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9 Best Wireless Printers for MacBook 2023 (Tested and Trusted)

There are several reasons why you would want to use a wireless printer for your MacBook.

Wireless printers offer you convenience and mobility. You can connect from wherever, as far as the connectivity can go.

A less fancy reason might be that Macbook laptops have limited ports, and you don’t want wires hanging around.

Also, Mac OS is one of the more picky operating systems, and it usually prefers printers that better integrate into its architecture. 

Thankfully, this article covers the best wireless printers for MacBooks (tested and trusted). 

Let’s dive in.

Criteria for Selection

Before a printer can make it into this list, it must have proven its strength in productivity, versatility, and ease of use when paired with a MacBook.

Such a printer should simplify the process of printing from a MacBook, allowing the user to follow as few steps as possible.

It is also crucial that the printer be able to output high-quality printouts for both black and color prints and do all of that fast. 

And I don’t ignore design as well. The printers in this list have lightweight designs and can fit on your desk.

With all of that in mind, let’s start. 

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Top Picks

1. Epson Et-2650 – The best wireless printer for MacBook in 2023.

2. Brother HL-L2350DW – offers wired and wireless connectivity.

3. HP Officejet 5255 – Multifunctional printer that can print, scan, copy, and fax.

Affordable and Reliable
Fast printing speed, up to 32 pages per minute.
All-in-one printer

1. Epson Et-2650

The Epson Et-2650 is a flagship printer that utilizes Epson’s EcoTank tech, thus removing the need for refillable cartridges. 

The Epson Et-2650 has many features that would pair well with your MacBook.

For starters, it supports wireless connectivity with any smartphone or tablet, or laptop via WiFi. 

That means you should have no trouble with cross-connectivity for easy sharing and printing files.

The printer has a sim card slot, so you can enjoy a seamless Wifi connection over any mobile network of your choice.

The Epson Et-2650 is a workhorse of a printer. It is an all-in-one printer built for printing, scanning, and copying files.

With a multi-purpose printer like that, you don’t have to buy a separate printer for each task. You thus save workspace and money in the long term.

I say in the long term because the Epson Et-2650 is rather pricey, but over time you’ll actually feel the worth of your investment.

Another cost-saving feature of the printer is that it comes with enough ink to last two years. That’s right, two years. Let’s say you print 150 pages in a month; you should be able to print up to 4,000 pages before the ink supply runs out. 

The Epson Et-2650 is also fast. It complies with ISO (International Standard Organization) standards of 10 black and white pages per minute and 4.5 color pages per minute.

The Epson Et-2650 is an excellent choice for business owners. Its versatility, cost-reduction features, and wireless connectivity will surely justify the price tag in the long run. 

2. Brother HL-L2350DW

The Brother brand is known for its sturdy printers with high print speeds and cost-effective toner solutions.

The Brother HL 2350DW is no exception. It’s a laser printer and not your usual inkjet.

The laser printer technology limits the printer to monochrome printing purposes, but it’s still a superb printer.

Laser printers are known for producing higher-quality prints than inkjet ones. The Brother HL 2350DW combines high-quality monochrome with top-level speed.

The Brother printer can do up to 32 pages per minute and execute a duplex print function. If you are lost to duplex printing, it refers to a printer’s ability to print on both sides of the paper automatically.

The paper loading capacity is on point too. Reloading your printer from time to time because it can’t hold plenty of paper sheets can be stressful and tiring. 

That’s not the case with the Brother HL 2350. It can load up to 250 pages at a time, so your average job should get done before the paper finishes.

What connectivity options are available? You can connect your MacBook to your printer wirelessly or via a USB interface. So you go wired or wireless.

It’s also easy to get a replacement toner for a Brother printer. That toner is of high quality and allows you to print more pages with less. 

3. HP Officejet 5255

The HP Officejet 5255 is a member of the HP Officejet lineup for small businesses and home offices.

The printer runs on inkjet technology, and though modest, it is more than enough for the average home user or a small business owner.

With the HP Officejet 5255, you are getting a pretty wide spec sheet for the price. The printer comes with ADF tech, which allows it to automatically load several sheets of paper and load them one by one into the printer.

