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Hey friends, I know online money is not hard to get if you put work into it but still most people don’t know how to go about making this money, even after enough preaching.

I got an email from one of my faithful blog readers that goes;

Hey Babanature,

I am a faithful reader of your blog and I have been following your blog from start. I have read your posts on how to make money online and I followed the steps accordingly but the online business I’m doing have not started paying off. What should I do?

Like I would always say making money online is not a day job, it takes time, hard work and dedication. It is impossible to startup a business anywhere and start reaping the benefit immediately; you must work towards the money by doing your rightful duty. What is this rightful duty? Time, hard work and dedication.

So today, I am putting down 3 key words you can follow to make any business grow just the way you’re hoping it to be.

PLANNING: Before you start anything in life, you must first sketch out a master plan. What are your plans when you decided to join the online business? The first thing in life is to know your gift and talent, find out what you are good at, brush it up and improve on the talent. There are lots of companies online and the outside world that would love to use that talent you’re having.  Remember this; you can either plan to fail or you plan to succeed.

ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS: Ok! After setting up a plan, what is the next thing a man is supposed to do? Putting down or setting up a goal, right? And if you don’t have a plan, there is no possible way you’ll setup a goal. For example you just started an online business that is just a week old, now how do you make this business grow? You can make this business grow by setting a goal for it. Setting a goal brings hard work to play because you will only work hard when you’re trying to reach your aim.

Tell me, what goals did you set for you business before going into it?

DEDICATION: Now that you have a plan and a huge goal, there is no way both of them can go along without dedicating yourself to it, right? When you are dedicated in whatever you’re doing, that’s when people will start believing in your works. Dedication means time, hard work, never giving up.

Remember one thing; the day you stop caring for your business that is the day your business will collapse (fall). True fact

Now answer this question; what is the WORD that is keeping you moving? Do use the comment box below to answer the question.

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  1. A very good motivational post, i love it.
    my word is; CONFIDENCE: without confidence it is impossible to start business. so be confident and always believe in your self…

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