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  1. My Boss.. I believe in your government Sir. I got rejected so many times by AdSense so I calmly followed you and I have learnt stuffs from you and now, I have an approved AdSense account all thanks to your tutorials and guidelines and to you Especially. God Bless your Hustle Boss… Tell me what you think about my site Sir. And please let me know of the sides you would like me to make amends to.. Am really grateful for all your help Sir.. Thanks you once more Sir..

    1. Hello Tochukwu,
      I am glad to see my blog helping people achieving their blogging aim, it makes me want to do even more 🙂 . Thanks for your kind words though, it is indeed appreciated.

      Yes, i did check your blog out and i must say that the blog is promising. The template is responsive and that is a plus for you.

      When i visited, i notice that the copyright is below the menu instead of being at the bottom. Did you do that? And one last thing, the sign in located at the header should be removed for security reasons…

      Aside that, i love the blog and what you do with it. As long as you are keeping it 100% free from plagiarism, you are awesome 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your wonderful comment, do have a lovely week ahead…

      1. Boss I really don’t know how my copyright got to the top o. I have been trying on fixing it but to no avail. So i left it like that.. I also have a side bar share Button but the facebook link isn’t working. Can you help me on that sir..

    1. Hello Sherif,
      You have a nice blog.
      If your articles are free from plagiarism (content theft) and you don’t use strong language or sexual languages… then i will strongly advice you to apply for the Google adsense programme.

      1. alright. All my articles are original and i don’t use bad words. i have applied but still having “application under review”.

        Thanks a lot.

        1. Hello Sherif,

          Your blog is good to go then.
          Should in case you face any problem, do not hesitate to drop a comment here.
          Thanks for your reply and do have a good weekend…

          1. it’s unfortunately that google didn’t approve my site.

            Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we’re unable to accept you into AdSense at this time.

            We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.

            Site does not comply with Google policies: We’re unable to approve your AdSense application at this time because your site does not comply with the Google AdSense program policies or adhere to the Webmaster Quality guidelines. It’s our goal to provide our advertisers sites that offer rich and meaningful content, receive organic traffic, and allow us to serve well-targeted ads to users. We believe that currently your site does not fulfill this criteria. ”

            can you help please?

  2. Hi Babanature,

    That surely was an informative post 🙂

    Your post reminded me of your guest post on my blog on Adsense too – remember! You sure know the right ways to get things done, and I’ve told a few fellow bloggers about you (directed them to you) when they asked me about Adsense!!

    Yes, getting the approval perhaps isn’t the problem, it’s keeping your account safe and not getting it banned. However, I’ve also seen many new bloggers in a real rush to get their adsense accounts approved, as soon as they start their blogs, they want the magic to happen. I guess if you don’t have a few good posts up, things don’t work! I wonder how you took just 4 hours gap between putting up the posts…awesome!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,

      I did remember the guest post i did on your blog. I did made the post easy and put in more details about it 🙂 … hmmm… i still have the link here

      Ha… thank you for directing your blogging friend my way, it makes me feel blessed having friend like you 😉

      putting the post 4hours interval was simple. first, i arrange the post for publishing – then, instead of publishing the post immediately, i schedule them using the wordpress scheduler 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by and dropping your wonderful comment. Do have a blessed week ahead…

  3. I know a lot of people who are bogging who ignore putting Privacy Policy on their blogs.Yeah I know thsi part is really needed for a blog particularly when you wanted an adsense program.

    1. Hello Sonali,
      I wouldn’t say that the Privacy Policy page is that needed because i did not add it to any of my blogs and still they get approved.

      At the end, it all comes down to how structured your blog is.

      Thank you for stopping by and dropping your wonderful comment. Do have a wonderful week ahead…

  4. Hello my amiable naija blogger, I’m always proud of you as usual. My blog ( is about christian articles which of course is under religion, from your post, do you mean I won’t be approved if I apply for adsense? And besides I received a notification in my blogger dashboard in December telling me to apply for adsense, considering the fact that I started blogging in September. Is this a good sign? And talking of articles I have 30 posts now, all written by me lengthy and enriching. Please I will like you to see my blog and see my design and structure so you can advise me. And then how do I filter my adsense if eventually I get approved because I don’t just want any ad. Thanks Boss, I’m afraid this comment is lengthy than I presupposed

    1. Hello JP,
      it looked like you’ve deleted your blog or the blog is no longer available on the blogger platform.

      I don’t think Religion blog can apply for the adsense programme. You can apply creating a circular blog then after approval, you can then run your christian blog with it.

      Than you for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a good week ahead…

      1. Hi Babanature, first I want to thank fou for even attempting to check my blog, thanks for your audience and time despite your schedules. I didn’t delete, I just changed the domain name for some reasons. Here is the new domain name ***
        Your reply as always is invaluable. Thanks

        1. Hello JP,

          I have checked out your new blog and i’ll say that it is a nice one… but if you’re applying for an adsense account, your chances of getting approval will be slim due to the niche you’re in.

          I’ll advice you to applying for the infolinks programme they are also a best alternate to Google adsense

          1. Thanks once again for your trusted availability. But I will like to know how to go about the infolinks stuff

          2. infolink is not that hard, just go to and signup for an account. I am sure you will get approval after their assessment.

  5. Hello,
    I rejected twice. My blog is 8 months old and still not got adsense. Never Mind 🙂 I think i am facing disapproval because i write articles with “download” word. Now i got adsense from Youtube. I want to implement ads on my blog. my application is submitted and waiting for reply. Now my question is that again same disapproval reason will occur?? or adsense approval for blog? Please reply, i damm need it.

    1. Hello vashikaran,

      Seriously, Google do not approved strictly meant for download or sites that deals with dark arts. But other circular niches can be approved easily as long as you follow the above steps.