Using the ADF feature, the printer can conveniently handle 35 pages and automatically print on them without much input from you. 

The printer is a four-in-one little beast which means it is built for printing, copying, scanning, and waiting for it… faxing.

Since it is an inkjet printer, it can handle color printing and not just the basic black-and-white stuff.

The HP Officejet 5255 manages a respectable print speed of 10 black pages per minute (ppm), while the maximum speed for color printouts is seven pages per minute 

For connectivity purposes, the printer supports dual-band wifi. That enables a speedy connection with your MacBook or any other gadget.

The HP midrange printer is generously packed with plenty of productivity perks. There is the 35-page ADF, duplex printing for when you want the paper to be printed on both sides. 

The HP printer also comes with nifty subscription plans. For instance, HP introduced the Instant Ink subscription model.

The instant ink package allows you to renew your ink and toner depending not on when the month finishes but on your printing needs.

4. Canon iP110

Canon is a leading consumer electronics manufacturer for the digital imaging and printing segments. They are known for making top-notch cameras, lenses, office equipment, et cetera. 

Their printers can go toe-to-toe with the competitors, and the Canon iP110 will satisfy the average Macbook user.

The printer uses Inkjet technology for high-quality printouts up to 9600×2400 dpi. It has two ink cartridges, one for black and white printing and one for color printing.

This portable printer for Canon is well-suited for business users. You can use I for your home office as well if you will be dealing with a lot of work.

Business users will be pleased to know that the printer supports a wide variety of paper types: plain paper, envelopes, photo paper, glossy paper, matte photo paper, and photo stickers. 

The printer’s page loader allows a maximum paper cargo of 50 sheets. The paper can be light paper or heavy Canon print paper.

One feature that makes the Canon iP110 a good fit for Macbook users is its native support for Apple AirPrint service. You don’t need to install a driver to create full-quality output.

To use the iP110, you must run Mac Os 10.6.8 0r later.

The Canon iP110 can connect to your MacBook wirelessly via Wifi over a 2.4GHz Wireless LAN Frequency Band. It can use a USB connection for speedy file transfer as well, and it can also print directly from the cloud.

5. HP Deskjet 2755e

The Deskjet series of printers HP produces is designed to be used at home and comes with modest features at a very affordable price.

That’s where the HP Deskjet 2755e fits in. It relies on the inkjet system and has HP’s instant ink subscription plan. 

Under the instant ink subscription model, you pay for ink according to the number of pages you’ll be printing in a month. That amount of ink is then shipped to you. 

With that arrangement, you can avoid wasting excess ink as you receive precisely what you need when you need it.

The HP Deskjet 2755e will scan, print, and copy in one small, portable machine. It also comes with wireless capabilities, Bluetooth, to be exact.

Dual-band Wifi connectivity is also present for higher transfer speeds than what Bluetooth can allow.

Needless to say, print quality is on the good side, although you may have to deal with the occasional ink smudges and paper jams. 

As the HP Deskjet 2755e is a rather basic printer for light to average workloads, it doesn’t come with or support more advanced components like an auto document feeder and separate photo tray.

6. HP Officejet 3830

The HP Officejet lineup of printers is meant for business workloads and comes with more advanced features than the lesser series.

The HP Officejet 3830 is an all-in-one printer that can do your printing, scanning, copying, and faxing with ease. It’s excellent for both monochrome and colored documents.

The HP’s size also works to its advantage as it’s capable of borderless printing, a feature that comes in handy when your job involves large-sized graphic printing. 

The HP Officejet 3830 is also on HP’s cost-saving instant ink plan. However, the printer has been discontinued, which means you might have to buy it refurbished or hurry before retail stores sell out their last copies.

The printer supports ISO print speeds of up to 8.5 ppm for black prints and six ppm for color pages. The print quality is up to 1200×1200 dpi for black print and 4800×1200 for color print

The ADF (automated document feeder) of the HP Officejet 3830 supports a load capacity of up to 35 pages.

The HP Officejet 3830 isn’t too bulky and will easily fit on your desk space. It also has a quiet mode to reduce noise when operating. 

Connectivity options include Bluetooth, Wifi, and USB.

