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Easy Way To Embed Instagram Post To Your Blog Post

In case you are wondering how to embed Instagram post or even Facebook post to your blog, you’ve just seen the best post for it. Rest your mind as I walk you through…

Gone are the days when blogging with style is hard. Now you can do practically anything as a blogger with your blog and it will still look awesome, so long you don’t overdo it 😉

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Before now, it is almost impossible to embed a third party post or image to your blog without using a converter or screenshot it to your blog.

Now you can just go to the social site where you see the post or image you want to add to your blog and copy its link, place it to your blog, and bam it will appear without a problem. You don’t even need copyright approval to use any of its posts or images.

My today’s post, we are going to see how we can embed a post/image from Instagram to our blog without any stress or workaround.

Note: Before you can embed someone else’s picture or post on your blog, you must first follow that person. Else, you won’t see the embed link…

Easy Way To Embed Instagram Post To Your Blog Post Or A Web Page

  1. On your desktop, go to Instagram using your favorite browser.
  2. Go to the Instagram image/post you’ll like to embed in your blog post.
  3. At the comment section of the image you want to embed, you’ll see three dots like this at the right side. See imageEmbed Instagram Post
  4. Click it and click “Embed
  5. Clicking the “Embed” button will generate the embedded link. Now click “Copy Embed Code

How To Embed Instagram Post On WordPress

On your WordPress dashboard, click “Posts” >>> click “Add New” >>> in your compose area, click “Text” >>> paste the code you copied and click “Visual”.

You’ll see your embedded post/image… now see how simple it goes? Let’s see how we can easily embed the code in our blogger blog post as well

How To Embed Instagram Post On Blogger

To make this work, click “New Post” >>> click “HTML” >>> Place the code you copied earlier and click the “Compose” button. And you’ll see your embedded post…

Hey, your readers can like the Instagram post on your blog 😉

Back to you

Did it look simple? Yeah, I know. Why not go try it out and tell me how it goes or you could just tell me other easy means to embed Instagram post using the comment below.

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Before you go try it out, why not drop us a comment and share this post with friends so the post can be livelier than it is.

Remember that your comments questions and thoughts are highly welcomed and most appreciated. Also note that your comments and shares are what keeps this blog alive so please, keep the love rolling.

27 thoughts on “Easy Way To Embed Instagram Post To Your Blog Post”

  1. Hi Babanature,

    You have come up with a very unusual but interesting tip.

    It is true that most often we go for screenshots. It is very helpful that we can simply embed a link and make a post/image appear on our blog. It is further interesting that we do not need any copyright approval to do this.

    Also you explained it very well with suitable images. The article is very easy to understand and apply.

    Thanks for sharing this tips with us. Have a great day!


  2. Hello Baba,

    Got your weekly post to my mail and check and saw your site is back up and running. Welcome back bro.

    Back to the topic at hand. I love how you explained how to insert Instagram post to our webpage, you made it feel simple. I sure miss your posts 😉

    Thanks for dropping such a wonderful post for people like me. I appreciate.

    Have a blessed week ahead sir.

  3. A very wonderful tutorial BabaNature,

    Instagram remain one of my best social media platforms, I so love it.

    Luckily, I learnt about how to embed instagram posts on a blog page last week, and I’ve been using to beautify my content the more ever since then.

    1. Hello Agarwal,

      Good to know that you’ve known how it works and you’ve been implementing it on your blog post to add some extra source 😉

      Thanks for dropping your comment… I really do appreciate your comment. Do have a blessed weekend

  4. Hi Babanature,

    Wow I thought this would be so difficult to do, but you made it so easy to understand and apply. So many people share on Instagram and having a link on it would be awesome!


    1. Hello Donna,

      Thank you for seeing the post as a easy to follow steps.

      Hope somebody you’ll implement it on one of ya post 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment.

      Do have a wonderful weekend and a blessed week ahead…

  5. Hey bro,
    I deliberately didn’t want to get to Instagram. But I think by mid this year, I will reconsider that position. Hope this post (bookmarked) helps me to lay my hands on it properly.

    Hope you are set for a wonderful weekend

    1. Hello bro,

      Instagram sure do have a lot of secrets that will help boost our blog traffic…

      I’m having a good weekend and hope you’re having a blast as well 😉

  6. Hey Babanature!

    Instagram is a great source of free traffic. If you build it right you can get good traffic from it.

    This is good to know!

    I didn’t know you could do this with your Instagram posts.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Best regards! 😀

    1. Hello Freddy,

      Yeah, Instagram is a wonderful traffic source if we utilize it well.

      I am sure you’re going to find this interesting…

      Do have an amazing weekend…

  7. Its really nice article with so much helpful information. Actually readers always looking for such kind of blogs and articles and really thankful for your kind of writers. So thank you very much for writing this helpful information for us.

  8. Hi Babanature, thanks for showing us how to do this. It’s a great way to generate more activity too for your Instagram account. I love embedding from most of the social networks.
    I am still using a personal account there – are you using a business one?
    Have a great weekend!

  9. thanks for sharing information of Easy Way To Embed Instagram Post To Your Blog Post. It really helped me to learn something new..It really helpful to me..I always prefer to read the quality content and this thing I found in you post. thanks for sharing with us..

  10. Hello Babanature,
    Thank you for sharing this nice post and it is easy way to Embed Instagram Post To Your Blog Post and it is really very helpful to Instagram users.


    1. Glad you liked it Aniti,

      Embedding Instagram or any social media post is awesome and it makes your blog looks more professional when you do so 😉

      Thanks for your comment and do have a good week ahead

  11. Instagram web embeds has features which show how many likes and comments has the photo got and most of all it displays the creator of the photo or video which in turn drives others to follow you on Instagram or your blog. So web embeds basically gives you instant fame and more followers.

  12. Wow I thought this would be so difficult to do, but you made it so easy to understand and apply. So many people share on Instagram and having a link on it would be awesome!. Instagram is the nice feature of Facebook for videos. I like this feature.

  13. Hi! Thanks so much for your post. When I take them embedded code from Instagram to blogger, the photo does not show up, it’s a blank space…any advice?

    1. Hello Lynn,

      First, check if the content you want to embed is on privacy and make sure you are following the person you are embedding their story.

      If you’ve done the above, follow the tutorial again and it will work. If you still encounter any problem, please let me know and I will do a video tutorial demonstrating the steps to you.


      1. Thank you so much for your reply. My problem was the browser I was using to view my blog on. When I tried a different browser, the post was perfect. I really appreciate all your help and now I’m off to post.

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