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Millions of people all over the world who surf the internet uses mobile phone and more people are joining the mobile world of browsing. As a blog/website owner or internet marketer, it is good to utilize these opportunities by making your blog or website mobile friendly.

If your main site is showing adsense, it will be brilliant to insert mobile ad to your mobile site as well, so as to gain from both ends.

If you’re using mobilepress as your mobile theme then you don’t have to worry because this process is as simple as other tutorials I have dropped.

Back then if you want to insert your mobile adsense to mobilepress, you must pass through aduity, but right now as at this post, aduity is no more functioning. I will be giving you another step of placing your mobile adsense to your mobilepress like the screen shot below…adsense for mobile

Let’s assume that you have already registered an account with Google adsense, inmobi or adbrite. And you have generated the ad code, now what we will do is to insert the code to our mobilepress. Inserting the ad code directly to your mobilepress will not make it look nice and neat, so what we will do is to call the adsense code to where we want it to be using php script.

First, paste your adsense code to your notepad and name it “adsense.php” (or whichever name you would like to name it) and upload it to your main directory in which you installed your wordpress.

Now let’s locate our mobilepress plugin by going to >>> Public_html >> wp-content>> plugins>> mobilepress>> system>> theme>> default/

Hope you’re in the default folder of your mobilepress? Now that you are in, what area of your mobile blog do you want to place your mobile adsense?

If you want to place it above your post then click “header.php” and edit it with your cpanel editor

Locate where these below codes

<div><?php mopr_ad('top'); ?></div>

Have you seen it? Now right below the above code place this below code

<div align="center"> <?php include('adsense.php'); ?> </div>

If you have placed it, it will look much like these

<div><?php mopr_ad('top'); ?></div>

<div align="center"> <?php include('adsense.php'); ?> </div>

Save your work and refresh your mobile phone and see your mobile ad showing.

To make ad show below post, click “footer.php” and edit with your cpanel editor and follow the steps above.

NOTE: In some cases it takes up to 24 hours for the mobile ad to show up. It is also good to note that backing up your files before editing is a good way to play safe.

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