How To Copy Facebook Photos To Google Photos, Dropbox And Koofr

You can now easily copy your entire Facebook photos to Google Photos, Dropbox, or Koofr with just a single click.


Sometime back, Facebook added a feature where you can easily transfer your entire photos to your Google Photos with just a click. If you could do that, it’ll be awesome, right 😉

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Why you need to download your photos? These days accounts get hacked, you can rest assured that your valuable photos are safe with you if for any reason your account gets compromised.

How To Copy Facebook Photos To Dropbox, Google Photos Or Koofr

Some weeks back, I copied my photos to Google Photos. I saw some photos I’ve forgotten about. It’s nice seeing some of your old memories…

If you are like me and eager to download your Facebook photos to the cloud, here’s a simple step by step guide for you.

Backup Your Facebook Photos to The Cloud Using

Login to your Facebook account >>> Click “Account” and “Click Settings & Privacy” (If you are running the new Facebook) otherwise Click “Settings” if you are still using the Facebook Classic.

On the left part of the “Settings” click “Your Facebook Information” Click “Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos

Put in your Facebook password to show you’re the owner of the account and click “Continue

Choose the destination you want your photos to go and tick the “Photos” option >>> click “Next

Doing so your photos will be downloaded to the preferred destination you chose.

The process feels simple right? Why not try it out so you can secure your Facebook photos. Remember that our photos are priceless.


Now that Facebook has finally enabled the feature that allows us to download a copy of our photos, I think it’s a nice idea that will help all.

Let’s Talk

Before Facebook brought this feature, have you tried finding a way to download your entire Facebook photos in a go? How did you successfully transferred all the photos? Was it with a third party app?

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Do drop your comments, answers, and thoughts using the comment section below. Remember that your comments, questions or thoughts are highly welcomed and most appreciated.

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16 thoughts on “How To Copy Facebook Photos To Google Photos, Dropbox And Koofr”

  1. Hello Baba,

    I do have some old pictures as far back as 2009 on my Facebook account that I would love to store on my Google Photos.

    3 days ago my good friend got his Facebook account hacked. His photos has been replaced by some white pictures. He has lost all his pictures…

    Thank you for dropping this method with us. I found this 100% useful. (Y)

    • Hello Bello,

      It is always good having a backup of all your files. It helps a lot 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and taking your time to lay down this comment.

      Have a good week start


    Excellent post as usual. You have provided great steps & tips to copy Facebook photo to google photos, Dropbox & koofr. Your each mentioned steps ( including images ) are so clear, true enough to understand and easy to follow. Following the steps will be a great helping hand. I am sure that this post will help lot of people, readers and especially Facebook-users.

    After going through this complete guide i really got helpful ideas.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your ideas, knowledge and such a helpful post.

    • Hello Roy,

      Thanks for dropping your thoughts as always, you know that it’s truly appreciated…

      One of the things we should be thinking of is to always have a backup of our files.

      Thanks for stopping by and do have a good week start

  3. Hey,

    You did an excellent job on this post,

    The people in my coaching community have found this to be helpful, too! Something worth trying.

    Thank you for sharing great information,

    Have a great day,

  4. Great tip. easy but simple. its true that finally facebook allows us to download a copy of our photos and all. However recent changes in facebook algorithm making it a lot harder to better utilize it. we need to find this kind of tips and techniques from researchers like you to help small business owners use it in the right way. Cheers!

    • Hello Micheal,

      Thanks for seeing the post as simple.

      It will really help people trying to backup their Facebook photos to the cloud. I just hope Twitter do the same.

      Thanks for stopping by and do have a blissful week start

  5. I really appreciate your time and effort you put into this blog and in-depth information you provide. Your tips make a lot of things easier for me, so I will definitely start doing some of these tips. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful content with us.

  6. Thanks for seeing the post as simple.

    It will really help people trying to backup their Facebook photos to the cloud. I just hope Twitter do the same.


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