5 Blogging Mistakes New Bloggers Make. You Should Avoid No. 4

Many new bloggers are coming to the blogging world thinking blogging is easy, till they start unknowingly making some blogging mistakes that can ruin their blog.

Blogging Mistakes

Hey, blogging is not easy bro. Whoever told you otherwise, you should stop listening to such people.

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As a new blogger trying to make a living out of this blogging business, you need to read and follow a lot of blogs on your field so you can actually avoid most blogging mistakes that might come your way.

Remember, the key word here is ‘determination‘ –

Determination plus hard work can make you do better in the blogging system. And also, having a mentor to help shape and guide you, can help you in your blogging journey and help you avoid some critical blogging mistakes.

Blogging Mistakes New Bloggers Make…

If you want to run a successful blogging career, reading should come first so you won’t make mistakes…

Though it’s okay to make mistake, many can’t handle it and those that do, well… hm…

When starting a business, from your foundation to your finishing needs to be perfectly done. So you won’t suffer collapse along the way…

Below are some blogging Mistakes you might make as a new blogger and how to overcome such mistakes.

Using a free hosting platform to host your blog

Blogging can be awesome if a blog is being run smoothly and still, it can be frustrating if you always get downtime.

Because of lack of funds, many Bloggers run their blogs on either a cheap web host or a free web host. And trust me, these free or cheap host doesn’t guarantee you 50% uptime.

After running their blog for some days, they will start getting downtime more than uptime, which in turn will make Google pullout their traffic.

And the truth is, once you lost your traffic, it will be difficult to get them back, especially as a new blogger.

To avoid this blogging mistake, you need to get yourself a good web host. In doing so, you won’t need to bother about downtime and your blogging will go as smooth as possible.

Using plugins you don’t need

Some bloggers use plugins because of the attractiveness it brings to their blogs. So they use some crazy amount of plugins not knowing it can cause harm to their blog.

Hey, I know that those plugins are beautifying your blog, but have you considered the amount of weight it is also putting on your blog?

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Okay, let’s try to do a speed test and see how your blog is performing…

don’t know how to do a site speed test? Here’s a link – Google Page Speed Insight

The consequences of a slow blog are as followed;

  • You’ll lose search engine traffic.
  • Your hosting might shut you down or make you upgrade your current plan due to high CPU usage.
  • You’ll also lose organic traffic because nobody likes a slow site.

Copy and paste other bloggers contents (plagiarism)

In the blogging world, plagiarism is one of the greatest sins every blogger must avoid.

Google frowns at plagiarism… In fact, a copy and paste blogs hardly get the required traffic they need to make sales. And without traffic, you can’t make money as a blogger

And do note that once your blog is being reported often, you will lose all its quality, thus making the blog useless.

Don’t copy other bloggers hard work, if you can’t come up with ideas, please look for another profession.

Destroying your blog all for the sake of SEO

Many new bloggers are destroying their blog simply because they heard someone somewhere talked about SEO.

I have a friend who claimed to be an SEO expert after one week of creating his very first blog.

Now search engine traffic is not coming and his blog is like a graveyard.

After a while, he gave up and called me to check his blog… After checking his blog, I realize he has messed his blog up all in the name of SEO… Lol

Hey, you can’t just be an SEO expert in less than one week of having your very first blog.

Don’t engage in SEO practice without proper learning and understanding…


Before you venture into any business online or offline, make sure you learn how it works.

If not, succeeding will be a bigger problem…

Let’s talk

What other blogging mistakes new bloggers make you want us to know about? Please use the comment box below and drop your comment and I am sure many would learn from you.

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  1. Hello
    Such a nice post, my friend. You did a great job by writing this post and it will be very helpful for bloggers especially for newbie. You have listed most common blogging mistakes that every newbie bloggers do and after that they don’t get the expected results.

    I agree with all your points that you have listed about blogging mistakes.

    Thanks for sharing. Will share this post on my social media accounts.

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    Praveen verma.

  2. Hello Baba,

    Nice article to finish the week with. I sincerely don’t play with Seo o, because I’ve always known that if you do it wrongly, it will kill your blog.

    Some other blogging mistakes new bloggers make are; not doing blog commenting because they are so lazy to get their blog notice and also not doing the right promotions to get their blog noticed.

    Thanks for dropping such a wonderful post as always mate. have a good one

    • Free hosting is good when it is being hosted on WordPress.com or blogger.com .

      There are some hosting providers that offer free hosting – those web host providers are bad and can kill your business before it even begin.

  3. Great points and thank you for sharing them. I really find this helpful especially I’m new to my personal blog. Though I have experience in writing I was just a contributor to some websites I didn’t own a blog back then. Anyways, awesome read. Cheers!

    • Hello Esther,

      Welcome on board the blogging journey. I am sure you’re going to pick up faster because you already have some experience….

      Thanks for dropping your comment and do have a blissful weekend

  4. Hi,
    And what about the link building? how ? if you have a blog with very unique content and fresh…. How much time it will take on ranking factors

    • Hello Rebecca,

      Promotion and building trust is the first thing a blogger should think of achieving before taking any other step.

      Remember that promoting your content brings in traffic and getting them to trust you makes you more sales.

      You can read more of my post for traffic generation.


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  7. Nice article and it will be very beneficial for newbie bloggers. Generally beginners do all the mistakes in their blog when they start a new blog. Copied articles and free web hosting are the most common mistakes according to me. You are doing a great job by sharing amazing stuff for beginners.

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    This Article is really well written. I love doing SEO for my own content though not unnecessary SEO. The tips you shared is very useful and if followed properly, blogs can be ranked high in SERP. Liked the content. Keep up your good work. Cheers!

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  16. Hey Babanature,

    In my opinion – Blogging is a journey and you should stay true to yourself and the content you love to write. To keep yourself organized you should have a planner to plan what you are writing, when you are writing it and when you are uploading.

    The general rule for blogging is to write for users first and search engines second. Even with your social media efforts, especially as a new blogger and don’t have a large social following, it can be difficult to get your content seen.

    Every blog post should be researched and optimized for SEO in order to appear in the search results for relevant searches. You have picked nice points and these are commonly seen in blogosphere when it comes to newbie.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing your worthy information with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

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