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Rules and Benefits of Commenting on Blog

As one grows and develops in blogging, there is always thirst for comments on posts published. When there is no comment, some feel they have not done enough publicity even when the post polished is fantastic and some feel they have not written a very good post.


Actually, most times, the reason you’re not getting comments on your site might be caused by many things. Some bloggers just write anything for the sake of “let me just comment”, they don’t really have something to say, some did not even read the post, they just write something. That is unfair and uncalled for.

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So let us get into business.


Do Not Spam

Spam is the enemy of all bloggers. No blogger will approve spam comments, because it is at the detriment of Google’s penalty. If Google marks the blog as a site with spams, they are likely to ban the site. So, when commenting, always make sure your comment does not contain repetitive words. Don’t post a link if it is not genuine.

Don’t Share Stupid Comments

Smiles, Sorry if Rude but what do I mean by Stupid Comments? Stupid comments are comments like “Great Article”, “Thanks for Sharing”, “I love your Post” etc. When you are commenting, make sure you write valuable and resourceful comments, not short comments that can’t profit. To be sincere, I better not get any comment than getting short comments that are not resourceful. If you don’t have anything to say, read the posts again and summarize what the author has written.

Make Your Comment Understandable and Inline

While commenting on a blog, make sure it is understandable, precise, concise and in line with what the author has posted. Going out of what the author has posted will be rude and will not speak well of you. Don’t use ambiguous words because the comment is not only for you, but for everyone that visits that site.


You don’t just comment on someone’s blog, if not that there are reasons for doing that, some of the reasons are;

To build up more Relationship

Relationship is essential in blogging, as a blogger you have to make sure you associate with other blogger, comment, share, and tweet their posts. When commenting, always remember to subscribe to the mail of the blog you are visiting, so you can be a regular commenter. Although it’s not easy, but you have to do it little by little. Set up a comment plan, like I have always be doing, and make sure you strive for the first to comment on any new post.

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I try to comment on every bloggers’ blog I have as a friend, and I have always been between the first and third to comment. Although I just started that habit, because I don’t really find it easy to comment, but with time, I got acquainted with it and it now flows within me, I just need to involve more in it.

To get quality Backlinks

The meaning of Backlinks is just the way the name sounds, back to the link. When you want to comment, there are forms you fill, you fill form fields like Name, Email, Website, and Comment. The Website connects to your Name, so that anyone that likes your comment can easily check out your website and therefore becomes part of your commenter. If your comment is not resourceful, your comment will be ignored. If you also comment on a CommentLuv enabled site. You have two chances of getting backlink; the first one is through your name linked to your website or the do-follow link of your latest post attached to your comment, thereby directing anyone interested to your latest post.

To Increase the Visibility of Your Site

Your site is just in the valley, and will stay in the valley when no one is visiting the site. Commenting on other people’s site gives your blog a better chance of being noticed. There is no magic, the logic is once people visit your blog and they finds it resourceful, people will visit constantly when they see any of your post your shared somewhere.  If your blog is not found resourceful, people will feel reluctant to visit again.

To Increase Comments on Your Blog

Another reason you comment is to increase the number of commenters on your blog. When your blog is found resourceful, people who are visiting will always be geared to comment, but if not resourceful, they will just read through and leave your blog. You must always gear your audience to comment on your blog.

Back to You

It looks like Miracle have said so much about so much on the topic of blog commenting, don’t you think. Now it’s time to pass the keyboard to you guys.

What do you think about the post? Do you have anything to add? Then please do use the comment box below. You know that your contributions are always welcomed and much appreciated.

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do you have comments, questions or thoughts you’d love to share with us? Then please do, by using the comment form below. Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are always welcomed and much appreciated.

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53 thoughts on “Rules and Benefits of Commenting on Blog”

  1. Hi Miracle, and welcome to Babanature’s blog 🙂

    I read yet another wonderful post about blog commenting from you today. Yes indeed, blog comments are the life line of any blog and we don’t get comments on our blogs, it makes it look rather barren I’d say.

    However, blog commenting is an art, which I hope people start learning so that it brings them more value for their additions and it also brings them valuable back-links, IF their comments are good. Besides, as I mentioned on your blog too, the biggest advantage that I’ve seen working for me is that it helps build relationships with fellow bloggers and that’s exactly the way I’ve built my blog community, something I’m very proud of.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend, both of you 🙂

    1. I really appreciate your comment. I am also growing to make sure my relationship circle enlarge like yours and other pro bloggers. I know the more one shares the recent posts of a pro blogger or comment, the more the relationship starts to build up and from then, the other pro blogger will reciprocate. Thanks for Contributing Harleena, also have a nice weekend.

  2. Hey Miracle,

    Thank you for this great article about blog commenting, actually blog commenting will increase your blog popularity and also you can share your feedback or any doubts about that blog post. This knowledge sharing also makes you good relationship between all other bloggers around the world.

