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How To Start A Profitable Blog: All You Need To Know About Blogging Part 1

Are you planning to start a blog  and make money with it? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place.

start profitable blog

Many people jump into blogging trying to make fast money without knowing the basics of blogging… well, one in a million bloggers do make money without having the knowledge of blogging. But I’ll advice you as a good friend, do not think to enter this wildlife called blogging without preparing yourself. 

The thing is, without having a well structured blog, the tools and skills, making money as a blogger might be a hard job even if you are a good writer.

How To Start A Profitable Blog

Blogging is like any offline business – you rent a shop, decorate or beautify the shop, know what the people in your area are looking for and deliver that to them.

Do you know that those who fail in blogging are those who fail to see blogging as real business? Just thought you should know 😉

As a business person that you are, before renting a shop, carrying out “feasibility study” should be the first to come to mind. Why? So you won’t end up regretting joining this business…

You need Feasibility study because, it helps you decide the strength and weakness of your business, opportunities and threat present in that environment (niche), and the prospects for success.

Today, I will show you how you can start your very own profitable blog. 

All you need to know about blogging

The domain name we buy is like our plot of land and the Hosting plan we pay for is the foundation – the toughness of your blog depends on the structure and foundation you lay down.

So as a blogger, the first thing we should focus on, is getting a nice domain name and a reliable hosting plan to host our blog…

Getting a domain name

Your domain name is like your Shop Address. It is where people come when they are looking for you (your product or services).

Getting just any domain name is not that hard, but getting a “unique” domain name is where the problem comes.

Getting a long domain name may have negative effect on your blog, how do I mean?

  • Your customers and readers might find the name too long to remember. That might let you lose a potential customer.
  • Your readers might mistype your site’s URL, thereby, leading them away from your site.
  • It might negatively affect your blog posts ranking in search engines

Though, long domain names do have its advantage. But what we want as blog owners is to have a name people will easily relate to and first time visitors would easily memorize.

Many bloggers use their names as their blog URL – if you don’t want to use your name as your blog’s URL, you can try making it a short, rich and meaningful as possible.

Getting a Hosting Space to Host your Blog

If you have finally decided on the domain name you want to use, it is finally time to go for a hosting plan to host your blog.

Buying a cheap host without proper research might look good at first, but trust me; you will definitely regret it at the long run.

When I joined the blogging world newly, I bought a cheap web host. Because the host was cheap, I didn’t care to know what their downside was and I didn’t bother to do research on the hosting providers.

After like a month of joining the wagon, my blog started facing problems after problems…

Some hosting providers might write on their page that they give 99% uptime. But in real-time, they are giving 10% uptime. Trust me; these types of hosting providers are only looking for means to make money.

As a blogger before buying anything online, first check the reviews of other bloggers to know more about the product. If it carries positive reviews, go for it.

A host doesn’t necessarily mean it will be expensive but at least, it should have a good customer service, a good C-panel, 98% uptime guarantee, speed, special services and money back guarantee 😉

Some good and trusted hosting providers that have gotten good reviews over the years are;





You can choose from that list and be off to a good start

The blogging Platform to Use

There are just so many blogging platforms out there. But the most used CMS are WordPress and Blogger platforms.

Which do you want to use?

The blogger platform is not an independent platform, so it can’t be installed on a third-party host. The only thing the blogger platform allows you to do is to use a custom domain.

But however, the WordPress platform allows you to install its platform on a third-party host.

So, which of the platforms are you going for? My guess is the WordPress platform, right? If yes, since you bought your host from the above listed sites, the c-panel that comes with it should have an auto installer called “Softaculous”.

How to Install WordPress Blog using c-panel (auto install script)

First go to your c-panel – to access your c-panel, normally the URL is “” and or “”.

In your c-panel area, scroll down to your “Softaculous App Installer” area >>> and click “WordPress” Script (see screen shot)

start successful blog

Clicking the WordPress icon, it will take you to where you can install the WordPress platform to your hosting space >>> Click “Install” to install the WordPress platform and fill out the form that comes along. (see image)

create a blog

Note: do not enable the multisite option unless you’re planning to run a news or entertainment site.

Now wait for like a minute for the WordPress platform to install…

After the installation is complete, You can easily access your WordPress admin Panel through “”.

To be continued

We’ve finally learn how to install WordPress without stress.

We shall continue the journey on how to create a profitable blog on our next blog post… so be sure to keep it a date.

