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You Don’t Get Comments to Your Blog? These are the Reasons Why.

It’s every new bloggers dream to get comments to their blog posts. Because comment shows how engaging and awesome your blog is and also that you’re doing a darn good job (that’s what I feel). It also shows that your readers and friends appreciate you and your effort.

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Blog commenting is great for our blog because it attracts more eyes, investors and other co-operate bodies as well. And to my point of view, people/ bloggers who don’t get comment to their blog post(s) are missing out. But I am sure all that will change in a few 🙂


Our site is like any offline business, it is impossible for it to grow if you do not do proper design, optimization, visibility study and publicity.

As offline marketing, if your business is growing and you are not coming up with new innovations or ideas to boost your customers moral, your customers are bound to visit the next shop right? Because, we need improvement to improve our needs, right? But what can you do to keep your audience coming back for more and making that regular comment flow on your blog? That is what we’ll be finding out in a short while.

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Some few days ago, my friend and student told me that he don’t think he can continue blogging. I asked him why and he said; when he started blogging newly, he was getting engagements and comments to his blog but suddenly, things started changing. Now he hardly gets comment to his post. And not seeing comments plus engagement in his post is frustrating.

The truth is – If you are getting comments and engagement to your site before and it suddenly just stop, you must be doing something wrong. And what are the things you’re doing wrong?

You Hardly Comment on Other Blogs:

The truth is – it will be difficult or almost impossible for people to comment on your blog if you do not comment on other blogs. The blogging world is like a food chain, the more you comment on people’s blog, the more you get noticed, the more other bloggers get curious about you, the more they visit you and dropping that awesome comment to your blog.

Ask any pro blogger or any blogger receiving comments to his or her blog, they will tell you that they did and they still do comment on other blogger’s blog post.


I know you are too busy, so do i. but try as much to comment on 5 blogs per day but if you have a little more time, try commenting on 10 blog post with commentluv enable. I assure you that with due time, you will start getting comments to your blog (that’s a fact).

I know you don’t comment on other blogs but the truth is if you do not show love to others, nobody will return the love.

Your Comment is just not worth it:

I have deleted enough crappy comments on my blog from bloggers who do not know how to comment. Believe you me, we all want that comments coming in but if you are making a valueless comment on a blog post, that blogger is likely not going to accept/ publish your comment.


When commenting, don’t just leave “great post, thanks for sharing” or “this is what I am looking for” or “I love this post”. These comments won’t pass any good blog’s moderation cue. You can make can make that funny comment on Entertainment blogs but not on others…

When making a comment, make it as valuable as possible. If you can’t come up with good one, try to fit in a little bit yourself to the comment.

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Before pushing the Comment button, ask your self – is this comment worth the read

Also remember that there is no shortcut in achieving success…

You Are Not Showing Love to Your Commentators:

Always try as much to visit your comenters blog because if you stop by their blogs, it will boost their moral to always coming back and dropping that good comment.

The truth is – if I come to your blog every day for months, always commenting and always sharing your content. At some point in time, I will stop visiting you, why? Because… it is human nature.

But if i comment on your blog and you reciprocate, i will always wants to comment and share your content, right?

You’re just not asking:

At times, people will come to your blog, read and want to say a thing or two about your post, but because you didn’t ask for their opinion or comment, they’ll just go.

Some people loved to be asked before they do. But still, they are some people who will comment without you asking but those people are few :).

Here is the truth: If you do not follow step one and two, then the rest of the tips might not work for you.

Remember to always share the love and you will receive in return.

Who said you need traffic before you can get comments?

Some newbie bloggers believe that without traffic you cannot get comment to your blog. Hey friends, for your information, your traffic does not qualify your comment. Are you having that doubting thoughts? Go ask around…

The comment you see on any bloggers blog today, was not formed over night. They work hard to get those comments.

More Tips:

Are the above tips not enough? Here are some more tips to help you get more comment to your blog…

You are Getting Traffic from the wrong sources

Remember that Perfect Post Don’t Get Comments

Always be Humble

Build connection with other bloggers

Build a name for your self

Patient does it

Do you Still Want Even More?