    1. Yes, like i said, when one is a blogger and is frustrated of people not knowing the site, then the person will die in frustration. One has to show and make sure his/her site is known and commenting on higher authority sites is part of it. Thanks for stopping by Parthiban. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. You are right Daniel, blog commenting has many benefits, and the listed points are just few out of many. The rules of Commenting is also essential to be known by newbies blogger especially. They just felt, just writing something is commenting. I prefer no comments than comments with spams. Have a great weekend.

    1. Partheepan, what do you mean about short commands and long commands. If you are talking about comments, then you should always consider reasonable comments than comments like; “thank you”, “keep it up” and many more. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Hi Miracle,
    This is one great article i’ve come accross today, yes indeed commenting on other blogs helps to build up relationship with other bloggers, commenting on other blogs doesn’t determine your status it’s beneficial to both Pro bloggers and newbies.
    Thanks for the big share.

    1. Frank you are right about your opinion, but it is nice to comment, sometimes the comment portrays the kind of site you have. Thanks for contributing. Have a splendid weekend. 😀

    1. So funny Daniel, some just want to comment so that it won’t be they did not comment, but who really cares. Those short comments are not too good. Probably the person is not a Blogger. Anyway, thanks for sharing. 😀

  4. Hey Miracle

    i recieve thousands of spam on my blog and some of them are actual comments. Main purpose of commenting is to create relation with fellow blogger. Asking for help, giving suggestions. But using it for spam and other purpose is such a shameful thing.

  5. Absolutely valuable to the marketplace. If you want your blog to be rated higher, you need to provide effective and on-point feedback and comments. People misunderstand the benefit of blogging for business and it’s easy to do. First, people assume blogging is just a diary. Although that is true, blogging allows you to present yourself as an expert in your field, build trust among your audience, be it customers or potential associates and allows for you to develop clear communication skills.
    Thank you for your insights and your information. You give valuable lessons and tips.

  6. I found the post extremely useful. As a beginner, using the blogging the tips you have given have gained me atleast one membership to my blog. I hope to increase the membership and comment traffic. Thanks.

  7. yes blog comments should always be unique and should have some value to the reader. i get more spams than actual comments and so without a spam tool life would be difficult.

  8. good job well-done for writing this post since i stumbled upon this blog it has helped me a lot in my thinking and i do appreciate this ;post of yours. Thanks plenty.. will be returning for more exciting tips 😀

  9. thanks for the audience, I have an issue with my adsense…. Last time I checked my adsense application was disapproved because of insufficient articles which I contacted you and I did improved.
    A few days ago I tried to resubmit my application, instead of the usual resubmit page, it’s showing estimated earnings, quick reports,.I’m confused.though they are advert on my blog but not from google.thanks

  10. Hey Miracle,

    Another great post from your end! Just thought you should know that I’ve already falling heads over hill in love with your writings. Dude just keep up doing your thing okay. 🙂

    BTW, you shared a very fantastic topic today, one in which every newbie blogger or perhaps every average blogger are yet to fathom how to get them. And I say your guide is a pretty good way to get it right for this set of folks.

    Just one question: Who doesn’t love comments? Well, I’m yet to see that one person who doesn’t love when people comment on their blogs, like I am a fanatic when it comes to commenting on blogs and I love when I get that love on my blogs too.

    I would have loved to add at least one more point but it’s pretty sad that you already have covered almost everything herein, I mean from the “rules of blog commenting to it’s benefits for the commenter and the author getting comments on their blogs.”

    So I’d just say thanks for the share! 🙂 Keep it coming okay!


    1. Hey Sam,

      I am glad you could comment and find this post resourceful. It is true that everyone loves comments and almost everyone comment but another question is, how many make resourceful and helpful comments?

      Thanks for Contributing. Have a lovely week

  11. Im a 1 day old baby blogger, trying new ways of driving traffic to my site. Blogging was suggested and I see why. GREAT post like this one.

  12. like you have mentioned on your blog too, the biggest advantage that I’ve seen working for me about commenting is that it helps build relationships with fellow bloggers
    Nice work…:)

  13. Hi, interesting reading about comments. Well, i dont have a comment field anymore because of stupid comments from some people. The side effect is that i also miss the good ones from guys! My blogg is about my self harming daughter.

    1. Hahahaha, so funny cajsa, you don’t need to do that. You are depriving yourself of other people’s opinions on your blog. All i will advice is to make sure your comments are approved by you on your blog, you don’t have to make them just post freely. Always approve, so when you see stupid comments like that, you trash them.

      Thanks for sharing Cajsa.

  14. hi. really, i never taugh blog comment is as good and important this way, i get advice from bloggers and facebook friends that the little traffic generating idea is blog commenting, i think i have to put it into practice.

