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Top Secret Tips On Writing a Really Good Title

When you have a blog, you want your readers to find it interesting and informative. Certainly, you write and post articles to your blog for many users to read them. But a good and informative article is not enough to make people interested in reading it, as they don’t know what they will find there.

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What I am trying to say is you need a very good and really catchy titles for your blog posts! If a person likes your title, the big chances are that he will read the article itself. So, your main task is to  make this title a really good one.

top secret tips on writing a great blog title

Your title should reflet the main point of your article for a reader to understand what he needs this information for! Good and informative titles are even more important for that blogs where the main part of the article is hidden. It means that the title will be the only source for a reader to understand whether he wants to continue reading or not.

So, are there any rules of how to make your title perfect? I would advise you to follow these 5 tips that are always work for blogs.

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1. Use a HOW-trick

If you write about how to do this or that thing, this trick will be perfect! People like reading various instructions and learn about how to find something, how to make something etc. This trick was always used by Dale Carnegie, by the way: “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”. Moreover, the majority of Google searches start with the word “how”. So, you may be sure that the article with such a title will be noticed and read by your blog’s visitors.

2. Use a number

For example, your title may be the following: “7 Secrets of Your Successful Interview”. When a person reads such a title, he finds the exact number of ways to solve this or that problem. Moreover, it’s always more interesting and easier to read articles composed as a list.

3. Use a question

The title built like this will motivate a person to read an article and find an answer, agree or disagree with a question asked. For example: “Should a Married Woman Work?” It will be perfect if you refer to your reader in particular: “Do You Watch News?” Do you feel that you want to answer this question?

4. Use specifications, explanations, or variants to reply the question

Such a title may combine both numbers and questions. For example: “Chocolate: Good or Bad?”, “What a Woman Wants: Top 5 Men’s Opinions”.

5. Use a news

Don’t forget about titles which tell readers some news. For example: “Samsung Galaxy S4 Launched On March 14!”. Usually, such titles sound like a sentence, and you better specify some details to make it clear for readers (when, where and what happened or will happen). It must be clear what information a person will find in the article itself. And don’t make your title too long or too short.

Your title is the first thing a person will see when he comes to your blog or website. So, do your best to make it catchy and informative.

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Over to you

What other trick and style do you use to give your blog title that flavor? You can use the comment box below to drop your answers. Do you have comments or thoughts that you’d like to add up? Then please do by using the comment box below. Remember that your comments and thoughts are highly welcomed and appreciated.

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40 thoughts on “Top Secret Tips On Writing a Really Good Title”

  1. Relying to my personal experience can tell that Killing titles always have a rhetorical question. People know the answer anyway but come and read your post to find out something new. Thanks for sharing. I think How-To title is something that i will use for my blog in future!

    1. Hello Evan!

      I’m glad my article was useful for you. Yes, I agree with you that even if there is a rhetorical question in the title, people will read the article anyway to know if they were right and if there was anything new there.

      I must admit, that very often it’s even better to write an article first, read it once again and only then to compose a title for it.

  2. Hi Alex and welcome to Babanature’s blog,

    Writing a good title is an absolute must as this is the one thing that people will see and come to your blog post. If the title isn’t attractive or catchy, they might just pass it on as just another post and go to a one where the title grabs their attention.

    I agree, how-tos, why, numbers, always work well. I haven’t tried #4 and 5 you mentioned as yet on my blog, though questions related titles or where there’s variation work well too. Sometimes even contrasting titles or anything that makes people stop and read works, as I’ve often seen people have titles which aren’t related to their posts, yet we go and read those posts, because the title was different.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,
      To me i feel title is what makes comment traffic. and as you said; you without a catchy title, a reader will just pass your blog and move to the next one. Thanks for the comment Harleena and do have a fabulous week ahead.

    2. Hello Harleena!

      Thank you! I’ve tried to describe the most obvious title secrets, that many bloggers often forget anyway. How-tos always work perfectly for me, as well as numbers.

  3. This is like revealing my secrets for free….awesome post, i like the points listed here, choosing a great title is the first step to standing out and getting noticed from the crowd.

    1. Hi Nwosu!

      Sorry for revealing your secrets, I didn’t mean it)). I think that all bloggers have their own secrets of how to attract readers’ attention to their posts, and the one mantioned here are just must-know and remember(!) for each of us.

  4. HI Babanature,

    Great share!

    We all are facing the short attention span of the readers, in this context the title plays a critical role in making the reader click, if it is worth reading. I think “How to” work great with tutorials website.

    Thanks for this share.


    1. Hey Sapna,
      “How to” is truly for tutorial websites but aside tutorial website most sites use it to justify their titles.
      Thanks for the comment Sapna and hope your week is going as plan?

  5. Hi Baba,
    All the suggestions you’ve given here are really the things that works however, I’ve seen many people voting high for Top posts.

    They said that Google loves Top posts a lot, i don’t know your own view on that.

    Its obvious that the title of your post is what will determine if the post will be read or not. It therefore of utmost important that we pay more attention to making it as catchy as possible.