Yes! There are still more ways to get comments to your blog post and the ways are; there is no shortcut to getting comment to your blog post 🙂

Let’s Crank it Up Guys…

Did I say so much about so much on this post? Wow!!! Then let me pass the keyboard to your guys…

What other ways do you know that I did not mention above? Please, do drop your answer using the comment box below.

Do you have comment, questions or thoughts you’d love to share with us? Then please do by using the comment box below. Remember that your comments, questions or thoughts are highly welcomed and much appreciated.

Be Social:

Was the post worth your time? Then please do click the like button, share us and recommend us to friends because you will never know who among your friends that might be in need of a lovely post as this.

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77 thoughts on “You Don’t Get Comments to Your Blog? These are the Reasons Why.”

  1. Hmm…. Babanature!. You really nailed me to the wall…. Lol.

    I am a victim of not commenting on blogs, I am just adjusting that bad character. Sometimes I find it difficult to write long comments on other blogs, but really changed when I read a post like this.

    I agree that we are in the world of returning favour. When you give, you always expect in return, and as a Blogger that wants to really grow in Blogging, it is essential to return comments to commenters on your blog.

    Another thing I like is that traffic does not determine the number of people that will comment but I think great content and good relationship does.

    Thanks for the enlightenment.

    1. Hello Miracle,

      You know, writing valuable comments always is one key of getting relationship and as well as traffic to your blog. especially when your comment is the 1 or 5th comment 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a beautiful weekend ahead…

    2. Hey Miracle not only you but I am also not commenting on others blog. I love privacy and I am a reserved man. But I just keep this all tag off from me. And start to meet with the people and commenting on others blog. 🙂

  2. Baba, engagement is a pre-requisite for us to get comments on one’s blog and to be damn truthful of late have not been commenting as before. And this has led to less engagement.

    Thanks Baba for sharing this brilliant tips. At least you’ve empowered me to get my commenting hat and go out there to provide value to people.

    1. Hey Peter,

      Blog commenting is one big secrete that its yet to be unravel. Aside engagements, blog commenting can increase your traffic flow by 80% if carried out properly.
      Commenting is one of the best strategies to get good engagement and as well as traffic…
      You should indeed increase the flow of commenting on other blogs.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your wonderful comment. Do have a faithful weekend ahead…

  3. Hi Babanature,

    That was a much needed post, and a good one at that as well 🙂

    I think comments are the lifeline of a blog, and many blogs and bloggers are well known in the Blogosphere for all the interaction and comments they receive on their blogs too. Yes, all of this isn’t easy, unless you’re a pro-blogger or have reached hat stage that you are very well known and rank high, which is when even though you don’t comment on other blogs, others visit your blog to comment, either to leave their links or to they have something to add and share or ask you.

    For bloggers like you and me, we need to visit each others blogs and comment to build the relationship, which develops into great friendship I think over time. You stand through thick and thin, no matter what – and all of this happens through the comments and the bond that develops with time.

    Leaving meaningful comments is an art too, and anyone can achieve that once you really read through the whole post and take time to leave a good comment. Your comments are noticed and you gain new friends. Besides, you’re adding to the value of the post, which I think any blog owner loves, isn’t it? I think blog commenting rocks, and more bloggers should learn the right way of commenting 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,
      You are definitely right about all what you said here.
      Some big time bloggers or site owners don’t need to return favor or reciprocate but they get tons of comments. Well, that great because at least we are getting backlinks from them 🙂

      As average bloggers like us, we need connection and more “friendship” because they are also key to a successful blog.

      Thank you for dropping your valuable comment. Do have a wonderful weekend as well

  4. I agree with you entirely.The more you comment the more you get comments.But it is not easy for a neebie.Patience is very necessary.

    Traffic is necessary.Who will comment if you have no traffic,babanature?Traffic,traffic, traffic!

    1. Hello Davy,
      To make valuable comment is very easy for any newbie, except he is not willing to be a better blogger.

      I know of a blogger who get’s just 100 visits perday but has enough comments to his blog.
      I might be having 5000 visits per day and you having just 100. But your comments will be more than mine. How? If you are engaging other bloggers and making comments all around the place.

