How To Create A Website/Blog For Free

Somebody asked a question – “How can I open my website without going to any website to buy a domain?”

Though there are numerous advantages of having a paid Website. For bloggers coming up, starting with a free blog is not a bad idea.

Having a blog, you will need to learn the basics of beautifying your blog, adding widgets, and customizing your themes.

Creating a free blog is possible, there are some websites that allow you to create your own personal blog under a subdomain name with an unlimited amount of space for absolutely free.

Blogging platforms like; and give an unlimited amount of space, but you will have to use their extension (subdomain) if you are not planning on buying a domain name.

How To Create a Blog on The Blogger Platform.

Before you can get a personal blog or website on the blogger platform, you will need to have a Google mail account. to get a Google mail account, click here

And if you have a Google Account already, let’s move to the next step

Go to and click “Create your blog

You will be asked to input your Gmail account, please do so to take you to the next step

In this phase, you will be asked to input “Title”. Now input the Title you would like your blog to have >>> when done, click the “Next” button. (See Image Below)

Install blogger blog

This step, you will input the name you want your URL to bear, eg.… Press the next button if you’re done choosing a unique name for your blog (see image below)

Blogger blog creation

On this new page, Input your profile name, try putting the name you would like to appear when you create a post (see image below)

Once you are through, click the “Finish” button and you will be taken to your blogger dashboard. From here you can write a new post, customize how you want your blog to look, and so on…

How To Create a Blog on The WordPress Platform.

First off, go to and click “Start your website

On the “Start your website” page, put in what you want your Website to be called in the provided space. And click “Continue” (See image below)

creating a free blog using wordpress

In this phase, you will be asked to choose a domain for your blog. You can either opt-in to the paid ones or you can choose the free domain that ends with

On the “Choose a Design” page, choose a theme that best describes your blog and click “Continue” to take you to the next page

You will be taken to the “Choose a Plan” page, choose the free plan (with 3GB storage).

Once you’ve done that, you will be asked to save your progress by adding your email and password. And click “Create Account” (See image below)

How to create a free wordpress blog

After applying all your changes, you will see a welcome message. From here you can change the layer of your blog… when done, click the “Launch” button.

And you have successfully created your WordPress blog and now you can publish your first post without stress.


Having a free blog is awesome, but it also has a disadvantage. One of the disadvantages is, you will not have the complete right to your blog. But if you are cool with that, then you are good to go

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    • You’re right, Bello. But there are some people who might disagree with you on “whether it is good to start with a free blogging platform or paid platform”.

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    • You will need to register your blog on Google Analytic, so you can see your blog traffic and source of traffic. This will let you know how to treat your blog for better traffic


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  10. Writing a blog post is a little like driving; you can study the Highway Code (or read articles telling you how to write a blog post) for months, but nothing can prepare you for the real thing like getting behind the wheel and hitting the open road. First, a disclaimer – the entire process of writing a blog post often takes more than a couple of hours, even if you can type eighty words per minute and your writing skills are sharp. You really only have 2–3 seconds to grab your user’s attention, convince them to click, and actually read your blog post. Creating a blog is not a difficult task but you will need to follow some perfect steps.

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  16. Great, free alternatives here! I think starting with a free blog or website solution is a good first place to get your feet wet and see if you enjoy blogging. If anything, places like Medium are great options allowing you to blog and reach a quick audience too without having to invest much other than time.

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