How To Send WhatsApp Message Without Adding The Contact First

If you are trying to send a WhatsApp message to a phone number you don’t have as a contact.

Or if you don’t feel like adding the number to your contact list, here’s a simple solution you can take.How To Send WhatsApp Message Without Adding The Contact First

I have a friend who works in a cyber café, sometimes, his job requires him to send WhatsApp messages to customers’ clients.

But he can’t send WhatsApp messages to numbers without first adding the numbers to his contact.

I showed him just one simple step on how he can send WhatsApp messages to phone numbers he doesn’t have as a contact.

And on our today’s post, I’ll be showing you how you too can message a phone number without adding the contact first.

How To Send WhatsApp Message Without Adding The Contact First

First off, go to Google Playstore and download WhatsDirect

After downloading and opening the Application >>> put in the phone number where required and type the message you want to send the recipient and press “Send” (see screenshot below)

How To Send WhatsApp Message Without Adding The Contact First

It Will show “Open With” >>> choose the WhatsApp you want to use.


That’s how you can message people on WhatsApp without adding them to your contact list

Feel easy right? I know, that’s how my friend was when I showed him this method.

You can show your friend this tip and he’ll thank you for it 🙂

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  1. I am a college student as this is my first year i got many new contacts and saving them in my contact was a really hectic task for me after going through this blog half of my problems vanished as now i can without saving them i can easily send them my important without exhausting my phone memory . I am really thankful for this person this guy is a life saver

  2. Hello Baba,

    This is a wonderful post on how to send whatsapp messages without first adding the phone number on our contact.

    I am sure it will come handy for me letter on 😉

    Thanks for the awesome post and have a good week

  3. Hey, what a wonderful post …..I am definitely going to use this idea… Really i find this article very useful… Thanks a lot for sharing us!!!

  4. i usually add the contact and send first msg and delete the contact to avoid other people from seeing my details
    this is one good idea

  5. Thanks to this tutorial. Its give help to me to how send message in whatsapp without contact. Thanks for sharing and keep it up.

  6. Great post. Sending messages without having to save the contact number is really helpful. Thanks for sharing this post. Very informative.


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