdown, shall we…

Beautify Your Picture With These 5 Apps For Selfie


The developer behind this app really did put a lot of work to it and the work is paying off 😉

A professional selfie app created by Google will help give your pictures a professional touch. Believe me when I say the tools on this baby are on another level…

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Snapseed has 29 Tools and Filters and these include Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, Perspective.

Below are some of the SnapSeed key features

  • Frames – add frames with adjustable size
  • Double Exposure – blend two photos, choosing from blend modes that are inspired by shooting on film and by the digital image processing
  • Face Enhance – add focus to the eyes, add face-specific lighting, or smoothen skin
  • Face Pose – correct the pose of portraits based on three-dimensional models
  • Tonal Contrast – boost details selectively in the shadows, mid tones, and highlights
  • HDR Scape – bring a stunning look to your images by creating the effect of multiple exposures
  • Drama – add a hint of doomsday to your images (6 styles)
  • Grunge – an edgy look with strong styles and texture overlays
  • Grainy Film – get modern film looks with a realistic grain


This is another app that has great features and can sure make your selfie looks wonderful. Aside picture, it does help beautifying videos as well… So when using your phone camera to video your child’s special day, be sure to beautify with PhotoGrid video edit or the photo edit 😉

Below are some of its key features

  • Video Maker: You can combine videos and photos and even create video grids with up to 4 videos.
  • Smart Face Filter/Camera: Real-time Selfie camera & video recorder
  • Photo Collage: It gives you 300+ different collage templates so you can customize templates to suit your needs
  • Filters: It comes with 60+ exquisite filters, including beautifying, retro, landscape, halo, black & white and all sorts of festive filters for beautiful photos. With these filters, how can you say no to this 🐒

Adobe Lightroom

I fell in love with Lightroom the first day I tested it. It gives you so many options to make your photo look professional with simplicity…

Some of the key features of Adobe LightRoom are

  • Edit photos in seconds with tools that range from simple one-tap presets to powerful advanced adjustments and corrections.
  • Make advanced edits with the tone curve to change color, exposure, tone, and contrast.
  • Easily edit large albums and get consistent looks by copying your favorite edits across photos.
  • Selectively adjust any part of a photo with your finger or stylus to apply enhancements with precision.
  • Use the High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode to automatically expand the range of exposure, letting you capture the brightest to the darkest tones, and recreate the scene exactly as you saw it.

Camera 360

Camera 360 brings selfie back to life with its features and flexibility. No wonder it has gotten more than a million downloads.

Some of Camera 360 key features are as follows

  • Over 100 classic photo filters to make you a master photographer! Live filters include Magic Skin/Sky/Color, Mirror, Double Exposure, Film, HDR, Storm, Starry Night, B&W, Bokeh, Sketch, etc.
  • Camera360 revolutionary 3D Funny Stickers will make your photos and video selfies creative and more of fun.

Your Pick

Around the world, people who take selfie have the app they are comfortable using to make their pictures more fun and awesome to share… So my question for you is; which of the selfie apps do you use? Do drop your comments using the comment section below…

Note: All apps can be found at the playstore

Back to you

It looks like I have said so much about so much on my favorite selfie app on the store, now it’s time to pass the keyboard to you 😉

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26 thoughts on “Beautify Your Pictures With These 5 Apps For Selfie”

  1. Hi Babanature,

    I checked out all apps and have to say my favorite one is Adobe Lightroom. From just skimming it through it seems to do all the stuff I would need to do. I like the filters best of all. When taking selfies we need some help with our effects.

    Now…going to further check it out and maybe download it.


  2. Hi Babanature,

    This is a very useful article. With camera phones in everyone’s hands there is a need for tools that can make changes to photos to make them more appealing. Almost everyone has this need.

    There are tools that require in-depth knowledge to use them and not everyone has the time or inclination to go learn a software for manipulating photos once in a while. We need easy to use tools in our phones itself.

    Thanks for sharing the information about these resources. Have a great day!


    • Hello Naveen,

      Yeah, I guess mobile apps are way easier to use when comparing to PC software 😉

      Thanks for your thoughts, I do appreciate it…

      Do have a wonderful week start

  3. Amazing helpful information and very much interesting blog. Its really coming from deep knowledge and experience. Thank you so much for writing here for us.

  4. PhotoGrid seems to be the most common if you ask me 😉
    That’s what I use though I’m not phone of pictures on phone.

    I now know what most of these girls use to stick some additional ears on their videos. I will give Camera 360 a try 😉

    Thanks for sharing the rest bro.

  5. Hi Babanature,
    It’s been a long time since we talked. I hope you’re fine.
    You’ve compiled a list of some great selfie apps. I personally use YouCam selfie editor and it works perfectly. What’s your opinion about that app?

  6. Hey Baba

    I mostly use B612 and Instagram. Snapseed looks very promising. I think I will give it a try.
    Could you please suggest some Video Editing apps for iPhone?
    I found some but they are little confusing for my taste.


    Awesome post & thanks for sharing this. As this post include several apps that beautify the pictures.

    I really like the APPS that you have mentioned. The APPS mentioned by you are great. Using these Apps will be a great help to increase the beauty of a picture & makes a selfie picture looks more interesting. I also like the key-features listed by you. All the mentioned APPS are effective but an idea of using ADOBE LIGHT-ROOM and PHOTO-GRID are great and will be my favorite. As ADOBE LIGHT-ROOM is a good photo editor app.

    Really amazing Apps & Thanks for a share.


  8. I liked some points in your post.I read it thoroughly and found very inspirational. I really like the APPS that you have mentioned. The APPS mentioned by you are great. Using these Apps will be a great help to increase the beauty of a picture & makes a selfie picture looks more interesting. I also like the key-features listed by you.


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