My Top 3 Plus 2 WordPress Image Optimization Plugin You Need to Use

If you’re thinking of improving the speed of your WordPress blog, then optimizing your images comes along, right? If you try to boost the speed of your blog without working on your images, your blog won’t have much improvement – that’s for sure… Some weeks back, I did talked about the “Best WordPress Image Optimization … Read more

Best WordPress Image Optimization Method For Bloggers

What’s your best WordPress image optimization method? I ask this question because image optimization is one of the most important aspects of making your site load faster. I realize that many bloggers don’t pay “that” much attention when it comes to their blog images. What they do is – upload the image to their media … Read more

Top 5 Must Have Plugins For A Better WordPress Optimization

Making our blog readers having a good user experience is what all blog owners are striving for. Believe it or not there are much more work in blogging than just writing – apart from the writing part of blogging, there is still the maintaining part of it, like; optimizing your database, cleaning those unwanted plugins, … Read more

Optimizing Your WordPress Database For A Better Performance

I’d like to ask you a question or 2; have you ever waked up one day and discovered that something is wrong with your website? Or have you ever notice your blog/ website or forum showing “500 Internal Server Error or 403 forbidden Error? If your blog is running slow or your blog always get … Read more