Best small printer for photos

small printer for photos

People don’t only take more photos today, but they are also keeping them for much longer—and in many cases, by printing.  The reason is simple. While all kinds of cloud storage options have evolved and smartphones now come with ridiculous storage capacity, there is always the fear of losing cherished memories in digital formats when … Read more

Is Pantum a good brand? The good and bad

Pantum printer

Pantum only came into the laser printer space around 2010, and you may begin to wonder if a decade of experience or so means its printers can match offerings from older brands like HP and Brother. Worse still, whether the brand itself is a scam.  No doubt, you don’t want to throw caution to the … Read more

Windows 98 Compatible Printers

HP Laserjet 5

If you are in a hurry, Windows 98 compatible printers are the HP Laserjet 5 and 6 printers. You can check them out on Amazon. You must have a strong reason for sticking with your Windows 98 computer for this long. Because a lot of software and hardware hardly work on the Windows 98 operating … Read more

Epson vs. Brothers Printer – Which is Better?

Epson vs Brothers printer

In this article, we will do a head-to-head comparison of Epson and Brothers printers. Brothers vs. Epson – Print Quality Inkjet is now the reigning technology for printers, and it is what both Brother and Epson printers run on. Both brands of printers can do color prints, but colors from Epson printers are deeper and … Read more