5 Best Android And IOS Web Browser You Should Try

Do you know that these days’ web browsers are doing more than just opening web pages?


There are web browsers that allow you to not only surf the web but also act as a grabber. That means you can download any video, from any website without any third-party application.

Some of the browsers can also help you download WhatsApp, Snapchat statuses without stress. Now tell me how cool is that.

What if you could get a browser that can;

Browse and download fast

Save your data while you surf the web

Grab videos from streaming sites

Download status from WhatsApp, Snapchat and other social media App

Would you love that? If your answer is yes, then today post is for you…

5 Fastest Web Browsers For Android and IOS Device

Today, I have compiled 5 of the best Android and IOS browsers you’ll find interesting to use. They are none other than;

  1. Chrome
  2. UC Browser
  3. Phoenix Browser
  4. Operamini
  5. Dolphin Browser

5 Best Android and IOS Web Browsers You’ll Love


I love Chrome because like other browsers, it helps you save your data while you surf the web.

While other web browsers limit you to 20 tabs, Chrome, allows you to open as many tabs as you want. It has a built-in translator so you don’t have to search the web before you can translate a foreign language.

One of the best reasons I love Chrome for Android and IOS is the desktop mode. It’s so accurate even Facebook can’t detect you’re using a smartphone.

You can download Chrome on android or IOS using these links:- Google Chrome for Android + Google Chrome for IOS

UC Browser:

This right here is one of my favorite browsers around. I love UC Browser because of its cool features.

UC browser is one of the first browsers that allows you to resume an unresumable file without stress.

It also acts as a site grabber. It allows you to download from any streaming site seamlessly.

UC Browser download speed is so fast that it can be used as a downloader. In fact, UC Browser is one of the fastest browsers around.

You can download UC Browser for Android or IOS using this link:- UC Browser for Android + UC Browser for IOS

Phoenix Browser:

I just met this browser and I love it already. It has some cool new features that you just got to love.

It allows you to download WhatsApp status and other social media status.

You can also download any video on Facebook and other streaming sites like Youtube without stress.

Don’t worry about the download, it can be used as a grabber.

Although the Phoenix Browser is not available for the IOS users but you can download Phoenix Browser for Android using this link:- Phoenix for Android

Opera mini:

One of the oldest browsers that still offer some good features for its users.

In some countries, Opera allows you to access the web without internet charges. That means you can surf the web for free.

Aside from that, Operamini is one of the mobile browsers around that saves your internet data while you surf the web. You can stream and download without worrying about your internet subscription.

You can download Opera Mini for Android and IOS using this link:- Opera Mini for Android + Opera Mini for IOS

Dolphin Browser:

The day I use the Dolphin Browser, I loved it. It has some cool features that can only be found on a desktop browser.

It allows you to install add-ons just like a desktop browser, so you won’t be limited to just surfing and downloads.

You can also create personal gestures so it won’t get hard when visiting a website.

Just like Chrome, Dolphin Browser allows voice command for searching the web, share content, and do lots more.

You can download Dolphin Browser for Android and IOS using this link:-  Dolphin Browser for Android +  Dolphin Browser for IOS


All the mentioned browsers have Ad Blocker and Incognito Mode, so you won’t have to worry about unnecessary ads or not cloaking yourself when browsing.

These are my top 5 best Android and IOS Web Browser you should try.

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  1. Hello Babanature,
    I read about 5 best and fast web browsers for Android and iOS. You have explained very beautifully about all the browsers. But I want to say that I am using Chrome because of its features.

    • Hello Mark,

      Chrome is also a good browser that is pre installed on all android phones.

      You can always try new ones and see how it goes.

      Thanks for the comment bro, I do appreciate it. Have a great weekend

  2. Hello Babanature,

    You’ve done a nice job showing us the top 5 browsers for our android device.

    I have tried the phoenix browser before and I am still using it because of its features. The downloading part is awesome.

    Thanks for the list and do have an awesome week


    Excellent and well-written post. I truly appreciate your hard-work.

    Glad to say that you have done a fabulous work and suggested the best android & ios web browsers to use. Your suggested browsers works so fast and they must be used by every android & ios users.

    You have elaborated each browser very nicely and provided all the necessary information that is well-enough to understand and educate the readers.

    According to my opinion & beliefs Chrome, UC-browser, phoenix browser and opera-mini are the best browser to use.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge and such a helpful post.

  4. this post is really very useful for me. article is really nice and easy to understand. thanks for sharing this valuable information with us. keep your good work.

  5. Hello,

    I have tried most of the mentioned browsers and I’ll say Chrome is a good one. UCbrowser is good when it comes to downloads.

    You have put together some awesome browsers for bloggers and non-bloggers.

    Have a good day…

  6. I am checking your posts regularly and your hard work is showing up. Thanks for the valuable knowledge. You have make the article so easy to read and it’s easy to understand. Keep sharing good work.

  7. I simply don’t know what Chrome from Google has done to me. I simply don’t feel comfortable with any other browser other than Google Chrome.
    There is no doubt Opera mini is great for mobile but I really hated it when they introduced that ad blocker which deprived most bloggers of high earnings.

  8. I simply don’t know what Chrome from Google has done to me. I simply don’t feel comfortable with any other browser other than Google Chrome.

  9. Great article @babanature. Love to read this how you have discussed above the 5 most use of web browser. No doubt the chrome browser is one the best to use and it give so much true and trustful result to the user.

  10. Hello Babanature,

    This is really very very informative post. Many thanks for sharing this with us.

    I really appreciate the way you have explained all the 5 best Android and IOS browsers and its various features making the concept very easy.

    All the various Android and IOS web browsers you explained are awesome but I like the features of chrome the most and using the same. Very useful as well as informative post. Thanks and do keep sharing more similar and informative posts.

    Thanks & Regards,

  11. Hello i have used chrome as my primary browser but, because of privacy I switch to brave browser. I have a question to ask is brave is safe to use? And worth the change? Please answer me if you know.
    Thank you

  12. Your ranking is acceptable but not your list you can add brave as an option in the list because I use brave for the past couple of years and really love the way its works and it’s more secure than google chrome. Hope you will add brave to this list.


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