Back to you

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Remember that your comments, questions, and thoughts are highly welcome and much appreciated.

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17 thoughts on “How To Start A Profitable Blog: All You Need To Know About Blogging Part 1”

  1. I have already started my blog 3 month ago. Recently i got approval from Google adsense and then i applied for adsense but they disapproved me. Why..?
    I have asked this question from many blogger scientist like you but they didn’t answered my question.

    Have you any idea Why my blog disapproved from & How to get approval..?

    Thanks Babanature..!

    1. Hello Kuch, has different factor for determine the approval of a blog.

      If your blog doesn’t have the required traffic, they might not approve your blog. Sometimes, you will have to apply more than once before you can get approval.

      Here is a little tip that might help; Try getting traffic from USA and Europe, speed up your site, then apply again and see it it’ll persist.

      Do let me know how your journey go…

      1. Really, my blog works very slow. I have purchased economy hosting plan from godaddy and increase resource level 2 but my blog not working fast.
        I take speed test of my blog at webhostinghero .com it shows – 65% score, D grade, 6.14sec load time, 0.27sec First Byte, 2.59mb Page Size, 159 Requests.
        Actually i am using free wp theme and low number of plugins.

        I have regular 40-50 visitors directly from google.

        Have you any idea how may i solve this and please tell how may i decrease page size of my blog..?

        I will wait for your response..

        1. Hello Vikas,

          There are ways to make your blog run fast, and one of the best ways is to compress your blog’s images. to do that, I’ll advice you to get plugin to compress your images.

          When i checked your blog, i discovered that your background images and blog posts images are heavy. These also put much pressure on your blog speed. Compressing them will speed up your blog…

          Any more questions, do not hesitate to ask… I’ll sure give you a positive and helpful answer.

          Have a good week

  2. Hey Babanature,

    An excellent introduction to blogging, am sure many new bloggers will find this guide helpful in getting started.

    I remember, way back in 2005 when I had started blogging – there weren’t any such guides available. Even wordpress wasn’t something as popular back then. I had created my own CMS, sort of article directory script that I used for blogging.

    Over the years, I had migrated most of my sites to wordpress and always created my sites in wordpress only.

    Good to see a sort mention about auto-install of wordpress from the cPanel. I guess fantastico is the more popular auto-install option but I have used Softaculous as well.

    Will be looking forward to future parts of this guide as well,

    Uttoran Sen,

    1. Hello Uttoran,

      Nice to see you contributing to the topic 🙂

      Indeed the first auto installer i used was fantastico but with time these hosting providers started using softaculous more instead of fantastico.
      Well, i guess some hosting providers do give the Fantastico option for the auto installer.

      Thanks for contributing to the topic, i really did appreciate.

      Have a faithful week start…

      1. Hello babanature, about how to make my blog profitable, now my question is is the name of my blog ok and good(the Gorgeousblog. Com)

  3. Nicely illustrated. Onenaijablog is one Naija blog I’ve known that remained a quality source of Good information for the new comers into the blogosphere. Though am quite old here, I still appreciate your write up

  4. Hi Babanature,

    This sort of entry will be supremely beneficial to newbies!

    Personally, when I launched my very first site, almost everything had to be done by trial and error! I made a ton of mistakes that make me laugh my lungs out today 🙂

    Bloggers who are starting today will never understand how lucky they are to have experienced hands like you help them out for free…

    Sincerely, you rock!

    Be sure to make the day great!

    Akaahan Terungwa

    1. Hello Akaahan,

      I so much relate to what you passed through when you started blogging. Not much resources then to put a new blogger through.

      Now there are guides that can any any new blogger if they want to learn.

      Thanks for your kind words dear friend.

      Do have a blessed week

  5. Thank god I am following most of the things for my blog Myquickidea. Bro, I have landed on your blog first time and glad to know that you are also in the same niche. I have seen many bloggers start without applying all the above things carefully. They want to earn aSAP that isn’t a good practice. For long term blogging career, we need to be done whatever we do for business.

    Thanks for your informative post. Good Luck.


  6. being a newbie the above mentioned things were seeing to be very difficult, hope i’ll have great future in blogging, bookmarking your site for futhur reference, thanks for posting babanature

  7. Hi Babanature
    It’s quite an article that has gone straight to the point, please share with me some of your tips that allows you to fetch many comments

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