      Thank you for stopping by and dropping your comment. do have a wonderful week ahead… 🙂

  6. This is a wonderful Tips on Adsense Application Process.
    Please Sir, Can You Please Review this Website for me *** if it is ready for adsense. I would be glad if you do the review sir.

    1. Hello Onyema,
      I just checked your site… to be honest with you, it might be difficult to get approval with such site. but hey! i am not Google adsense, so who knows, they might approve your application when you apply 🙂

  7. Hello Babanature,

    Awesome post on how to get your AdSense account quicker in less than a week.

    I remember when it was difficult for me to get approval because of some minor issue. you helped me got my application approved . I was like, how did he do that… 🙂

    You are a legend bro… and thanks for helping bloggers on areas that feels impossible to take.

    Have a good weekend…

    1. Thank you Bello, comments as yours makes me want to do even more.

      Thanks for the wonderful comments. I appreciate…
      Do have a peaceful week ahead. 🙂

  8. Hi, these are really nice post to get adsense approved,, in past i have tried this program 2-4 times but rejected then finally now, i have adsense on my blog..

    Thanks for sharing great tips.

    1. Hello Pradeep,
      Good to know that you are now adsense certified 🙂
      You were indeed luck, right?

      Anyways, thanks for stopping by and sharing with us your view. Do have a wonderful week ahead…

  9. It’s a very informative post, I am still yet to apply for adsense, I will bookmark this post and follow again when am applying, I hope it doesn’t take weeks to get approval.

  10. I wasn’t doing anything, so I read this post till the end, just found out there is no secret at all nd it takes 48hrs to finish everything, so I think I will apply for the programme when I have enough traffic. Thanks.

    1. Hello Ali,
      I can see that you have a well created blog with simple design as well. As long as the contents are 100% original and written by you, you will get approval when you apply.

  11. This is a splendid tip bro, many users get all happy at adsense approval but hardly pay details to policies that would prevent their accounts from getting banned.

    Once they get an approved account, they get crazy about traffic and starts fidgeting with bad traffic sources and link spamming to increase their earning.

    I’m happy at how you pointed this out, it is not always about getting the account but maintaining and improving the website is what counts on the long run.

    Do have a splendid weekend sir.

    1. Hello Obasi,
      Long time… hope you’re doing good?

      Yes you’ve said it all. I had a friend who thinks the blogging world was easy, but after some weeks, he started cheating Google adsense. When his payment reached the threshold, he got banned. Now that’s painful…

      Cheating Google adsense will one day backfire and all your earnings will be seized.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. do have a good week ahead. 🙂

      1. hello admin,thanks for this post,may God bless you.i recently applied for adsense and got disapproved,could you please check my blog and tell me what is wrong and also what to do.tnx

        1. Hello Abiodun,

          The simple reason people don get approval, is because either their content is not genuine or their blog structure sucks.

          if the content is not 100% original, then you will get disapproved.

          But right now, your blog is simple and good to go… and if your content is 100% genuine, i’ll suggest you try it out again 😉

  12. Thanks for sharing wonderful post, i am a newbie in blogging and looking forward in applying for adSense, your suggestions are key to get adsense.


    1. Hello Mukesh,

      Glad you find the post useful enough to comment. I am sure that the post will help you achieve your adsense approval goals 🙂

      Thanks and do have a nice weekend

  13. Excellent Tip Bro.
    I use many techniques to get a new approve adsense account.
    But no one work for me.
    But this techniques totally new for me. Going to implement this trick o that blog.
    Hope this trick help me to approve adsense account.
    Thanks for this awesome post.

  14. This is one piece of useful material that neets to be bookmarked
    I get asked this question so often and as you know, I’m not Adsense master like you bro.

    Thanks for placing value on the table

    1. Haha… Enstine,

      Google Adsense is one good way to make money online as well and its advisable for newbie to have one before they go into the affiliate world 😉

      Thanks for the complement dear friend.
      Do have yourself a faithful weekend…

  15. Seems like you’ve shared some secret tips for quick adsense approval and I’ve been trying hard to get adsense approval but got rejected several times.

    I’ll surely apply your tips!

    1. Hello Samantha,

      The tips i shared here today are tips that has been working for me from time to time… i am sure they will also work well for you if you try em out.

      Thanks for the comment and do have a lovely weekend

  16. Please sir, can you help me review this blog if it is ready for adsense. Another question sir is, how many month can a Nigerian blog waite before applying for adsense. People talk that your article length in each blog post must be 500 word and above, I want to find out the minium words for each post. Sorry for asking too many question at a time, I will be waiting for a reply.

    1. Hello Onyema,

      A standard blog should have a minimum of 500 words post and above before it could be considered a standard blog. Except if you’re in the entertainment niche where words don’t count 🙂 .

      before applying for adsense, Just have a standard blog posts with reasonable amount of traffic, and you’ll be able to apply and get approval…

      7days of creating your blog is enough to get approval when you apply for the adsense programme

  17. Hello babanature, pls can u help review my blog for adsense acceptability? i have been disapproved severally(insufficient content).

    pls tell me what changes to be made for quick approval. thanks

  18. Your posts was awesome and I have shared it with my other friends on fb. This has helped me a lot and I will try this trick for my new site.

  19. Hello sir,
    Google adsense accepted my youtube account and google custom search engine .Google ads show currently working both youtube and search engine.Not show my website ads ,Iam applied google adsense on 23 June 2016,my first stage passed already but second stage there is no reply accept or not.There was no reply email and not show google adsense dashboard reject message.Then Iam reapply after 3 months in 02 October 2016.but there was no message receive today 20 days more.My question is my request in under review process i can able to reapply ?.Reject application users only reapply ?Iam applied on 23 June 2016 is show that my previous request is rejected or not?

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