Content Creation – How You Crowdsource Your Efforts


Crowdsourcing is a new portmanteau word that means soliciting community participation in the creative process.  The internet has allowed input from people far distant places, often not known personally to one another, to many enterprises.  This is an amazing facility, and has had some astonishing results in a variety of fields, like coming up with [Continue Reading…]

Top 3 Smart Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Top 3 ways to monetize your blog

Blogging in recent years has come out as a big booming field over internet. Initially blogging was a platform that was known to only a few people and this platform was used to express views, opinions and thoughts. There were only a few bloggers in the world who were very passionate about writing. But time [Continue Reading…]

Blog Improvement: Do Social Media Help?

Do social media help?

First off, let me tell you this; you do not have to use social media to improve your blog traffic numbers, but it is handy because it is a good place to find free traffic. There are a few ways that you can use social media to the benefit of your blog, and some of [Continue Reading…]

Keyboard Shortcuts For IPhone And IPad


Hey guys!!! The iPhone and iPad are used for typing upon occasion. It is already slow enough (when compared to writing on a desktop computer), which is why the iPhone and iPad programmers have added keyboard shortcuts. And why do we need this shortcuts? Because they help you to save a little bit of time [Continue Reading…]

Top Reasons You Are Not A Successful Blogger


Almost 99% of blogs created today are due to the fact that a lot of people have read thousand of article of how ‘A Blogger makes 6 figures Monthly’ but not considering how long it took that blogger to get there. I am guilty that I was among the many individuals who created blogs for the [Continue Reading…]

Why Every Blogger Must Have a Gravatar?

gravatar icon

Not many people besides website owners and bloggers world know what a gravatar is. But having one can make all the difference to a blogger. Must Read: How To Customize The Default Avatar Of WordPress Let us today discuss what a gravatar is and why every blogger must have one. It is flattering for any [Continue Reading…]

Top 7 Tips for Blogging Success

Blogging tips

Blogging has become an essential part of online marketing strategy. One of the best strategies to attract a potential customer is to start blogging along the line of your business offerings. While a few people can set up a blogging system and create the blog posts for their business effectively, most people are not creative [Continue Reading…]