      Once you start making comments on different blogs frequently, you will understand perfectly what i am talking about

      Thanks for your comment and do have a good week ahead…

  5. You’re right about the ‘Asking Method’ Because I noticed it when I had some issue with my host which made me switch to, i was so surprise seeing comment on my blog and it was like this Heaven of a thing for me, But no comment now because I didn’t ask them to.

    And for the Traffic, You’re so on point about it, If anyone tells you that you need traffic before you get comments, Bro/sis Don’t get Deceived because You might end up being scammed, and believe me you can see he/she is sending you traffic but its all Fake, they are just bots.

    Babanature and Others I think I’ve written enough here, and I Hope you don’t mind my combination of Upper case and Lower Case Letters, Thanks babaNAture, This post is worth reading again, again and again.

  6. hay babanature,

    hope you are doing well, i am also having same problem. i comment rare and the same happens with me i get very few comments. thanks for the advice. its really true when you engage with someone then only you get noticed and you get others bloggers attention. 🙂

    1. Hey,
      I am sure that this procedures works like charm. Just put it into practice and see how it goes 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a good weekend ahead…

  7. This is very true. I’ve been having problems with comments on my blog and I discovered after reading this that I’ve been doing some things wrong. One other way I think can contribute comment is a well written or controversial article. Thanks for the post.

    1. Hello Olumide,
      Truly a controversial post can bring in comments but for how long are you going to play it controversial?
      The thing is, we need steady flow of valuable comments and traffic. Doing the basics to get them is what important the most, right?

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. do have a peaceful weekend…

  8. Hi Babanature, I go through periods where I have time to comment and do notice an increase back on my site from it. Then other times I do not have time and my comments suffer. But If I am writing more posts I do gain traffic though not as many comments. It’s a double edge sword. I do try to at the very least share my commentors stuff if I don’t have the time or if their sites are not relevant to mine – so sharing the love is an important step too! Great post Babanature!

    1. Hello Lisa,

      You’re right, more posts brings lesser comments but increases in traffic. that’s how it always worked 🙂
      You know, sharing other bloggers post on your social networks also brings that connection – so yes, i support that. sharing is caring and it is important as well .
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your wonderful comment. Do have a blessed week ahead

  9. I agree, we should always reciprocate in terms of comment. In fact I am noticing lesser number of comments on my blog because due to busy schedule Now days I am not able to comment on my fellow bloggers’ blogs but this post made me realize that I have to take out some time to do this as well. Thanks for writing the post.

    1. Hello Atish,
      Commenting on other bloggers blog, is great because it increases your traffic and as well as connecting you with other pro bloggers.
      You should try doing it more often 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a good week ahead

  10. Getting comments to a blog is function of attraction. If the post is valuable it could evoke many comments. I agree with the fact that commenting on other blogs and making “valuable” comments would attract comments to a blog. A lot of bloggers miss out on this simple rule.

    Well, the reasons shared in this post are on track and I just fancy a blogger making the most from them. Commenting is a function of give and take. The more valuable comments are made on other blogs the more reciprocal comments are likely to be left on other blogs

    More so, a blogger with highly engaging relationship is more likely to get more comment from blogging.

    I have shared this comment in – the content syndication, aggregation, and social bookmarking website for Internet marketers and bloggers, where this post was found and “kingged”.

    Sunday – contributor

  11. Hi Babanature,
    I am here via Lisa’s notification at G+
    Indeed this is an informative post for
    bloggers like me, I do visit pages and
    read and try to post a detailed comment
    most often, and generally i get back some
    response from those pages to my comment box
    but I have noticed that many do not care to come back
    to say a word of thanks, but still i visit their pages to read and comment
    sometimes i think that is a mere time waste and i can create one or two posts
    by that time and get some readers that way, but in my opinion its not correct we
    need to visit and comment constructive ones at such places, your informative and valuable
    comments will get attracted and some will automatically turn to your page after reading such comments
    This is my experience,
    Thanks again Baba
    for your informative piece on comment, but i still surprised to note the comments quantity here!!! 🙂

    1. Hello Philip,
      It is good to hear that you’re here through Lisa’s G+ share.
      When you comment on other bloggers blog posts, don’t expect same favor. It takes constant visitation before some bloggers can reciprocate.
      The good thing is; when you leave valuable comment on any blog post, it brings in traffic and as well as commentators. so either way, you got nothing to loose. but the best way to go about it, is build connection with other bloggers and you will see that your blogging journey will be alot easier…

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment, it was indeed appreciated. Do have a wonderful week ahead…

  12. There may be a lot of reasons why you may not be getting comments on your blog even if you comment on other blogs. This may include the type of comment platform you have on your blog.

