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Everybody might have their different meaning and own definition of the word “category” in a blogger terms, but for me I’d like to define mine in this manner: A category helps keep ones blog in order and makes a blog easy to navigate. I know most of you would agree with me on my definition. Every blog needs a menu and a navigation bar to direct them to different stuffs on your blog, right? That’s where your category or menu as you might say comes to play.


We have once thought about how to add menu to blogger blog, if you’ve not read it you can still do because it is also essential to this tutorial.

If you have been searching on how to create a category on your blogger blog, then your search ends here because today, we are going to break the tutorial down for anybody, yes! I mean anybody to understand.


I have checked so many blogger blog through my blogging carriers and many do not have menus which will make the blog difficult to follow (if you’re just a reader). We are trying to make our readers stay for a longer time to prevent “bounce rate fever” so here is how to get yours done.


First off, you will need to categorize your blog posts by going to your blogger blog dashboard >>> click posts and click that little icon that looks like this category1  to create a new tag.

Note that On this tutorial, we are assuming that you already know what a tag is and how to use them

If you are creating an entertainment category you will need to include “entertainment” in your tag. If you have already set a tag for your post, now go to “page” settings and click on “New page” and choose “web address”.

Now on the page title, give it the name that you like. If its Entertainment category you are building just put in “Entertainment” and for the “web address (url)”, put in the tag you added to the selected post. For example; if you tag your post with entertainment, the tag url should look like right? So put the address in the web address space and click save.

Now you have successfully created a category. You can use this method to create more categories for your blog.

There are different ways and method of creating a category for your blog but I just laid down the simplest way to go about it.

You can now create your own category with this tip and make your reader find more reasons to be at your site for a longer hour.

So how do you see the post? Hope it was helpful? Well drop your thoughts and comment using the comment box below. Remember that your comments are very important to us.

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  1. i have been thinking how to do this for a long time now,i am so happy for revealing this to me.i will try it on my website and see if it will work.

  2. Babanatureal,
    Thx for these tips o.
    Actually, I am just working on my blog and has not really started posting and I have found a lecture room in your site. I’m not an engineer but had something for figures and formulas.
    Will communicate any issues with me.

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