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Adding Google Adsense Smartly To Improve Your Earning: for Blogger Blog

I just had to come up with this wonderful post because I know that so many bloggers out there still uses blogger blog as their blogging platform πŸ™‚ . So I am 100% sure that this post will increase your ads earning if you implement the strategies correctly on your blog. But before jumping to anything, let’s discuss a little, shall we?


The major places you’ll see ads on most blogger blogs are on the side bar and below your blog posts comment sections, right? Have you ever thought of adding Google adsense or any other ad network below your blog header, below your post title or directly below your blog post? Now let’s see how we can make this achievable.

How To Add Google Adesense Smartly To Improve Your Earning: for Blogger Blog

First go to your blogger blog dashboard >>> Click Template >>> Click Edit HTM. Now you are in your blog template zone where you can edit anything editable πŸ™‚

Remember: Always backup your template when editing so you can revert anytime you make a mistake.



Search for the below code

[php] <div class=’post-header-line-1’/> [/php]

Note: To make the search more easy, click inside your template code editor and press CTRL + F simultaneously to bring out a search bar.

Have you seen the above code?

Now paste your Google Adsense code or any other ad code above the code…



First search for the below code

[php] <b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;’><data:post.body/></b:if> [/php]

Have you seen it? Now right below it, paste your Google adsense code or any other ad code you want…


If you want to align the ad code to center, you can add the below code

[php] <center> your ad code here </center> [/php]

The best way to get even more revenue, is to make the ad codes you just implemented be invincible to only the homepage but will definitely show in your posts.

To make that possible, add the below code

[php] <b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == "item"’>

Your Google adsense code here

</b:if> [/php]


Implementing your adsense codes to the two mentioned areas will definitely increase your ad revenue because I have tried it and it works beautifully. Give it a try guys πŸ™‚

I do hope you understand me? If not, please do use the comment box below to ask your question(s) and I will gladly reply you as soon as possible.

Now To You Guys:

Ok! Do you use Google adsense on your blog? What implementation is working well for you? Please let us know by using the comment box below so we can as well try it out and see how it goes.

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48 thoughts on “Adding Google Adsense Smartly To Improve Your Earning: for Blogger Blog”

  1. Hi Babanature,

    That was a nice, sweet, and short tutorial about how to add google Adsense to improve your earnings on Bloggers blog. I wish I was using my older blogs that were on Bloggers long back and would have used all that you mentioned.

    Yes, that was a phase I used to have a tough time with everything, being from the non-tech background. But that’s also the time when I made some wonderful friends who were always there like you sharing things with us, making our lives easier.

    Thanks for sharing, and I shall surely be sharing this with my friends because I know like me, there would be many who would find this post helpful πŸ™‚

    1. Hello Harleena,
      yes! Putting adsense codes in the mentioned areas is not possible for a none-techie, But with this implementation method, you can surely get it done. on the other hand, WordPress blog is very simple and does not need any code editing.

      Thanks for the great comment my friend and do have a lovely week ahead… πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Babanature, it is true that adding google adsense is very tough job. It has to be done very carefully. Thanks for sharing this informative and helpful post.

    1. Hello,
      Truly, wordpress makes implementations more easier and more simple compare to blogger blog. This blog is for bloggers who can’t edit their blogger codes, by using this, they can earn smartly…

  3. Hi BabaNature, this is an amazing tutorial on Increasing adsense earnings via Blogger Blog…. Through me own observation, I noticed that one of the way one could increase adsense earnings is by testing ads placements that works best for you :D..

    Cool article sir. Have an amazing week πŸ˜€

    1. Hello Wilson,
      It’s so true, the best way to earn smartly is by testing your ad placements. When you see a better one, then you can stick with it. Thanks for your comment bro and do have a great week ahead…

  4. I changed the ads placement few times, I think if the people who visit my site are really interested on the product or services displayed by Google than they will click to buy the product or services being advertised. In this way I’m happy and he is happy and the advertiser is happy.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  5. Hello Babanature.
    Wow!!! I never thought that it would be possible to place ads on these areas. Nice move bro and keeo up the good work…

    1. Hello Bello
      Glad you’re knowing it now. Now go try it out and if you face any problem, don’t forget to report it back here so we can help with the little we can…

  6. Hi bro !
    Thanks for the tutorial ..This post is useful for me because i use the blogger platform ..I’m gonna wait for one or two more weeks before i setup the adsense code in my blog (As the traffic to my blog is improving day by day..and i want atleast 300-400 unique visitors for my 2 month old blog everyday …which will be possible within 2 weeks ).


