SEO and SMM: How to Understand the Difference

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Here are two terms you often read online, and yet nobody ever really tells you what they mean. Articles will drop them into the text and assume that you know what they mean. Some people will Google their definition, but will still be left with more questions than answers. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization [Continue Reading…]

Adding Categories And Menu To Your WordPress Blog

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Till today many bloggers (newbie) still don’t know how to setup a menu bar with their wordpress blog. Setting up or adding a menu bar is essential and very important to have in whatever website or blog you are running. Must Read: ADDING CATEGORIES TO YOUR BLOGGER BLOG How menu helps blogs/ website? Ok almost [Continue Reading…]

Latest Hollywood Movies For 2013

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As a new year comes into effect, Hollywood is working in overdrive to produce the best films for 2013. As it stands, the year is set to lead off with sequels, reboots, and the reestablished careers of many cinematic legends. The latest Hollywood movies for 2013 are steadily being released into theaters, and this guide [Continue Reading…]