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How to File a DMCA Takedown on BlogSpot For Copyright Infringement

Finding your article word for word on another blogger’s blog is upsetting, especially when the copied blog outranked yours on Google search.

How to File a DMCA Take down Notice

Many unemployed joined the blogging world because of the goodness they’ve heard about it. And many of these unemployed joining the blogging world are not creative. So what they do is, copy other bloggers articles to theirs and luckily, they get ranked higher on that copied keyword.

How to File a DMCA Take down Notice

If a blogger steals your blog content, the only way you can force him to takedown those contents is simply by reporting him to Google’s DMCA.

DMCA was formed to help bloggers, website owners, photographers etc. fight plagiarism. Are your contents being plagiarized? Then you need to file a DMCA complaint against those sites.

How can I report sites that are stealing my contents?

If you report a blog created on the blogger platform, Google will easily remove the contents directly because they are the owner of the platform and they have access to it.

But if the blog you’re reporting for plagiarism is on another platform like WordPress, you will have to file for the URL to be removed from Google search…

but on our today’s post we will discuss how to take down a copied blog on the blogger/BlogSpot platform. The below tutorial will easily guide you through.

Note: This post will show you how to remove the copied content from the blog and from Google Search permanently.

The complete steps of Removing your copied content from a blogspot blog

First off, click here to go to “Google DMCA legal” page

Note: You will have to log-in using your Gmail account before proceeding.

On the “Legal Removal Request” page, click “Submit a Legal Request” and click “Tool” (see image below)

Clicking the “Tool” link will take you to a new tab >>> on this tab, if you’re reporting a BlogSpot user or any Google power user, you can click on any of the listed (see image)

dmca takedown notice for bloggerClick the “Blogger/Blogspot” button >>> scroll down to “what can we help you with” and click “I have a legal issue that is not mentioned above” and click “I have found content that may violate my copyright

In the “Are you the copyright owner or authorized to act on his/her behalf?” Click “Yes, I am the copyright owner or am authorized to act on the copyright owner’s behalf

In “What is the allegedly infringing work in question?” click “other” and you will get an instruction like the screenshot below…

dmca takedown notice for blogspot users

Now read the instruction and click the last link to fill out the DMCA complaint form…

the Google  DMCA takedown form looks like the below screenshot.

dmca takedown form

Fill and submit the form… those links that copied from you will be removed from the blog and on Google search engine within 2days.

Now you will see your traffic increasing and you ranking well on that keyword.


Go try it out and let’s make those copy-paste bloggers know that this business is not for the lazy ones.

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15 thoughts on “How to File a DMCA Takedown on BlogSpot For Copyright Infringement”

  1. Hi Babanature,

    Helpful post indeed 🙂

    Yes, so many bloggers tend to copy content from others, without giving due credit, and the original blog authors are the ones who suffer. I guess reporting the issue is the only way left, if you’ve tried to tell them otherwise at first. I had a few issues long back too, but those bloggers were kind enough to remove the content once we emailed them to do so.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,

      Sometimes, it is good to inform the blogger before reporting them… And sometime, these bloggers won’t reply to your complaint. Like the one that happened to me recently.

      Reporting and having your traffic back is the best option…

      Thanks for the comment, i do appreciate as always. Have a blessed weekend

  2. I went through your instructions and Google did reject my request.

    And this is the reason they gave me:

    “Inappropriate for TCRP. Please submit through the standard web form.”

    Do you have any idea what does this mean and where I can find that standard web form which they are asking me to do?

    Thanks and Regards,

        1. When you’re reporting a blog that is not on the blogger platform, you will get such a message.

          There is a separate form to report a none blogger blog abuser.

          I have written a post on how to report a WordPress or other blogging platforms on this link.


  3. thanks so much, in my case someone copied my design and everysingle post i drop on the blog with due credit.. i wish i could report them for stealing my design also..

    1. Before reporting a blog, first know if the blog is hosted on the WordPress platform or on the blogger platform. If the blog is hosted on the blogger platform, you can easily follow this tip and it will work perfectly regardless of the url… else you can read my other post if you want to report a site built on other platform.

  4. Hi, I have send an DMCA complaint but they replied and rejected it, they said on ‘Not Enough Information’ what actually they want. I have explained to them

  5. Hi!
    I have a blog with my own domain on Blogger. Someone has copied my content on his blog which is also hosted by blogspot (blogger). Every single word in his post is copied from my blog without giving ne or my blog a credit/ backlink. My blog was posted in 2012-2013 and his blogpost is posted in 2014. I don’t have posted copyright notice, T&C, Fair usage policy and nothing… Can I still report his blogpost to blogger for copyright infringement. Plz help.

    -Rajesh Hajare

    1. Hello Rajesh,

      Yes you can report the blog that is copying your content word for word.
      It doesn’t matter if you don’t have T & C on your blog. As long as your blog post is older, you can report and the post will be removed.

  6. Hi recently someone stole my content and i search on google for how to file dmca on blogspot blogs and reached here read your content i hope it will helpful to remove my content from that blog thank you

  7. These are all great tips. Documents can go a long way. I like how you mentioned good credit; you can’t get very far without it! Thank you for sharing!

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