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About Me

If you’re seeing this page, that means you’d like to know about me and what Onenaija is all about.

Who is Babanature

First off, let me start by introducing myself and what I do.

My names are MOMOH BABANATURE YAKUBU but I am well-known and preferred to be addressed as BabaNature. I am the owner and Chief Editor of my lovely blog

BabanatureI’m an African, a Nigerian to be precise. I now live in Lagos state [one of the most populous State in Nigeria].

I can only speak two languages which are English and broken English (pidgin English)

I am a researcher by profession and a professional web designer, building and creating blogs, template design, doing video tutorials, modifying blogger/WordPress, consultation and blog maintenance are the things I do best.

Apart being a researcher and a professional blogger, I also love playing video games, watching cartoons, writing articles as a freelancer, blogging, singing, I also do ghost and guest post if you want to hire me 😉 .

The motto I follow; anything worth doing do it well.

About OneNaijaBlog

OneNaija is an outfit dedicated to championing the youth to become their own boss.

OneNaijaBlog was created on the 30th day of July 2010, with the sole aim of helping bloggers with their blogging problems, people who want to make money online, people who need online advice, and people with common PC problems to get the best possible answers to their questions.

The Creation of OneNaijaBlog

I have been to so many forums, Q&A sites and have seen so many people asking questions. Many of these questions being asked are not getting answered. And some of the questions that get answered weren’t properly being answered.

So I decided to create a platform where I can easily offer solutions to people’s question the best way possible with full details and screenshots (if possible). And that’s how ONENAIJABLOG came into existence.

From time to time, we do go to forums, Q&A sites to see questions being asked by people, and write about those questions with proper and well-researched answers to the questions.

We are here to help as many people as possible to get the best answers to their internet, blogging, tech, and making money online problems.

Onenaija Location

Onenaijablog has its office in Lagos, Nigeria. And it’s being run, managed, and maintained by Babanature.

How often onenaijablog publishes its posts?

Onenaijablog publishes its articles once a week. We publish once a week, so we can give you a well-researched work that will definitely do the magic.

What’s more?

I really do like onenaijablog and all that it stands for that’s why I put my whole in its contents, so they can be always fresh. So you as the reader will fall in love with it as well 😉

Did I say everything you want to know about me or my blog? Do you want to know more about me? Let’s keep in touch and get social. You can add me up on the following networks;

Skype Username: natureboyonline

Google+: Babanature

Facebook: onenaija

LinkedIn: LinkedIn

Twitter Handle: proudlyonenaija

Or you can give me a call on the following numbers;



Or you can Whatsapp me on;