    I noticed a fast decline in the number of comments i get on my blog when i tried Disqus comment platform, people seem to prefer the native comment platform with CommentLuv plugin more.

    Another reason why you may not be getting comments on your blog is because you didn’t ask. When you don’t ask for feedback at the end of your article, people may not be compelled to leave a comment either to share their views, agree with your points or even disagree.

    if you do not reply to comments or help people out via comments they may never bother leaving comments next time, so always try to address or reply to your comments so as to encourage people to leave comments on your blog.

    You have covered a big part of this discussion on your blog and the number of comments you have received so far on this post indicates you are definitely preaching what you practice.

    I found this article on and also left a comment on it.

  13. Hey Babanature,

    You said it all! Just coming from experience, it’s important to reply to your commentatos and also it’s important that you go to their blogs to comment! When this is done, you start to get the same love. Plain and simple. You can write the best blog posts in the world, but without engagement and showing love to others, it will be difficult to get any type of comments or traffic to your blog!

    Great tips Babanature!

    1. You are definitely right Sherman, without engagement, the best blog post is just like every other post 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your awesome comment. Do have a peaceful week ahead…

  14. The shortcut would be to pay for comments (blog commenting) which is stupid :)) but some do this to gain backlinks from other sites too, black hat SEO guys.

    Be humble: what kind of humble, don’t really like how it sounds. Comment on other and they comment back, yeah your right and they do come to comment if you let valuable comments on their blog.

    Kind regards, see you next time Babanature!

    1. Hello Daniel,
      So people pay just to get comments? that’s indeed strange… But hey, if it works for them, then good for them. 🙂
      Be humble and polite to your commentator, does that not sound well? depending the way you reply your commentator, will determine their comeback. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a good week…

      1. Blog commenting services, actually means to put other people to comment on other sites for you not to comment on your blog, that’s stupid MAX 😀
        Polite yes, humble no, I think we have different understanding for word “humble” Babanature, you don’t have to be humble to make me come back, not this brings me here, maybe for others work your “humble reply” how you like to call it. The word “humble and “blog commenting” simply don’t fit in my opinion. Would be for me too boring to read your “humble reply” every time I let a comment :)) Again humble comment simply don’t fit, perhaps is just a silly misunderstanding on my end. Anyway always a pleasure chit chat with you. See you next time brother.

  15. Hi Baba !
    From the 8 months of blogging experience i have , i’ve noticed that people comment on the blog post only if they find it useful or for the sole purpose of getting backlinks (in the case of bloggers) . If owner of the blog doesn’t reply to comment the visitor had posted then he / she should forget getting more comments. Thanks for sharing the tips

    1. Hello Pramod,
      That’s right, we two kinds of bloggers but as long as both bloggers make valuable comments, then it’s ok for our blog…
      replying a comment is very essential especially when you replied it with all the best you know 🙂

  16. Hello Babanature,

    The points you shared on here are straight to the point and no bullshit. While I wish that I had plenty to add, I only have a singular point to contribute on here: be controversial but not stupid!

    By controversy, I mean bringing up an entry that the whole world believes to be true and successfully (and truthfully) debunking it! Such comments garners more comments than you could ever expect, believe me. By no being stupid, you must ensure that what you are writing on is even worth writing on in the first place!

    Do have a very great day!


    1. Hello Akaahan,
      Controversial post is awesome because it draws in a lot of traffic and as well as comment, but for how long are you going to keep it controversial…
      Your addition is most valuable :). Thanks and do have a valuable week ahead…

  17. Hi Babanature,

    Very needed post. From a very long time I was looking for this article. Being a newbie I need some tips to get shares and comments on my blog and this guide is totally perfect for me. Thanks for sharing this ultimate article. Eagerly waiting for your next post.. 🙂

    Stay blessed, Happy Blogging 🙂

  18. Hello Babanature,
    I am totally agree with your point that you can’t get comment on your post and it is almost impossible until you not effectively active on others blog and not appreciate other works.
    It is true Blogs that have CommentLuv enabled obviously get more comments than others.
    I found this article on Kingged.

