How To Change the default avatar in blogger blog to a more professional look

As you all know, blogger blog is among the best blogging platform. Blogger blog is also a great platform to host a professional blog but if you’re not skilled in coding or hire a professional, you blog will be like a desert, unprofessional and ugly. The reason why I said that is because blogger blog don’t have enough gadgets to suit your blog needs but thank God, we have been discussing how to make our blogger blog look professional and it has been helping people.


Today we are going to be discussing how we can change the default comment avatar for anonymous commenters to a more unique avatar. Before I start with the tutorial let me make my explanation more clear to you. Do you like this avatar avatar for bloggers? I guess so! But would you like to make the avatar look more professional like putting your blogs logo or something else like this bloggers avatar? If your answer is yes! Let’s proceed to the main show.


anonymous avatar for bloggers

We are going to be changing the anonymous and the blogger user default avatar to a more professional and modern avatar, so are you with me?

Login to your blogger blog dashboard >>> Click “Template” >>> Click “Edit HTML” >>> Tick “Expand Widget Templates”. Now we are in…

Note: Before performing any code editing, it is advisable to backup your template incase you make any mistake, you can always reload.

Ok! Now locate the below tag


If you are finding it hard to locate the above tag, press the ctrl + f simultaneously to bring out a search box below your browser and search for the code.

Have you seen the code? Now place the below codes right above the </body> tag

[php]<script src=’’/>



.attr(&#39;src&#39;, &#39;;)



<script src=’’/>



.attr(&#39;src&#39;, &#39;;)



Have you done that? If yes! Click the save button and you have successfully completed the change of your avatar.

Note this: To make the avatar your own choice, you will have to do the following

For the anonymous avatar: you can change the URL which is to your preferred image.

For blogger default user: you can change the URL which is to your preferred image

Now go make your blogger blog even more beautiful, so your readers will have more reasons to comment on your blog.


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    1. Hello Akos,
      The best way to stand out is not only by content but by the uniqueness of a blog. and giving that uniqueness to your blog is just the best way to go. thank for the comment bro and do have a blessed week ahead.

  1. Babanature you really did put the tutorial to a more understanding way which i love. i’d like to ask just one question. how do i put my little picture by the side of my name in the comment area?

    1. just go to and register and account with them and upload your photo. start using the email to make comment on blogs and your uploaded pix will display. hope it helped!

  2. Thanks! I’ve been looking for this info everywhere and it worked for me 🙂
    I have a question — is it possible to add more than one default avatar for guest comments?

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