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Have you ever got a blue screen when using your window xp? Or have your system off its self without you setting it to do so? Our system crash often when we are not taken good care of it, right? What causes system to crash are virus infested pc, pc that we don’t take care of, corrupt registry problem and many other elements. So when your system crash, the first thing that comes to our mind is using our bootable cd to format or repair our pc, but how can you repair it when you’re far away from home? In a short while we are going to learn how to repair how windows xp without using any external method like our bootable cd.

The code name for this process is called “Web Folders XP Repairing System”. *lol*


Before you start any process that deals with your system core, it is advisable to plug your pc to a power source. Now let’s assume you have already done that so let’s proceed…

1. First Click Start and go to Run.

2. In Run Type “webfldrs.msi” in the provided space and tap enter (without Quote)

3. A new window will pop up. Now what you will do is to select “Reinstall Mode”.

4. On the new interface that will pop out, tick marks on all the options and Click on OK.

Are you still with us? If you are still with us, let’s move to the final step shall we.

5. After clicking Ok, it will take few minutes to Repair your windows XP and when the process is done (completed), it will ask you to restart your System and after restarting your system, voila! Your system will be back to normal again. You’re now free from virus and corrupt registry, so the next time you’re using your system use it with care.

REMEMBER: This process works for windows xp only.

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  1. Hi there thanks for a great site.I use xp system crashed after loading avast anti virus and doing a scan.I then rebooted and could’nt access my pc.I try to login bt immediately get logged out in an endless loop.can’t start in safe mode or any other the “click start and run” tip is not even an option.please help.I now get a “windows product activation” message saying I need to activate my copy with microsoft. I have no internet connection to do so.using my mobile to surf the net for a solution.

  2. Thanx “babanature”.I have the xp cd.I’ve tried next to everything but its gone from bad to worse.I’m just gonna have to remove the hardrive n try n c if any of my data is still salvagable.then I guess I will hv to format.bummer!! I’m devastated. hopefuly I can get some stuff off it. Thnx anyway x0x

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