How To Activate Fingerprint Lock On Infinix Note 4 And Other Infinix Products

If you have the Infinix Note 4, Infinix Note 4 pro, Note 3, Zero 5 and other Infinix products that has the fingerprint feature but don’t know how to activate fingerprint lock security, here’s a post that will help you with that.

There are some things on my phone I want to keep private, like my mails, most of my pictures, my banking app, and my social network apps…

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I wouldn’t want an unknown eye to check stuff that isn’t meant for them…

So the best way to keep these things secured is if i activate fingerprint lock to secure some of the important apps…

The reason I love the fingerprint security feature is, you can access your apps very fast just by placing your finger on the fingerprint sensor.

No need punching your password or trying your pattern lock just to open your phone or your phone application…

Did you just buy a fingerprint featured phone? If your answer is yes, here’s a simple post that will show you how you can activate your fingerprint security feature for your apps for a better security 😉

How to Activate Fingerprint Lock on Infinix Note 4 and Other Infinix Products

By now you must have succeeded in activating your fingerprint security feature…

If your answer is yes, now I will show you how you can activate fingerprint lock without stress…

If you are using the Infinix fingerprint featured phone, go to “xsecurity“…

If you can’t locate xsecurity on your mobile device, you can download it from playstore

Now open the xsecurity app and click “App lock“…

Activate Fingerprint Lock

In the list, click “Change the scope of privacy“, and select all the apps you want to keep private…

Change the scope of privacy

After choosing all the app you want to keep private, now go back and click “Change app lock policy“…

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In the change app lock policy, choose “re-encrypt after power is turned off“…

re-encrypt after power is turned off

Now you have successfully activated fingerprint security on your apps…

Just go back and try accessing the apps you just locked and see what happens…

In case you want a visual tutorial, I have created a video that can help you through. You can watch the video below…

Back to you

Looks like I have said so much about so much on how to activate fingerprint security feature on your mobile app, now it’s time to pass the keyboard to you guys.

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  1. Hello Babanature,

    You have done something awesome with this post on how we can activate our fingerprint security feature. I tried mine, some few weeks but didn’t work well. But after trying your step by changing the scope of privacy, it worked perfectly.

    Thanks, Baba and do have a peaceful week sir.

    • Hello Blessing,

      Yes, sometimes when the fingerprint scanner is acting up, just change the scope of privacy and it will be normal and functioning as fine.

      God to know that my tutorial helped you overcome your fingerprint security issue.

      Do have a wonderful week ahead…

  2. I like this method of security to activate fingerprint lock. I also apply this security lock app.

    Thank you for sharing this app..


  3. Yes really its a very effective way to secure our mobile phones with this applock. I tried and i loved it.


  4. Thanks for the sharing content regarding activation of fingerprint.Most of the persons having smart phones now a days,but some are not knowing hopw to activate fingerprint security.It’s really helpful to all those whose having fingerprint security option.

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