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List of 20 Blogs From Africa You Should Check Out

Do you know that there are blogs from Africa that are doing awesomely well in the blogosphere? Well if you don’t know any blogs from Africa, today, you’re going to get a hand full 😉

blogs from africa

Many countries think people from Africa still lives in the Stone Age… Some few weeks back, I was chatting with somebody on Skype network. As we were discussing, he asked – “Do you have electricity in your country”.

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My reply was “how am I able to chat with you if we don’t have?”

You know, sometimes, people ask questions that makes them looks funny 🙂

For your information, Africa is like every other part of the world and they have everything you can think or imagine of.

List of 20 Blogs from Africa You Should Check Out

Today, I was thinking of what better way to promote this part of the world where I come from than to write a blog post that deals with Africans.

Right now, there are some bloggers from Africa who are doing so so well in the blogging world. They are using their blogs to impact positivity to the heart of the world… and I am sure that you’ve heard some of these blogs before. But if not, you will be seeing some good blogs with good design from Africa in General.

List of blogs from Africa you should check out

Note: The blogs I will be mentioning here today are not just from the tech blogging niche. The list comprises of tech blogs, health blogs, inspiration blogs, entertainment blogs, news blogs, wedding blogs etc…

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Without wasting much of our time, let’s moves on to the show, shall we?

In alphabetical order

More to the list…

At the moment, these are the blogs from Africa I can pick from my brain, but it doesn’t mean they are the only blogs from Africa… but hey, we can make the list as many as possible with your help.

Do you know any other blog from Africa that I didn’t mention here? You can use the comment section below to let me know and I will add it to the list.

Let’s Talk

It looks like I have said so much about so much on List of blogs from Africa you should check out, now it’s time to pass the keyboard to you guys.

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Do you have comments questions and thoughts you’d love to share with us? Please do use the comment box to share.

Remember that your comments, questions, and thoughts are highly welcome and most appreciated.

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They will find it helpful and resourceful…

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37 thoughts on “List of 20 Blogs From Africa You Should Check Out”

  1. Hello Babanature,

    I am glad you were able to open “” and thank you for listing us…We are really grateful.

    from the TEAM!

    1. Hello Saminu,

      The blog had good content but the speed is slow that’s why it was hard to open at my end the first time.

      Aside from the speed, you have an awesome blog with good contents as well… so you deserve the list

  2. Hello Babanature.

    These are really fine blogs. I read a couple of them. Thanks for mentioning “SeasonedLifeJournal. Com”.

    I also noticed some of the links are not working. I think you should check them out.


  3. Hi Babanature,

    Nice list indeed 🙂

    Yes, I know a few of the blogs and bloggers mentioned on this list, and it’s wonderful to discover others from here. Wishing them all the best!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,

      Thanks for the good comments…

      I am trying to introduce the world to my fellow African bloggers. I believe they are awesome and got more to offer 🙂

      Thanks for the comment and do have a nice weekend over there.

    How are you?
    This is our first time at your blog.
    Ummm.. Africa is definitely not
    In the stone age.
    What makes you say so???
    I guess it was stupid for the person to ask you
    If you have electricity?
    How dumb can anyone get?
    Thanks for sharing this awesome list.
    Have a great week.

    1. Hello Vee,

      Welcome to my blog…

      Right! I felt the person was not enlightened and was being ignorant to learn the truth.

      Well, i guess i had to teach him something and let him know that Africa is not what he think it is.

      Thanks for stopping by my blog, i really do appreciate.

      Do have an awesome week ahead….

  5. Hi Babanature,

    That’s kind from you, thanks for adding Cybernaira to this list of awesome bloggers from Africa.

    I can’t thank you enough, this provides the opportunity to know more awesome bloggers from our motherland too.

    Thanks, nice list.

    1. Hello Shamsudeen,

      Good to know that your blog made it to the list…

      Yes, building an avenue where African bloggers get to know others is what we are trying to achieve.

      Thanks for the comment and do have a wonderful week ahead…

  6. Great post. I must confess there are blogs on this list that I have never heard of before. Apart from Enstine Muki, a lot of the bloggers seem to be from Nigeria.
    Though there are some blogs I expected to see on the list, it’s a good development to fresh bloggers here.
    Thanks Babanature for a nice job.

    1. Hello Efoghor,

      There are blogs on the list that weren’t from Nigeria.

      Do i am just a one man army, i couldn’t possibly get all blogs from Africa in one day… But with time, i am sure the list will be greater than what you’re seeing now.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a wonderful week ahead…

  7. A very wonderful list of African blogs Baba,
    Thanks a lot for including mine on the list. I already know most of them but will take time and check out the rest.

    Thanks a bunch for sharing and do enjoy your weekend.

    1. Hello Theodore,

      Indeed, your blog is worth the mention… I am trying to preach to the world that we are also doing awesome things here in Nigeria and Africa at large 🙂

      Thanks for the comment and do have a wonderful week ahead…

  8. Hello Babanature.

    I am your fan from 2days ago. I love to read your heart full content. I visited some blog from above list they are awesome .

    I can’t say to add my blog in these list because i belong to Asia . If you made list of blogs from Asia then please add my blog.


    1. Hello Kuch,

      When i am writing on topic about blogs, i’ll definitely include yours, as long as you’re active.

      Thanks for the comment, i sincerely appreciate it.
      Do have a lovely week ahead

  9. Hey Babanature,

    I’m terribly sorry my Comment is just coming in now. Actually left one the second day this article went live but it didn’t go through, Maybe it was because I was leaving it through my mobile phone.

    I’m so happy to be mentioned along side many huge blogs in AFRICA especially Those of Enstine Muki’s, Cybernaira and the rest.

    Thanks for encouraging. Hope you’re having a super week already.. It’s monday 😉

  10. HI Babanature
    Thank you for sharing the list of African Blogger, i will surely visit and follow them as i am in search of new blogs to learn and interact with them.

    Thank you

  11. Hey Babanature, great post.. yes I am definitely going to see all of them. I am very curious person and loves to read different types of blogs.
    Thanks a lot dear..


  12. Hey Babanature,this is awesome post and you can share unique information because i am newbies that reason i love this post thank for sharing keep it up

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