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SIMPLE TICK TO CONVERT YOUR WINDOWS XP SP2 TO SP3how to convert your windows xp

Really in this modern time, people still use service pack 2 (SP2). I know of a friend who still use SP2 as his operating system. How back dated his he? So for does who still use old operating system (windows xp sp2), you can still convert them to xp sp3 with just a .reg extension. Do you want to know how? Then follow these simple steps…

Click on start menu >>> Run >>> in the run type “regedit”. In the registry, go to: HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE\SYSTEM \CurrentControlSet\Control \Windows Right click on CSDVersion and click modify and change the value from 200 to 300 -Restart computer U HAVE SUCCESSFULLY CONVERTED YOUR WINDOWS XP SP2 TO WINDOWS XP SP3.

Now how simple is that? Try it out and stop being in the 90’s…

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