7. HP Deskjet 3755

The HP Deskjet is a more premium-tier printer in the HP Deskjet lineup. This printer is great for both office and home use. It has the reputation of being the world’s smallest all-in-one printer.

This ultra-compact HP Deskjet 3755 printer has various hues and a sleek design. 

Many ease-of-use features make this printer stand out. It is compatible with the HP All-in-One Printer Remote app for smartphones that allow you to scan documents on the go.

You can scan all kinds of document types with the HP Deskjet 3755. Bitmap (.bmp), JPEG (.jpg), PDF (.pdf), PNG (.png), and TIFF (.tif) are all supported.

All you have to do is connect your MacBook to the printer via the printer’s built-in Wifi connection and start scanning any document at your convenience. 

The HP Deskjet 3755 is based on the HP Thermal Inkjet technology and can print black and color pages at a quality of 1200×1200 dpi and 4800×1200 dpi, respectively. 

Scans will come out at 1200 dpi for hard copies and 600 dpi for soft copies. The maximum scan sizes of hard copies the printer supports are 8.5×11.69 in and 8.5×14 for flatbed and ADF, respectively.

The HP Deskjet 3755 makes copies at quality of 300×300 dpi for both black copies and color copies.

8.  HP Envy 6055

The Envy series of printers have better display screens than their Deskjet counterparts. The former also prints faster and is more cost-effective.

Like the Deskjet series, the Envies are meant for families and have good specs for the average home printing needs.

The HP Envy 6055 is designed to handle color and monochrome prints, so getting high black prints and crisp color outputs shouldn’t be a problem.

The HP Envy 6055 can print a maximum of nine copies at a go. These copies will come out with a resolution of 300×300 dpi.

The printer is also capable of duplex printing, a feature that can help cut down on paper costs.

For wireless connectivity, the printer has 1 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port and a dual-band Wifi port for high transfer speeds. It can also use Bluetooth. 

For better interaction with MacBooks, the HP Envy printer supports Apple AirPrint. Macbook users can also use the HP smart app to scan documents on the go from their MacBooks.

Supported paper sizes include A4, A5, B5, DL, C6, and A6. You can load your HP Envy 6055 printer with up to 100 paper sheets, and it can output up to 25 sheets at once.

9. Brother HL-L2390DW

Rounding off this list is the Brother HL-L2390DW. This compact printer is somewhat pricey but has a lot going for it.

It’s a monochrome laser printer, and that means it is for only black prints, but that doesn’t make it inferior in any way to the other printers on this list.

Laser printers actually do a better job than inkjet printers, and blacks come out sharper. 

The HL-L2390DW can print, copy, and scan files. It also features duplex printing for back and front prints. It has wireless connectivity paired with a USB interface. 

At a max page load capacity of 250 pages, the HL-L2390DW printer has the highest loading capacity of all the printers on this list. It also has a zippy 32-page-per-minute print speed. 

Like all the other printers on this list, the HL-L2390DW can print various types and sizes of paper for professional documents. 


Do all wireless printers work with Mac?

Yes. All wireless printers work well with Mac. In fact, wireless connectivity is the number one feature you should look for when selecting a printer for your MacBook. AirPrint is also a very nice bonus feature to look out for. 

Which printers are best for Macs?

Almost any printer will work well with your MacBook as long as it has WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. (USB, of course, is basic)

However, the very best MacBook printers have features that allow them to integrate more easily with Apple devices. The best printers for MacBook come with support for Apple’s AirPrint.

AirPrint allows your MacBook to print directly to a compatible printer without installing a driver or printing software. All it needs is a Wifi connection. The AirPrint feature makes for seamless printing from a compatible printer. 

What is a good printer for my MacBook air?

You can’t go wrong with the Canon iP110. Its support for AirPrint and the high-quality prints it produces (9600×2400 dpi) make it a fantastic choice for MacBook users looking for a premium printer. It also has a high paper load capacity and high print speeds. 

Wrapping Up

Choosing a printer for your MacBook need not be a stressful protocol. Any printer that offers wireless connectivity features will probably work well with your MacBook.

For extra peace of mind, just go for a printer that has compatibility with Apple features like AirPrint. 

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