    1. Hello Pramod,
      As long as you are hardworking, nothing is impossible. I hope you get approved by the adsense team πŸ™‚ . Good luck on your traffic quest and do have a lovely week ahead…

  7. Hey baba,thanks for the concise piece,i have implemented all possible suggestion give by smart people like you,but yet my earnin is stil close to none,can you please take a look at my blog and give possible way forward pleaseeeee?

    1. Hello Ebima,
      You have a nice blog that should be earning well for you. But you really need to put your ad codes on strategic areas and not joining them in just one area.
      Traffic is also the only way to boost your Google adsense earnings. You can change your adsense positions and build your traffic to earn smartly. Read my previous posts for best traffic generation.

  8. Ad placement definitely helps and will improve your earnings. I use to have adsense on a few of my sites and what worked best is color and location. But you also need to make sure that the ads that are showing up are relevant to the content you are displaying. This worked better for me as the keywords I was targeting had high CPC and I profited more.

    1. Hello Thomas,
      The way Google adsense work is totally different from the way other networks work. Adsense uses your cache to deliver relevant ads to the readers, so what you see might be totally different from what the next man would see. That’s how Google adsense works. Thanks for the comment and do have a good week ahead πŸ™‚

        1. Everybody has places that works for them, i have tested different positions and the one that works well is what i am using today. you might use the same on your blog and it might not work. But you can also make a try with the same positions. link ad above post and in middle of post, 250×250 ad below post and on sidebar and leader board ad on the sidebar aswell.

  9. Thank you babanature. As always your post is very helpful. I have bookmarked it as I am adding more and more content to my blog before resubmitting my adsense application. Meanwhile studying all your wonderful tips and guideline.
    Happy blogging πŸ™‚

  10. Nice tips to implement google adsense, But if we Blend the color of google adsense with our post and implement a ad code with in post it is more useful to get high revenue and It will also increase your CTR.

    1. Hello Deepak,
      Every bloggers has their own theory of what works for them . You might be right while the next blogger disagree… But for me, i also love blending my ads πŸ™‚

  11. Right Better Ad placement is also require to gain good amount of money . if you do better placement then you will get good CTR and your earning will increase

  12. Strategically placing your adsense on hotspots like the ones you shared here will greatly improve CTR and earnings. Though i dont use blogger, i also have my adsense ads placed on same positions.

    1. That’s a smart place to put adsense, doesn’t it? I am even using thesame format on this blog and so far so good, it’s making sense. Thanks for stopping by, do have a blessed weekend πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Babanature,
    I be sad whenever I participate in any discussion related to Google Adsense has banned at 3 time & I don’t understand why this happen & what’s reason behind banned my Google Adsense Account πŸ™

  14. Hello Babanature, please take out some time from your busy schedule and give a visit to my blog. Please suggest me the best position for my blog to put Adsense and also how do rate design of my sports blog ? Your help is highly appreciated !!!

    1. Hello Prasant,
      I have already posted the best position you can use to increase your ad earnings here so no need to visit. Just apply what you see here at your blog

  15. Hi Babanature

    I cannot find the code you have mentioned on my blog template to add ads below my blogpost. Can you help?

      1. Hello Babanature

        You misspelled my name ;(. Hey Babanature I found that code and did the way u have mentioned but the ads are not showing up. Even blank spaces are not shown. Can I manually add the code in each post in html format? Is it against google policy?? Pl advice.. Thanks

  16. Thank you for your Information. However, based on my experience as a blogger, I have noticed a high CTR on downloads niche blog and a very low CTR on a blogging niche blog. But the CPC is more on blogging niche and less on downloads and tech niche.

    Some people are saying, using fewer ads will increase the revenue. I am not sure about it when Google itself providing the facility. Since my inception of the blog, I have placed ads in the same place by utilizing all the ad space, even I know my blog is eligible for matched content ads. If you don’t have content and have ads placed’s hard to earn, if you have content and even if you don’t place ads correctly, your income may be little less…

    Anyways, after reading your post I changed few things on my blog. Those are very useful in increasing my CTR. Now I am getting CTR 3% to 4%. That feels good to me.

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