    1. Hello Swapnil,

      When you start commenting on other blogs, you might not start getting comments immediately but trust me, one people start seeing you everywhere, you will catch a lot of people attention.

      Blog commenting is one form of traffic and as well as engagement. 🙂

  19. Commenting is one of the best way to get more backlinks which inturns helps to increase Page rank of a website. These tips are really very useful.

  20. Now days Most of bloggers are commenting for only backlinks; Most of spammers are into blogging world and they are regularly commenting on blog. It will difficult to manage comments.
    If blog owner reply every comment then everyone interested to comment again because sometimes we have some queries and we want answer from blog writers. 🙂

    1. You are right about that, No matter what and how we look at it, there will always be different reasons for making comments – some for information purposes, some for backlinks and some to spam you… But what ever it is, every comment moderation is left to us, right?

      Thanks for the comment and do have a good week ahead

  21. Hi Babanature, it’s good to be here again after a long while. Bad blogging behaviour, right? 😀

    Somewhere along my read, I found out that this article was actually written just for me and I so appreciate it.

    You’ve shared amazing lessons to correct this and bring back my lost engagements and those comments too.

    Thanks for the share sir! 🙂


    1. Hey Sam,
      Yes Sam, this post was about you and other bloggers who’s having hardtimes getting engagement and comments.
      Hope this post is much helpful to you and others seeking for a comment rich blog 🙂
      Thanks for the comment and do have a good week ahead

  22. Hello Babanature, it’s actually been a long while. I was here silently some time ago and saw your fantastic new design. I love the concept and its great. Now, I kind of love the article, most blogger are actually frustrated breaking this barrier in blogging and you explained it so easily. Always practical are your articles and this is no exception.

    For me building strong relationship with other bloggers is the first proof that a blogger is willing to make anything out of blogging. Again, anyone who truly loves comments must avoid commenting systems like Disqus because they use iframe and it takes longer to load, on some mobile devices, it doesn’t know at all and this frustrates some users.

    Lovely article Babanature 🙂

    1. Hello Nosa,
      Indeed, it has been long since i’ve seen your comment here. Good to see it once again…

      You’re right – building relationship with other bloggers is also essential in our blogging journey.
      You are still using Disqus right?

      Anyways, thanks for stopping by and dropping your valuable comment. Do have a good week ahead…

  23. The first thing I did after reading your post was sigh. It really hit the head. Yes, you are right about traffic not determining the comment counts. Truth is, you have to put yourself out there to see gains in your domain as well. Everyone needs a dose of love. Give yours freely and, in time, things would flow your way too.

  24. Hello Babanature,

    That was really an awesome post! However, bloggers don’t always visit your blog when you leave a comment not saying you should leave comments for that reason. I have contacted bloggers and they never replied to me. I don’t know if they were busy but in my book that is really rude. I would never just not reply. I always try to reply to my comments. That’s one reason why I love Disqus so much is because they let you know when you receive comments. I think commenting can be helpful to get visits to your blog but I believe in diversifying. I am doing other things to get traffic to my blog and hopefully I will get new readers. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    1. Hello Maketta,
      When i make comment on other bloggers blog, i don’t expect the same favor in return. because i know that i will gain it in a long run.
      For a blogger not to reply their mail, it bad but if you’ll ask them why? they might have their reasons why they haven’t replied or why they did not reply 🙂

      The default native wordpress comment system also sends notifications when somebody comments on your blog. Disqus reduce comment and it also slows down blog speed…

      Thank for the valuable comment. and have a good week

  25. Great tips, Babanature 🙂

    I do love comments, even though I realize that it’s not the best metric out there – especially for my goal. My goal is to get more traffic and make money out of blogging…while commenting is effective for getting more comments, it’s largely a waste of time, when it comes to building traffic (in the long term that is…but I still recommend commenting. It’s the best way to build online relationships, and that’s something we certainly want to invest into!).

