How To Delete Beneficiaries From GTWorld App

What is GTWorld? GTWorld is a banking application from Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) that allows you to transact, make inquiries, bank statements, and do other banking virtually.

A few days ago, a friend asked me how he can delete some beneficiaries from his GTWorld app. The reason he wants to delete some beneficiaries is that some of the accounts on the list are outdated.

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I’ve seen some people complaining about how they can’t delete a saved beneficiary after adding them.

If you are finding it difficult to delete a saved beneficiary(s) on your GTWorld App, here’s a short post to put you through.

How To Delete Beneficiaries From GTWorld App

Without wasting any of your time, go to your GTWorld App. If you are a GTBank customer and if you don’t have the App, you can download it here.

Login to you GTWorld App using the login information given to you by GTBank customer service>>> click on “Transfers


on the transfer interface, click on the “Transfer to GTBank A/C” if the beneficiary you want to delete is a GT account holder otherwise choose “Transfer to other Banks (Instant)

On the “Beneficiaries” part, you’ll see a little trash icon on the right side of the name you want to delete.

gt bank application

Clicking the trash icon, you will see a notification bar like the screenshot below…

The next page, you will see “Confirm Delete” >>> Put in your “Transaction Pin” and click the “Confirm Delete” button…

After deleting, you will see a confirmation notification like the screenshot below.


Now you can see how easy it is right? Let me know if you are still facing problems with your GTWorld app, I might find a solution or drag a GTBank representative to reply to your queries 😉

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7 thoughts on “How To Delete Beneficiaries From GTWorld App”


    Excellent post as usual. Your hard-work and researches are truly appreciable.

    Glad to say that you have provided helpful tips to delete beneficiaries from GTWorld app. Your each mentioned steps ( including images ) are so clear and easy to understand. Following the steps will be a great helping hand and allows several user to delete beneficiaries from GTWorld app. Your blog is really providing better understanding and have also boosted my knowledge.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge, ideas and such a helpful post.

  2. Hello Baba,
    Though I am not using the GTWorld App but you’ve explained just how one can easily remove beneficiaries from the GT App.

    This same process on how to remove beneficiaries is similar to the Sterling Onepay App.

    Thanks for the awesome post as usual. Do have a good day

    • Hello Zady,

      I also do use the Sterling Onepay app and i’d say, Sterling Onepay is way easy compared to GTWorld app.

      Thanks for stopping by and giving us a wonderful discus, do have a good weekend rest 😉


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