Do You Know Twitter is Monitoring You? Here’s How to Stop It

Are you still wondering what information Twitter actually knows about you? If you continue reading, you might get to see and finally do something about it.

On our last post, we talked about how to see what Facebook know about us and how we can control it.

On today’s post, we will be talking about how we can control what twitter know about us.

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Sometimes you go to Google to search on products and stuff. And when you come back to your Twitter or Facebook feed, you’ll see those products you searched for on Google as ads on your social feed.

If you don’t like these social networks spying on you, you can just turn it off, and they will stay off of your privacy.

Without wasting much of our time, let’s see what Twitter know about us and how we can turn it off or control the information we give out to them.

Here’s How To See What Twitter Know About You

To see what Twitter know about you, go to on your computer and log into your account,

Click on your profile image at the top right corner of the screen >>> on the menu list, click “Settings and privacy” >>> click “Your Twitter data” on the menu found on the left side. Enter your login password

Scroll down to “Interest and ads data“. At the “inferred interests from Twitter” click “See all” You’ll then see a list of your inferred interests Twitter has tailored to your account.

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You can un-tick any of the interest you don’t want Twitter to know about you and click “save changes”.

But if you want Twitter to stop collecting your data, you can disable it using the simple step below;

Click “Privacy and safety” go down to “Personalization and Data” and click “Edit” from here you can choose to individually disable how Twitter uses your data, or simply turn the features off completely.

Now that you what Twitter knows about you, what are you going to do about it? Do use the comment section below to drop your answer.

Back to you

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    You did a good job coming up with such a post on how we can see what data Twitter have on us.

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  2. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. Checked my Twitter account and followed the step you gave. They really do have enough info :).
    Thanks for the good tips, it as surely an interesting read.

    • Hello Brian,

      That would be shocking right? Anyways, glad you can now limit how and what info they take about you. 😉

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  7. Hi Babanature,

    Most (probably all) data processing technology companies collect and use user’s information for many purposes. And even if they give users access to control what information they collect, I believe that’s just on the front-end.

    They still manage to track every registered user on their platform across the internet and use the data to show personalized ads to users, and for other purposes.

    Privacy is a big issue on the internet, and from what I know, there is no true or 100% privacy on the internet. Either you agree to it or not, your information is stored somewhere on the net and is been used to manage your activities across other websites.

    Thanks for sharing, nice reading your blog today.

    • Hello Shamsudeen,

      Indeed you’re not far from the truth, no matter how, they still collect our data. But at least, they’ve given us a means to stop those annoying ads that are tailored to our everyday search.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment, I really do appreciate your time here.

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    Valuable Post! Thank you so much for sharing this informative post on Twitter privacy. These days this is the most common problem of every individual as all these social media platforms are like spying on us.
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    Twitter is where news is broken, links are shared and memes are born.

    It’s also a place for chatting with friends. You have picked nice topic and most of people unaware about these things.

    It will very helpful for people to maintain their privacy. Eventually, thanks for sharing your informative information with us.

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    Amar Kumar

  10. thanks for sharing this informative article. How is it possible monitoring my twitter? I am searching an ethical hacker to protect my account. Can i get someone who can help me hacking my account?


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