    I am still commenting a lot (well trying to…I do skip a few here and there, but that’s just because of time restrictions – we have got to pick and choose…..our time is really valuable..and it’s one resource that we shouldn’t waste at all).

    Thank you for the tips, Babanature 🙂

    1. Hello Jeevan,
      Commenting is one of the best source of getting long term traffic. How? when you comment on other bloggers blog, gradually (with time), you make relationship with that blogger. With that, you’ve got your self a loyal visitor and a regular commentator 🙂

      Getting traffic and comments through commenting is what i find fun. but i must confess that it is indeed frustrating at times 🙂
      You are doing well because i see you everywhere and that’s a good thing.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your good comment, Do have a blissful week ahead…

  26. Thanks for sharing. I am fond of commenting on other people’s blog but they don’t usually comment on mine.

    What do you think I need to do better?

    1. Hello Funmy,
      The owner of the blog you commented on might not stop by your blog but trust me, as long as you leave a meaningful and well formatted comment, other people reading that blog will surely stop by your blog and if you have meaningful post, they will definitely comment on it.
      Thanks and do have a good week ahead…

  27. You are absolutely correct – with all of those tips! I am guilty of not commenting (enough) on the blogs that I follow and engage with on other social media sites. While I might follow a particular blogger on Facebook, the chances of my having actually visited their blog and left a meaningful comment are slim to none.

    I recently began a re-branding of what my blog is going to focus on, consolidating topics and categories, and I am hoping that with this action and the resulting ability to be able to schedule posts in advance for publication, that it will free up time for me to BE more active on other blogs, to find that extra time to engage with those that I admire and follow.

    Thanks for the tips hon!

  28. Hello babanature

    This is really an informative blog and i will be definitely trying this in my post

    apart from all that you said , i have learned one more thing from your blog as almost you replied once , it means you avoid getting in some dialogue kinda of thing.

    This is what not written , i do not know if its good or not …. But i noticed it as well.
    After reading each and every word of your blog , i think i have learnt a lot , also write about how to get traffic on your blog .. It will be helpful if written in such a comprehensive way…

    I hope you will also visit

    Thank you

  29. excellent tips, and agreed on all the points you have made.

    surely – getting comments is all about the hard work you are putting into. The more you reciprocate – the more comments you leave on other people’s blog, the more your own comments will rise.

    sometimes asking for comments and even posts like this – helps to get more comments.

    Uttoran Sen,

  30. Hi Baba. What an eye opener! You are so right. If I do you a favor, and you say thank you, I’ sure you will expect a hearty, “Your welcome!” Same thing with blogging. I find myself so busy at times, that I forget to check other blogs.I’m going to make it a point to visit sites at least five times a day, as you have suggested. This will allow me to leave many more comments. Great tips. Blessings.

  31. You are so right. It’s the law of reciprocity at work. In order to receive something, you need to give something. In this case comments and interest in other people and their blogs. But I think it important you have at least a small interest in what the other person is blogging about. In this case it’s blogging, but if you hate sewing following and commenting on a blog dedicated to sewing might be a mistake. And they might not be interested in following a blog about outer space. It seems obvious but sometimes it seems as if we’re being asked to follow any blog just for the sake of getting return followers and in the end I don’t think it’s good advice,

  32. Hi Babanature. I like the advice and also the style in which you write because t sounds as though you are talking in a very friendly and natural way. The other advice I think is important is to make your site COMMENT FRIENDLY. By this I mean no captchas and no hoops to jump through. Good Luck !

  33. I enjoyed reading this post. Two things I took from it are:

    Using commentluv
    Visiting other blogs daily.

    I am a fiction writer, and so it’s hard to put up blog post, unless they are short stories, which need a lot of creativity every now and then. Thanks for the information though, I hope this improves my blogging lifestyle.

  34. Great post, thanks for sharing!! Haha I could not help it sorry! 🙂
    I only started seriously blogging a few months ago. I enjoy getting comments on my post therefore I try my best to always return the favor to those that stop by my page. Also I try to always have a questions at the end of my post to get my readers to engage! It works!

  35. There is no denying the fact that Blog commenting is the prime and better method to drive more traffic to any blog,but sometimes it is being neglected by visitors ,then there is no need of PANIC…plz mind my words simply CONTENT IS THE KING.

