3 Ways You Can Access Twitter in Nigeria

It is not news that the Nigerian government has ban Twitter. So if you are in Nigeria, you can’t access your Twitter account due to the ban.

Twitter has helped a lot of people showcase their products and services to the world. You will get reply instantaneously when you engage any brand on Twitter.

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If you are like me that use Twitter but can’t access it at the moment, here are 3 ways you can access Twitter in Nigeria

3 ways you can access Twitter in Nigeria

1 Method: By Using VPN

You can download VPN from play store and set the server to any location you desire.

VPN does not need settings. Just download, install and press the connect button. And you will be able to access your Twitter app.

Two of my favorite VPNs are; Psiphon Pro (paid) and VPN Proxy Master (Free)

2 method: Using Twitter App Proxy

If you have the Twitter app, open it >>> click Settings >>> Click Settings and privacy >>> click proxy

On this part “Enable HTTP Proxy” >>> and Put your working IP in the “Proxy Host” and “Proxy Port”

Close the app and open it again and you will start accessing the Twitter app.

3 Method: Download Opera Browser for phone and PC

Opera Browser has a free and secure VPN that allows you to access any website anonymously.

You can download Opera browser at Google Playstore >>> click Opera setting >>> click VPN >>> and click Enable VPN

On PC >>> Click the Opera browser setting, scroll down and click VPN to enable it.

And you will be good to go


Now that you know how to access the Twitter app without restriction, how does it feel? Do leave your comment below if you are facing any difficulties.

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  1. Hello Babanature,
    This is indeed one post that will help alot of people trying to access the twitter platform in Nigeria.

    I am using the Opera free vpn and it is working well for me.

    Thanks for showing us the 3 ways of connecting to the world.

    have a good weekend sir

  2. Hello Babanature,

    This are some good way to bypass a restricted site or application. We are also facing similar issue right here and VPN really do trick.

    Thanks for the Post and do have a good week

  3. All these are nice and I know it will go a long way to help the people in Nigeria and other countries facing similar restriction.
    I just think VPN is the best.
    Where do we get the working IP to put

  4. Sir your post is nice before reading this article I didn’t know how to use twitter in Nigeria but your explain how to use twitter in Nigeria in simple way thank you. Never been discouraged and please don’t quite work on this type of topics site

  5. there similar restriction also in different country related to access any website because of maintain level of order related to country standard many people access these side wrong way

  6. Sir your post is nice before reading this article I didn’t know how to use twitter in Nigeria but your explain how to use twitter in Nigeria in simple way thank you.

  7. thanks for sharing such an interesting post. I definitely learnt so many things that I would recommend everyone to read this post for sure.

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    Aadarsh this side. You have introduced great ways to access twitter in Nigeria. You have presented each method in a very nice way along with crucial steps making a concept very clear an easy to understand. After going through this complete guide i gain ideas and am sure that this post will surely help lots of people, readers and especially those who are trying to access twitter in Nigera.

    Informative post and keep sharing more similar post.



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