How To Open 2 Facebook Apps Simultaneously On Android Phone

Using 2 Facebook apps simultaneously on your phone can be awesome. Plus it allows you to use as many Facebook accounts as you want independently.

Sometime back, if you tell me its impossible to install any application twice on an Android phone, I would have said “Okay”…

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It was impossible to use 2 different Facebook accounts on a Facebook app. Even when you can log in 2 accounts on an app, both accounts can’’t work independently because they are sharing an app.

But today, it is possible to install apps like Facebook, WhatsApp or any android app twice on your phone using the help of a new tech ;). 

Open 2 Facebook Apps Simultaneously On Android Phone

To use two Facebook apps on an android phone, you will first install an app called “Multiple Accounts”

According to Play store, Multiple Accounts is for users who want to keep Two Accounts of One App both online at the same time with only One Phone, while messages and data of your different accounts are in separated space.

I like “Multiple Accounts” app because it doesn’’t have unnecessary ads. You know that kind that annoys the hell out of ya.

You can download Multiple Accounts at the Google Play Store.

How to make it work

>>> First, install Multiple Accounts, using the Google Play Store link above.

>>> Once downloaded and installed, simply open and press the plus (+) button below (See screen shot)

>>> Pressing the plus button will take you to your app page.

>>> Now, scroll down your app list and choose Facebook (or any app you wish to duplicate).

Voila, you have successfully added another Facebook app to your phone. Now both Facebook Apps will work independently.

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It looks pretty awesome right? I know. Why not go try it out and see how it goes.

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  1. wow this is informative i never knew Using 2 Facebook apps simultaneously on your phone can be awesome. Plus it allows you to use as many Facebook accounts as you want independently.

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