  36. There are quite a lot to talk about here; there are so many things we are not doing right and they need to be corrected. Before I go ahead to say what I want to say, let me quickly talk about what I observed concerning a particular blogger. I have known her for sometime now and she has a very nice blog of course. I visit periodically. But last time I visited her blog I found out that the number of comments had reduced so much that I became concerned. I tried to rack my brain to see if I could figure what was wrong. Eventually something rang in my brain. I cast my mind back to the various blogs I had visited and remembered not seeing her comments anywhere. It was as bad as that – she tried to live in isolation. No blogger survives in isolation; we all need one another to survive.

    Now back to business. I am particularly found wanting in the area of not reciprocating comments on my blog. Oftentimes I wonder why I am lazy at visiting the blogs of my regular readers to encourage them. At the beginning of this year I resolved I would increase my activities and see how to motivate my readers by visiting their blogs. I hope I would be able to do that efficiently this year.

    Leaving quality comments on 5 to 10 blogs a day is no mean task – there are posts to write, posts to promote, ebooks to read, projects to pursue, etc. and so I think it is really not easy to meet up. At least 2 to 3 quality ones would be okay in my own opinion 🙂 For example, a lot of bloggers now write over 1000 words articles these days. So if you visit 5 of them, you are reading 5000 words, and with a few comments, and then you are already close to 7000 words. You see what I mean?

    Using social media without being an active participant is one way to not get comments. If each time you publish a new blog post you take it to a forum or social media group and dump your link without having the time to read other people’s posts or comment on their posts, it would be difficult to have people visiting your own blog to comment on your posts as well.

    Yes, asking for your readers’ opinion on your blog is a great way to kick start the comment. If you write and write without creating a conducive environment for comment, the likelihood is that you might not get anyone leaving comments on your post. 😀

    Thank you so very much for sharing these useful tips with us. Do have a pleasant weekend ahead.

  37. Hi Babanature,

    You have a very elegant blog. I love the tips you shared above. My experience is that a lot of people (especially the non-bloggers) are too busy to comment or they just don’t have the habit to comment. I have students who would rather email me their feedback instead of commenting. LOL!

  38. Great article! The biggest thing I struggle with is finding time every day to focus on different aspects of my blog, but what you wrote here are definitely some of the keys to success in getting recognized. I was wondering what it would take to get a comment.

  39. I Like the fact you said it is what you feel that a blog is thriving when it gets tons of comment..

    What happens in cases where you comment on blogs, dish out wonderful posts only to have one or two comments even when you literally beg for it at the end of a posts, is the blogger missing out something, I’d like to know..

    I read an article on kingged written by Nosa where he said the success of a blog should be judged based on Pageviews or hits instead of comments, the thing is alot of readers will read and feel just too lazy to comment, you get emails like, “oh, you are doing a good job, keep it up’, “I learnt a lot from this post”, “What is this and what is that” instead of leaving it in the comment section, they send emails..

    What do you say in scenerios like this….It is just confusing at times… Thanks for sharing on

  40. It is true that unless we show love to others we should not expect it from them! Same goes for commenting on each other’s blog. After all a meaningful comment gives the writer/blogger his due reward. Writing a good post/article is not a joke! And when we do this all we want is a good comment to bring a smile in our face.
    Looking forward to your up coming articles!

  41. Comment is one of the best way to get good page rank, DA and more. The reasons you mentioned above are very truth. Nice article.

  42. Wow! I never could believe I would read a tutorial like this, I sometimes find writing comments on peoples blog as disturbing and would not like it if my comment is trashed out by the moderator. I have had one or two of my comment being trashed out by the moderator and for that reason I was a bit discouraged !!! Thank you for sharing this man !!


  44. This is a great post. I do leave comments, whenever I read a post, and respond to those who leave comments on mine. We tend to use etiquette with most things, but tend to dismiss this most important aspect, regarding our blogs. We need to learn the true meaning of reciprocity. Thank you. Blessings.

  45. Thanks for being very elaborate on this topic. I’m actually guilty of not commenting on other people’s blog, but having read this post, i think i’d change my ways. Thanks for sharing.

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