  15. Hey Miracle,

    Welcome to Babanature’s blog and what a great topic to share.

    I was on another post just today where they were sharing how to have success with your blog from eight people who are really successful business owners. Their number one thing was commenting and responding to them all. That without them and those relationships with your readers then you’re really going to have difficulty standing out from all the rest.

    Quick responses or just in this for backlinks won’t cut it anymore. People are getting smarter and they’re much more aware of what it takes to get their blogs ranked and recognized.

    I think you really covered this rules rather well and I know everyone may have their own set, I certainly do. I want my blog to be about people connecting with people so if they’re not there with that intention then I really don’t want them there at all.

    Thank you for sharing this and I wish you both all the best this week.


    1. Hey Adrienne,

      I’m glad, the rules of commenting were covered at an extent. I also prefer no comments than comments like; “Great Post”, “Nice articles” and the likes.

      Thanks for Contributing.

  16. For spammer it is not a blog post according to them it’s just a place to put the link of their site. Rules is nothing for them. After create a two blogger I notice that people are more interest to comment in blog which is provide them to add the Website URL.If we put the Facebook comment than there is a low amount of commenter who actually interested in article and love to comment on the post. Am I right Miracle? correct me if I am wrong.

  17. Hi Miracle, this is really enlightening. I’ve been blogging since august 2013 on wordpress and blogger since February 2014. i have 61 posts on my wordpress with just 29 comments across the 61 posts. 14 comments come from me while the highest i have from a post is 9 comments. I feel concerned about people not commenting. people read the blog though. i have a considerable amount of views which is only made possible through rigorous sharing on social media and messaging platforms. i have received commendations from people not via the blog but personal contact. I’m really looking for how i can improve and have a larger audience. i have some constraints like electricity and bad internet but i try my best to do what i can. is there something i’m doing wrong that i need to be addressed? pls have a look at the blog and suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

  18. Hello Miracle,

    The kind of comments you receive on your blog will completely depend on your blog niche. Different niche attracts different kinds of audience and will leave different kinds of comments. For Example, if you run technology blog where you share reviews of gadgets or software, you will see that most readers will leave comment thanking you or just say they enjoyed reading the post, but those comments are not spam as they are not linking to any websites. Some may link to their facebook or twiter profile and that should be okay 🙂

    Same thing goes for news blog, where you will receive all sorts of reactions and they are not spam!

  19. Hey Olakunle,

    Blogging involves persistence. I don’t know if you have read one of my post on “Great Content and Wide Relationship”, probably you have little relationship with other bloggers, just make friends with other bloggers in your niche.

    Also create the way you share your posts on social networks.

    With this am sure you will get what you want.

    Thanks for pouring out your mind :-D.

  20. Worli, I understand what you mean and am sure you understand me also. There are many technology websites that gives out news and yet people give awesome contribution, it may be inform of questions.

    The word thank you is not enough for a whole story about a gadget in technology or tip on blogging. It’s small.

    Worli, thanks for contributing, have a splendid weekend. 😀

  21. Comment on blogs are very simple yet powerful in many terms of blogging advantage. But many people miss this fact and make a short cut by making many spams just for the sake of links. Great tips you have shared here.

  22. Hey Miracle

    I still remember when I was introduced to the blogging back in 2009. There are very few blog and biggest problem that time was how to create backilinks. Commenting was really famous that time. I remember that my blog used to receive thousands of spams and it is just hard to get rid of them.

    Respecting other bloggers and respect there work. It is the only way you would be able to create relationship. In my blog I have huge respect for the people who were taking time to comment and appreciating my work on the blog. It feels great to help someone. All the points you have mentioned worth alot. If anybody wants to get famous and want their blog to be filled with users. it is important to follow the commenting guideline. You have covered pretty much everything.

    Peace 😀

  23. Hi Ashi,

    Spams has been and will continue to exist but woe to him or her that approves the spam comment.

    It is good you have respect for your audience that comments, so even have the “Thank you for commenting Page”, it’s cool.

    Thanks for contributing. Have a splendid week 😀

  24. You doesn’t need to read any rules about Blog commenting if you are a real blogger because you will automatically comment on well written Attractive articles. Now when talk about benefits of blog commenting begins, it can really increase overall reach of Blog. Many Newbie and expert bloggers can become friends through blog commenting and never forget about the traffic it drives.

  25. Hi Miracle,

    Completely agree with your post about benefit of commenting on Blogs.Blog commenting if done correctly will drive a massive traffic to our Blog.I am new blogger and have a brand new blog.I Thrive to increase my comments.Still little confused about Dofollow and Nofollow blogs to make a comment.

  26. Hi Miracle,

    I am a learner, your blog very helpful for me because I really use “thanks for sharing” this kind of keyword in blogging.

    I just simply say thanks

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