    Thanks for sharing man and have a splendid week.

    1. Hello Theodore,
      the great post was constructed by Alex 😉 . You are absolutely right, Google truly love valuable content. who doesn’t love great post? but before somebody will come to your blog either through Google or comment the title must be catchy enough or else, that reader will jump your post and move on to the other.

  6. Hey Alex,
    Good to see you here on Babanature’s blog.
    This is a very sensitive topic. Article titles are as important as driving traffic to our articles. I always say that poor titles are like closed doors. And you know no one enters when the door is closed. The more “killer” the title is, the more the CTR.

    Thanks for the tips and guides 😉

    1. Hi Enstine!

      You’re always welcome! I work with titles very often, even when I don’t write articles myself. I mean that I am often asked to write a title for my friends’ posts, or just change some titles for more attractive ones for readers. So, I am completely agree with you as for CTR here.

  7. The title of an article/blog post is very important indeed. It’s what will make someone (or not) click on your article and start reading.

    I’ve written several articles about headlines over the years because I still see many people who don’t know how to write catchy titles, and they are really missing out.

    How to’s work very well. Numbers work very well. Intrigue and questions work very well too.

    Once you’ve created the perfect title the point is not to disappoint your reader with your content, and if you managed that. You’ve got it!

    1. Yes Sylviane, you are right! An article’s content is very important as well, that’s why I often write the article first, re-read it, and compose a title for it after that.

  8. Hello
    I am still a newbie, but slowly catching on. I am really trying to work on my titles, not because I have experienced as an Internet Marketer, but I know if I go to a blog/website and it’s not catchy, I move on.
    Thank you again
    Gladys posted…A disease called Bullying

    1. Hello Gladys,
      The best thing you’ll ever do to your blog post is giving it a great title. The truth is nobody wants to click a none catchy title…
      Remember this: A catchy title and a great post gives you that ultimate traffic.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your wonderful comment 🙂 . Do have a blissful week ahead

  9. I would say that this is a brilliant post. Title is really a key factor to bring traffic to your blog through comment and search engines

      1. Hello Bello!

        Thanks for such a positive comment! This is the best award for an author to know that people like his posts!

        All the best!

  10. Hi Alex and Babanature,

    Ah, an area so many people still have issues with Alex me included.

    Now I don’t really use any tips or have any to share. What I’ve done is I have bookmarked several posts that share different titles that have really been successful so when I want to really go all out I’ll revert back to those to get an idea of what to put. I know, pretty bad but hey, it works for me. I admit not being creative enough to come up with my own.

    Great suggestions though and ones I probably should use but I just go with what already works.

    Hope you two have a really great week.


    1. Hello Adrienne,
      Reading posts like this really do help a lot. I once read about “how to write great blog title” some where some time back and to be truthful with you, the post really did helped me in all aspect of title writing.
      My week is still going as planed hope yours too?

  11. Great topic and insights here. The title is usually the first thing I usually think about then I write the outline and then content. Having a catchy title is essential when it comes to attracting people to read the post.

    1. Hello Dan,
      You’re definitely right. I also spend more time in writing titles than i do in post. Because the title is what attract your readers to read your wonderful post.
      Thanks for the comment Dan and do have a wonderful week

  12. Hi Alex,
    I agree with your post because having a good title will always attract more click/visitor whom will be more eager to read what you said.

    Thanks for sharing and glad to see you here 🙂

  13. Writing great titles can really have some serious impact on the success of your content. But, I’ve always advised writers not to concentrate much effort on writing great titles while leaving the body of their writeup unattended to. Like most will say, spend 80% of your effort on the title and 20% on the body! Your title may get the attention of the reader but what will keep them is your content. So, my take is, let your content dictate the title.

    1. Agree with you! Title without content is nothing actually, and who will need your title if there is nothing more to read except it. Butanyway, your title is the first thing your readers see, so, it;s important to pay attention to it. As you said, your content should dictate a title. But you may try to make it both relevant and catchy.

  14. Catchy title is very important in blogging, today something great came into my mind.
    People think that no one can beat Google but Google is losing it`s no.1 position.
    Who is acquiring?
    So that`s it man. In social media catchy titles play major role.

  15. You’re definitely right. I also spend more time in writing titles than i do in post. Because the title is what attract your readers to read your wonderful post.
    Thanks for the comment Dan and do have a wonderful week

  16. Good tips Alex. “The Secret Of ……….” can work well for a title.

    Some bloggers spend some time researching keywords and think it’s important to work them into their titles and other write for readers not search engines.

    One coach I had said that if you are in the IM niche and blogging to build your brand then using keywords in your title or post is not necessary. In other niches it is.

  17. Hi Alex and Babanature,

    This is a great article and one that is needed by all bloggers as the title is the most important thing and the first to be seen by readers.

    The title plays a critical role to entice the reader to click on the link to read your article. So, it has to be catchy enough. I personally love the “How To” and Numbers. They work very well for me.

    Thanks Alex for this great share.

    Be Blessed,


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